Two on Tuesday: a bit of Marcelle

Marcelle Vita-Lip gloss in Angelica

Okay, so this line is kind of… awesome. It took me ages to get the review up, however, because Angelica is so darn hard to photograph! (She’s a lovely light pink, but what makes her interesting is that she has red reflects as well as silver ones.) This is the third time I’ve tried to take shots, and the only time that it’s worked. I mean, the photos always look “fine,” but they haven’t captured how special the shade is — until now!

(No, but seriously. I’ve had this for at least six to ten months with every intention of reviewing it.)

slightly different angles

Anyhow. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The Vita-Lip line runs at about $11 for 14ml, which is entirely in line with the mid-range niche that Marcelle lies in — and entirely worth it, if you ask me.
  • The glosses are quite sheer, but they don’t try to trick you into expecting anything else: they’re described as having a sheer, non-sticky formula.” I know I’m ridiculous, but I just love it when product descriptions actually describe the product!
  • And on that point? No stickiness here!
  • They don’t plump, but I do find them to be on the moisturizing side, for a gloss. I of course still need lip balm at night, but I can go through an entire nine-hour day just using a Vita-Lip without lip balm underneath and be just fine. Win!
  • One last, very important thing: they’re totally scent-free. Marcelle, have I ever mentioned how much I adore you?

The verdict? If you can’t tell, I definitely love these, and would certainly recommend them! I didn’t notice any plumping over the long term, but as long as you’re not expecting (a) high pigment, or (b) major plumping, I can’t see how on earth these would disappoint!

Marcelle Minerals eyeshadow in Halo and Terra

Just some photos and descriptions ;) Check out a review of the shadows here!

Halo is a “halo-ish” gold-yellow, and Terra, an earthy red-brown. Both are very aptly named, if I may say so myself!

Halo / Terra
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