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Abouta  year ago, we ran a feature on Dove’s Men+Care Shower Tool – I’m not sure if anyone else remembers the comments thread, but I loved it! The reason why is simple: turns out, a ton of you had KP as well! I loved being able to share a simple, effective solution with you, and it was great to find out how common it is.

So… what’s KP? If you haven’t heard of it before, Keretosis Pilaris is a skin condition that involves rough, often red bumps on the skin. It affects about 40% adults (and even more children), and is usually found on the thighs/bottom and the backs of the arms. It’s nothing to be concerned about in most cases – just a bit of a nuisance! (Stats via Wikipedia.)

But I digress! The point of this post is that Dove Canada has offered to supply a giveaway, and one of our lovely Canadian readers will have the chance to win a Shower Tool of her own (plus a tube of their new shower gel). After all… why should the men get all the good stuff? ;)

The shower gel

I had meant to review the shower gel before running the giveaway, but ran into a bit of a hitch – it’s supposed to be the Sensitive Skin scent-free version, but I actually still find that it’s lightly scented (with that sort of “indiscriminately manly” fragrance). However, it does lather well, and is fairly conditioning for a men’s product. Of course, it doesn’t measure up to something like Olay Quench, but it’s way less harsh than a bar of Ivory!

I do have one of the new shampoos sitting in my shower a well, so I’ll try to get that review up soon… I’ve actually really been liking it recently!

FYI: both the new shower gel and the shampoos are silicone- and paraben-free ;)

Win it

To win your own Dove Men+Care Shower Tool and Sensitive Clean Face and Body Wash, here’s how to enter:

  • For one (1) entry, follow theNotice on GFC and comment on this post with your username.
  • For one (1) entry, follow theNotice on Twitter (@thenotice) and comment on this post with your username.
  • For an additional entry, feel free to RT the following: Canucks: get summer-ready skin with Dove and @thenotice! Giveaway
  • For an additional entry, let us know why you’re interested in the shower tool in your comment! (Whether it’s because you have KP, or you want your man to give these a try, or you just plain ‘ol like exfoliating…)

This giveaway is Canada-restricted and ends in one week. You must be 13 with parental consent (or 18 without it) to enter.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you all for entering!

Good luck, everyone!! x

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  • Anna

    i'm following you on twitter: annayuen

    here's my comment: i would love to win this so my man can try it. he has KP and he's asked me what to do about it and i never knew what to do about it since I don't have it (we're pretty much the exact opposite in terms of skin type, since we met 6 years ago – only time will tell once aging sets in)

  • Glogirl

    I follow via GFC as Glogirl.

  • Glogirl

    I follow you on Twitter @glogirl3

  • Glogirl

    I would love to try this shower tool for myself as it would be great for exfoliating, especially the feet with summer sandal weather coming!

  • I am not Canadian. But thank you for including the paraben-free tags :D Good luck to the Canadians :D I remember seeing that post and thinking, "Thank you for bringing up KP!" Strangely enough, it was more prevalent on my upper arms when I lived in HI, but here (WA), it's not so bad. I don't know if it is because it's so much colder/drier here, I put on lotion much more frequently…that does seem to help, for whatever reason.
    My recent post The Thursday Post

  • Hi rae,

    I follow on GFC as G A B Y
    I follow you on Twitter as @GabyFauchon
    I tweeted:!/GabyFauchon/status/56881353
    I'm interested in the shower tool because I have nothing similar and most exfoliating products aren't abrasive enough for my liking.

    Thank you!
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  • Sylvia

    i follow you on bloglovin, hopefully that counts

  • Brittany

    1) followed you on GFC – Brittany
    2) followed you on Twitter – bunnybritt
    3) retweeted your tweet
    4) I am very interested in trying this because I have KP and have given up on everything else that was supposed to help manage it. If this works I will be so happy!
    Thanks, and I love your blog!

  • Allie

    GFC follower as Sweetshenanigans

  • Allie

    twitter follower @Alliegal101

  • Allie
  • Allie

    I'd love this because sensitive skin is prevailant in my family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • maria

    I follow via gfc

  • maria

    I would love to give this to my man so he can have some nice smooth skin!

  • maria

    I have Rt'ed @mariab76

  • Rasilla

    I was a tad disappointed that the wash was scented >_< when I asked about it, apparently because of the chemical ingredients they are allowed a certain amount of scenting. I guess otherwise ppl would be off put by the smell of the chemicals…of hink it was bad and not give it a try. But yeah sad to realize that. But learned something new, cause I never understood why things that claimed scent free were not really scent free. Wish try wouldn't call it scent free cause apparently there isn't such a thing…

  • momtodc

    I follow with GFC as momtodc

  • I follow you on twitter as edmontonjb

  • I'm interested in this because I have those little bumps on the back of my arms. i never knew there was a name for it!