Sometimes, silver’s worth more than gold.

Elizabeth Arden apparently makes a cream eyeshadow…news to me! I can only find them on UK sites, so maybe we don’t get it on this side of the pond?

Anyhow, I recieved a tube in a swap. And after seeing it, I must admit – it looks pretty gross in the tube, and on the applicator. A garish green-silver, in a small tube, and it seems almost lumpy. Once putting it on, though, we had an entirely different story! It’s smooth, and the silver colour came out gorgeously. It dries quickly into a powder shadow, but there’s still plenty of time to blend it – and it makes a gorgeous sheer wash of silver sparkle, or a more opaque grey/silver, depending on how much you blend. (note: this takes bloody forever to dry!)
Tip: to blend a shadow like this, don’t “pull” at the colour – instead, pat quickly. You pick up a lot less product on your fingers and it ends up looking much more even!

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  • Phyl

    Wow the swatch is so pretty. How will you wear it? I can't imagine having a whole lid of shimmer but it might look cool as a liner just above a black liner. If that makes sense :P

  • Rae

    ^^ I'm halfway through a tutorial using this as a base!! It's gorgeous in the crease, esp. when topped with another shadow.

  • suzie wuzie

    ooo! shiny stuff!

  • Rae

    Yes, shiny stuff ^^