A lipstick I could almost love | Lancome The New Pink

The product: Lancome Color Design lipstick in The New Pink (sheen)

There are three things that I can’t stand in a lip product: heavy scents, colour that moves around, and chunky glitter. This lipstick does a stellar job of the first two, delivering semi-opaque, slip-free, scent-free colour, but fails the third category miserably. Despite the gorgeous, perfect-for-summer shade (Lancome calls it a “perfect, not-too-bright medium pink,” and I have to agree), the amount of glitter loaded into this lipstick turns me off it completely.

For those who like a shimmery lip, though, this would be a great product to go with. It’s a very flattering pink, and the formula is divine – lightweight, smooth, and moisturizing. I’d say the coverage is medium but layerable, but the finish is quite glossy for a lipstick )so even if it’s applied opaquely, you’re never going to end up with a really heavy, overly made up lip).

All in all, I’m left a bit heartbroken by this one. The formula feels great and wears really well, and the colour is gorgeous, but the amount of silver shimmer (which, yes, I can feel on my lips) ruins it for me.

Lancome Color Design lipsticks come in five finishes (cream, sheen, shimmer, metallic, and matte) and retail for $22 US/$27 CAD, though shades that are often featured as gifts with purchase (like this one) can be easily found for $10 or less online.

a few swatches at different angles and in different lighting

The ingredients:

Polybutene, bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2, octyldodecyl neopentanoate, microcrystalline wax, isostearyl isostearate, triisostearin, PEG-45/dodecyl glycol copolymer, polyethylene, disteardimonium hectorite, calcium aluminum borosilicate, calcium dosium borosilicate, silica, alumina, synthetic fluorphlogopite, polyethylene terephthalate, polymethyl methacrylate, octyldodecyl/PPG-3 myristyl ether dimer dilinoleate, BHT. +/- colourants.

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  • Oooh, sad face :( It is pretty, but I hate glittery, grittiness in lip products. It does have an interesting sheen, though!
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    • Mmhmm! Despite the fact that cremes will always be my favourite, I'd totally wear this if it was just sheen and no shimmer. But alas!

  • Arghhh!!! Why do companies still think it's okay to make frosty lipsticks? They never look good on anyone. It's too bad, because this is a really nice shade of pink. :(
    My recent post FOTD: Craving Colour.

    • *flail-y hands* I don't even. A really smooth frost, perhaps, I could get behind – but none of this chunky business, ick!

      But then, I suppose, whatever sells :(

  • I don't mind some shimmer in my lipsticks, but if I can feel it then no way, no how! Too bad, as it is a pretty colour on you!
    My recent post NARS Laguna Body Illuminator

    • Exactly! I prefer creme finishes by leaps and bounds, but I can put up with a bit of shimmer – if (and only if!) I can't feel it at all.

      Gritty lips aren't exactly my cup 'o tea >.<

  • Not really a Lancome girl myself, but I do like frosty lipsticks (and I wear 'em all the time). For me, the problem is that I only buy cruelty free. Ah well, it's not as if there aren't other frosty pinks out there!
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  • Such a shame. I've had the same issue with some lipsticks and it usually signals their journey to the trash bin – I can't even bring myself to sell or give them away!

    • I usually end up giving mine away – I may hate shimmery lipsticks, but (apparently) there are a lot of people out there who don't! *shrugs* :P

  • it doesn't look that glittery on your lip, though! i think it looks lovely on you =)
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  • makeupmorsels

    urghh do not like it when I can feel gritty things on my lips. The formula actually looks pretty smooth, I wouldn't have guessed that there were uncomfortable shimmer particles in it if you hadn't said anything. Well, at least I now know to steer clear of this one!
    My recent post My Everyday Summer Makeup Look

    • The formula *is* really smooth – it's just the shimmer that isn't! :( Lancome seems to have added glitter to a sheen formula, in this case, which makes pretty much no sense to me. (I have another Sheen lipstick, Vintage Rose, that hasn't any chunky glitter at all.)

  • jamilla

    Really pretty colours, but I shy away from Lancome lipsticks because they are very frosty, which I think is a dated look. Thanks for confirming my fears!
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    • This one isn't too frosty, just shimmery – the sheen itself is actually quite nice!

      Lancome does some other sheens (as well as some cremes and mattes) that aren't frosty or shimmery at all – worth looking at, if you ask me ;)

  • anna

    If shimmery flecks on my lips don't bother me, would you say this is a good buy? It looks like such a gorgeous color!

    • Absolutely! & particularly if you pick up a GWP tube online for cheaper ;)

  • The colour looks gorgeous on you, but I agree- too much shimmer ends up looking a bit 90s. Shame!

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  • I was going to say that I thought it looked really lovely on you (even though I prefer creme finishes)–til I peeked at some of the comments and noticed the word "gritty"!! Gah! That's definitely no good in a lip product.
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  • the color does look amazing on your lips. maybe it's good for photoshoots.
    My recent post yummy melon on my eyes

  • Me my best and I

    This is bootiful- right up my pink lippie alley- lovely :)