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I know, I know, we just did one of these ten days ago, but there have just been SO many launches recently! Anyhow, give this post a skip if you’re not interested (I think we’ll put up a Caudalie review in a few, maybe?) but for those of you who are

Nieman’s Dior Nail Bar

Enough said.

(Actually, that’s not true, I do have one more thing to say: I have no idea how that lipstick got in there. But I cannot make it go away.)


God, I just – too many collections to deal with. Styledriven and Posh Paradise are the two coming out right about now, right? I don’t know; all I really care about is the fact that the Pro Longwear Eyeshadows and Lipsticks look amazing. Collection, smollecckshum!

Right now, I’m dying to try on Soft Sell and Till Tomorrow, but I’m never quite sure when it comes to Christine’s swatches: that woman’s lips could make me want anything, I swear!

Mmmm, and the Matchmaster foundation, which sounds absolutely fab (shade range in particular.) It’s a shame the formula contains ‘cones!

Just… stuff. You know, the stuff-like stuff.

This week’s steals

The widget above was getting rather full, so I thought maybe we’d separate these out – just a few great deals. Hello, $8 NARS eyeshadows!

P.S. I’m starting to compile “New…” posts for holiday collections, too. Can I just say that there are some really exciting things coming out this winter?! I mean, this. This. This! /flail

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(One of those is coming up, by the way. A big one of those. Don’t let me forget!)

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