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Lady Lash Ltd edmonton review

Sometimes, when you’re working on just the right project at just the right time, everything comes together just right. I’ve never felt that more succinctly than I did while putting together my Something Wicked shoot. The Airbnb that I booked happened to be run by a couple whose sister/in-law owns a lash studio, and I got the chance to try out lash extensions for the first time.

Lady Lash Ltd. is a super-cute Edmonton lash & brow studio that’s run by Nikki Campbell, who is honestly just lovely beyond words. Nikki has ten years of experience as a certified esthetician, and on top of owning and running her own lash studio, she’s also a new mom to a beautiful little boy!

Lady Lash Ltd extensions before after

What you need to know about lash extensions

I was lucky enough to have my first set of eyelash extensions comped by Nikki in exchange for coverage in my Something Wicked post, but I’ll be honest: I didn’t used to think lash extensions were for me.

I was always intrigued by them, but they seemed so high-maintenance. On top of that, I’ve seen some pretty terrible lashes in my time – really spindly, too-long ones that tug out your natural eyelashes and twist at the root.

Lash extensions review

It turns out, however, that none of the myths you’ve heard about eyelash extensions are true. They can look incredibly natural if they’re done well, and they shed naturally with your eyelashes. You’re not supposed to wear mascara with lash extensions and they maintain their own curl, so they’re actually more low-maintenance than mascara and liner.

To take care of your lash extensions, all you have to do is comb through them daily and wash around them with an oil-free cleanser. That’s it! Just don’t pick or pull at them and they’ll last for 2-4 weeks before you need a fill. (I found they started thinning at 2 weeks and looked a little scraggly by 4.)

Lady Lash Ltd interior

My experience getting lash extensions at Lady Lash Ltd.

I had a set of Classic lashes applied at Lady Lash Ltd. by Nikki herself, and the experience was incredibly relaxing. Lady Lash is basically Pinterest heaven, and the set requires that you chill with your eyes shut for 90 minutes.

Lash extensions before and after asian eyelashes

Lash extensions before & after

Eyelash extensions before and after asian eyelashes

The Classic lashes are similar in thickness to a set of false lashes with great tapering, and they’re applied in a 1:1 ratio to your natural lashes. The lashes used in the Volume set are individually thinner, but 2-6 of them are applied to each of your own lashes.

Nikki used C and D curl lashes on me, keeping the curlier ones in the centre for a winged out effect. The result was really seamless, and it made my eyes look bigger and more alert than usual.

Lady Lash Ltd review

My verdict on lash extensions?

The best way that I can describe my false lash extensions is that they looked like I had picture-perfect eyelashes 24/7. They required basically zero effort, and no one noticed that I got lash extensions – they looked so natural that everyone just assumed my lashes were naturally luscious and gorgeous.

(Which, lol. They are not.)

I LOVE things that require zero effort, and I love looking like a glamazon fresh out of bed, so I super loved my lash extensions. They’re pricey enough that I’m not sure I’d ever maintain them constantly, but I already miss how easy they made my morning routine. I’ll definitely be getting them again–it’s just a matter of finding an excuse to.

Burberry Kisses Peony Pink swatch fotd

Lady Lash Ltd. Classic lash extensions + Burberry Kisses in Peony Pink

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Classic lash extensions

Eyelash extensions pricing, kit

Lady Lash Ltd. review, pricing, and tools

Pinterest DIY bookshelf display

How cute is this bookshelf???

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