Beauty Blogging Dispute

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I’m not really part of this, being small-scale and stunted, but the controversy around this article (which I find rude and ignorant, ftr) is very clear – especially on Beauty Addict’s response, which I found spot-on.

:) They’re both worth a read, if you haven’t yet!

[Oh! I’ve just found another response, on Canadian Beauty (one of my other favourite blogs). I haven’t the time to read it right now, but I will later, and update this if I have the time.]

Relieving the SAG

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On the whole, celebs looked totally fab at the SAGs. Even Ellen Pompeo, who was worst dressed last year turned out looking amazing (though some may say the following is a crazy Saran wrap dress, I love it.) Also, the grey smoky eye turned out very well, though I would have gone with a pinker lip colour and not quite as pronounced arches.

America Ferrerra also looked great in grey – I adore the neckline on her dress, it’s amazing. She looks so amazing!! (And the raspberry lips? Love it!)

I, personally, have no idea who the hell Andrea Bowen is. But her dress is a really gorgeous blue, and she’s done something fab with her eye make-up, (or at least her artist has, lols!), so you guys get to see photos of her fab-ness.

Lastly, Marcia Cross. She looks amazing. I love how striking her hair and skin look in comparison to the turquoise dress. Personally, I’d say turquoise in January is a no-no, as this is a very springy dress, but she totally pulls it off. And how much do you adore that neckline? Is that a flower? It’s all just perfect, perfect, perfect!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It is -40 and foggy right now, where I live. Thank god I don’t have classes today!

Excuse me, your pants are SAGging…

(Actually, there are only three people that need to be told off for their dresses at the SAGs! And I already posted one! Congrats, celebs – you get off easy this time.)

First is Jamie-Lynn Singler. I’m not quite sure what I think about her tomboyish hair, here, so I won’t comment on it (though I’m leaning very far towards :ugly alert!: )
I know I don’t like this dress though. Her shoulders look incredibly broad, and in the close ups, it almost looks like her boob is going to fall out. Aside from those things though, it’s just brutal. Do not colour-block high-waisted skirts with halter tops, girls! (I do like the colours, though. I’ll give her that much.)

And then there’s Brangelina. Angie looks gorgeous in her close up, as usual – understated humongous lips and that perfect bone structure, all thanks to plastics of course. I always adore her eyebrows, though, as they don’t just run off her face. They’re brown, bold, and have very nice arches. I want her brows.
But wait! What is this? She’s wearing a brown tie-dye sack!And it is eating her alive! And her accessory is a man who needs a good, long nap. And a shave. And a new dye job. And maybe a suit that doesn’t make him look so *wide*.
(I’m totally pitching for preggers, though. Either that or she got implants, too.)

Dear Sandra Oh,

Monday, January 28, 2008


What is this madness??!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Matt and Natt is having a sale! A SALE! *screams* They practically NEVER have sales! And this one is %40 off (click on “promotional collection”)

Here are the pretties that I plan on begging for: (the first one, probably in white, and the second, probably as-is)BTW: Remember the envelope wallet that I adored so much (and is now on sale for $25)? My cousins got it for me for Christmas. And I’m loving it SO MUCH that there ARE NO WORDS. It’s heaven, personified. I absolutely adore it!

Sale ends January 31st, so hurry on over. Because seriously, you do not want to miss this one. (The wallet I’m in love with is the Natalie, ftr. In case you were wondering!)

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