A bit more Fyrinnae

Many thanks to Laura for the swatches!! I’ve done my best to brighten ’em up and such, so let’s get started! From here on in, all the text is simply copy+pasted from her email, so I hold no rights to any of it ^^

2 shots of the Fair primer: swatched and blended. It doesn’t dry quickly or turn to powder, and even when it is absorbed it feels a bit like suntan lotion or some nongreasy finish. I accidentally used too much when I swatched it, it gushes out. So far it slows creasing with creams and intensifies some powder shadows, but it’s really best with pigments since the finish is slightly tacky.

Baby Beluga (pale grey, medium shimmer)
Hyponotize (blush; coral, low shimmer)
Otherworld (pale ocean blue, v shimmery/glittery; free sample)

Tamarin (Endangered collection; subtle pale orange, barely any shimmer)
Fool’s Gold (pure shining gold; very shimmery)
Montalivet (shimmery warm tan/bronze; free sample)

oops!- Coastal Scents sample Rose Sparks
Glass Coffin (pale greyish subtly warm purple, low shimmer)
Bubble Tea (lush v shimmery grape purple)
Valhalla (pale smoky cool lavender, some shimmer; free sample [unintentionally i put all the freebies in first!])

One Knight In Belfast (slightly warmer deep mossy green, also a nice liner)
Naughty Elves (Holiday collection 08; very dark bluish pine colour, low shimmer; free sample)
Aztec Gold (shimmery antique gold colour, slightly green and slightly rust as well as metallic; very unique esp as liner)

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  • beautifulmonday

    One quick note- in the first swatch photo (the one with liner stripes) I had Otherworld and Baby Beluga back to front. Rae correctly identified them in the next photo, though. The photos are vastly improved! I tried labelling them myself which resulted in Failicious Failness, so glad you made it work.

  • Rae

    Ahh, sorry!Please stop saying Failicious Failness. It makes me think of some sort of dessert… maybe a sloppy-looking chocolate fudge brownie confection, topped with messy strawberry sauce?

  • Rae

    Laura: I know!! One of these days… :P

  • beautifulmonday

    Rae: must invent that immediately. sounds so yummmmmmmmmy! hahah!