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Lovetica hemp lip balm review

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The products: LOVETICA All Natural Hemp Oil Lip Balm Gift Set (Hemp, Peppermint, Lemon, and Mango) and “Be Gone” Natural Unisex Deodorant

When it comes to natural beauty products, I can be tough to impress. I hold natural brands to the same standards as mainstream ones, and it’s not easy to get the same results with limited ingredients.

LOVETICA, however, pulls it off with the ease of a ballet dancer. They’re a new cruelty-free Canadian brand based out of Toronto, and as I write this, they make only two products: a set of hemp oil lip balms and an unscented stick deodorant.

Lovetica deodorant review unscented photos compariison

Lovetica Natural Deodorant ($14.99 CAD)

I need to begin this post by raving about Lovetica’s new Natural Deodorant, because it knocked my bloody socks off. I’ve spent all winter testing out different deodorants for my silicone-free beauty series, and so far, this has been the only 100% effective one.

I’m not a smelly person, but lucky for theNotice, Boyfriend is. To put each deodorant through its paces, he wears each one to work for a week. Then, he gives each one a two-hour intensive test on Sundays by showering, applying, and heading to the gym.

Lovetica all natural deodorant review

Lovetica’s unscented, unisex deodorant is the only one that has left him totally B.O.-free after every single test. It has a stiffer texture than most indie deodorants so it’s easy to apply, and it works well for both my sensitive skin and his stinky armpits. This clear gel goes on invisibly and doesn’t make my underarms itch, which is a big step up from indie baking soda deodorants.

I don’t know what makes this work so well, but whatever it is, it’s magical. I’m really feelin’ the packaging, too – it’s such a cheery way to start the day!

Lovetica Hemp Oil lip balm set review

Lovetica All Natural Hemp Oil Lip Balm Gift Set ($18.99 CAD for four)

Lovetica’s flagship product is their hemp oil lip balm, which is only available in a set of four. They’re excellent lip balms, but I’d really like to see them available separately. You shouldn’t have to buy your lip balms in fours all the time, especially if you have one favourite scent (ahem, lemon) that you want to stock up on!

Canadian lip balm review all natural Lovetica

I have really dry skin, so I’m usually a fan of anything with hemp oil in it. These are no exception: they’re smooth, buttery, and very hydrating. (I’d peg them as more hydrating than Burt’s Bees or EOS, so they’re a good choice for those with chronically dry lips.)

The hemp oil variation of these lip balms is essentially unscented and unflavoured, while the peppermint smells like sweet, tingly peppermint tea. The lemon lip balm is my favourite, with a zingy lemon scent (think lemon sorbet, not limoncello.) And, finally, the mango lip balm smells like the grown-up version of those fruity chapsticks that we all used to buy as kids–you know the ones.

At $4.75 CAD each, these are cheaper than most all-natural lip balms, but they’re a treat to use. I love all four of the flavours in the set, and they’re both very hydrating and very “clean.”

Lip balm is one of those products that usually ends up in your stomach in the end, so the cleaner, the better!

Lovetica lemon hemp lip balm review

All natural lip balm, deodorant review - Lovetica

Lovetica All-Natural Hemp Oil Lip Balm ingredients:

Hempseed Oil, Beeswax, Sunflower Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Calendula Flower Extract, Vitamin E.

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  • I'm currently looking for a good deodorant that A) doesn't leave wet patches B) doesn't rub off white on my shirts and C) is alcohol-free… This one sounds promising but I'm pretty sure I can't get it here.

    • Lovetica ships worldwide, Melissa! It meets each and every one of your requirements ;)

      • International shipping doesn't mean anything to the dicks of Swiss customs, unfortunately. I'm not gonna pay 30 EUR in admin, tax and processing fees on a deodorant :-(

        • Aww, that sucks :( Does every single parcel get dinged by customs over there? (It sounds like such a nightmare!)

          • For commercial packages, pretty much. Personal parcels sometimes get through if you don't mind cheating a bit with the customs forms, but even then it's finicky.

  • Alix

    If the balms were available individually, I'd be placing an order right now!

    • I really wish they were! I'd love the option of only buying the lemon and peppermint flavours when I repurchase.

  • Alix

    Update: both products are on sale, so just ordered on Amazon — look forward to trying!

    • Ooh, ignore my above reply! That's awesome, Alix — I really hope you enjoy!

      • Alix

        I do! They're like velvet on the lips… so glad I caught your post on these! (The deodorant seems to be working, too!)

  • wheetnee

    The lip balms sounds like something I'd like, I've been applying balm liberally and I probably ate pounds of it lol! It would be nice if they sold them separately, I rarely buy a pack of lip balms!

    • Haha, I feel you!! I don't know where all of my lip balm goes, but I have a sinking feeling that it's my stomach. :|

      I can't remember the last time I intentionally bought a cosmetic product in a pack. (Maybe never?) Thankfully, all four of these are nice, so you're not losing out by buying in bulk – but I wish singles were an option, too!

  • Janice

    Like you, I don't really stink, but I do sweat and am looking more for something to absorb wetness rather than odour. Does the Lovetica one absorb wetness, or does it only control odour? Thanks!

    • It only controls odour, unfortunately! My favourite deodorant for absorbing wetness is Clarins's: here.

      • Janice

        Thanks for the rec, going to try it out!

  • The lip balms and the deodorant all sound wonderful! I have enough natural lip balms for now, but could definitely use that deodorant. I'm currently using one that works for covering up BO, but I'm just not fond of the scent (it's really granny-ish).

    • This one's scent-free, so it might just be the solution to your current deodorant problems! ;)

      What deo are you using right now?

      • I'm currently using the Lafes ones that I received to try. The scent is Iris & Rose and I find it smells floral and powdery, and very granny-ish.