YSL Volupté Tint-in-Oil, Smashbox Contouring Pencils, and more | New 18/01/15

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so here’s what’s new in the beauty world this month! Aside from those scribbly Smashbox pencils, I’ve got my eye on those bareMinerals palettes and the new Armani Eye Tints — those moussey doe-foot eyeshadows tend to wear really well on oily lids.

Plus, I mean, 8-pan palettes from Clinique for only $36?! If they’re as good as the quads, you should be buying ’em in every darn shade.

What’s on your wishlist this month?>

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  • telle

    ha ha ha ha! what ISNT on my list? i'd love to get the gold tint in oil from YSL and i am really like the everyday greens palette from Clinique. It's not new this month, but i am definitely planning on taking home MUFE's 50 shades makeup set. There is a bunch of new releases from Tarte and IT cosmetics for this month/next on QVC that i want, too. I am confident that the shopping channel will have the same 'showstopper' in a month or so for canadians. OH! i'd love the bareminerals 8.0 ready palettes too! and definitely will have to check out the armani eye tints at nordstroms when they are launched! :)

    • So many lemmings!! And all GOOD ones, too. If you have to pick, I'm putting my vote in for the Ready palettes and IT Cosmetics Showstopper sets — they're both sure to be wonderful ;)

      • telle

        ohhh! those are good picks!! i hope we will see the IT Cosmetics showstopper that they did recently on qvc! :)

  • I definitely want to try the new Puff Off from Benefit! I've heard people rave about it so far, but I wanna test it for myself :-)

    • I like that it has a little iron for an applicator >.< So cute!!

  • blushparade

    The lip oil seems to be a trend this spring, Clarins is also releasing their own offering on the topic. I'm definitely curious about those, might have to give them a try!
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    • I'm super curious about them, too! I'm hoping to try the Raspberry Clarins one — I think the yellow shade (Honey) will be part of their permanent range, but I always think honey scents smell gross :s

  • sylirael

    I'm kind of a sucker for YSL, so the whole tint-in-oil thing is PRETTY TEMPTING, I GOTTA SAY. Also, the fact that I spend a good part of my thesis thinking about what amounts to tints in oil only adds to the attraction. I can totally justify buying more expensive makeup if it's thesis-related, right? RIGHT?! Of course, I'll have to wait till these come here. We haven't even had the Fusion Ink foundation yet, ffs. T_T

    Also *leans in closer* I seem to remember seeing that there was a purple one of those Clinique palettes…



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      There is totally a purple one of those Clinique palettes. O.o I really hope they're as good as the quads (and better than the Nutcracker Suite collection) — I'm going to be try the grey one, but I'll let you know how it goes!

      PS: What is your thesis even on??? I know literally nothing about this, but it sounds interesting. :D

      • truecolorjoy

        i picked up the duty free travel exclusive a while back that's a combination of different permanent offerings. i've tried 6/8 shades and all were solid performers!
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    • truecolorjoy

      i picked up the duty free exclusive which was a combination of colors from the permanent palettes. it has a little bit of pinks, purple, brown, a light yellow and sage and light and dark grey. pretty much an almost perfect travel palette!

      the tint in oils are great if you're willing to shell out $$$ for an awesome lip hydrator with a very light tint. definitely ignore misleading words like full color or pigmented!
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