What is it with makeup companies and the name "Pink Lemonade"?!

Everyday Minerals stick gloss/balm in Pink Lemonade (which was very recently repackaged.) It’s nice enough, but had that annoying waxy scent that some lip products do… so, of course, it was quickly dropped into my swap box and never thought of again.
Some products are nice enough that I get over my insane hatred of waxy lipstick smells. This one was not. It was just kind of boring. (You know, in that college-boy kind of way. He’s nice, you’d bring him home, but HELL you are not planning a future with him.)

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  • Catherine

    I loved the one in Copper but then they discontinued it. ;_;

  • Rae

    Catherine: aww that sucks =( All the good stuff seems to be discontinued!!

  • Lisa Kate

    You are way too cute! I have like 4 things called "pink lemonade" XD I have one of these EDM lippies somewhere around here…It was probably close to a year old and I didn't mind it, but the smell is pretty nasty! I really like Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh lippies, which all have the scents posted before you buy (which is good for me since grape smell makes me wanna barf XD)

  • Rae

    Lisa Kate: I know, right?! It's like a sickness! I have to put a Fyrinnae order through soon, so maybe I'll check out their lippies ^^

  • beautifulmonday

    i have this. ;) and it's an IDEAL MLBB shade for me. i grew up w Chapstick and Bonne Bell so i guess waxy doesn't affect me one way or t'other. in fact i prefer waxy to sweet, often.

  • Rae

    Laura: lol!! I grew up with rose-scented (but not tinted… that's a recent thing) Labello and Vaseline, so waxy smells REALLY off to me :P