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October 2008

    Happy Halloween! (Friday prompt at the bottom!)

    I was so excited to do a Halloween look this year!! I haven’t done it for years, and I’m not doing it this year, either. But I did do one a few weeks ago for you!!

    I’m not sure what it is – something pretty, at the very least. I had “really awesome cylon alien” in my head, plus the cover of “Specials” (Scott Westerfield; a terrible author with some great ideas)


    • EDM Sandy Fair Original Glo (Matte would have worked better for the look). Applied wet to get full coverage; the blank slate look worked well for this!
    • Annabelle liquid liner, in black, for the swirls
    • My HG liner, Estee Lauder’s Artliner, for my lash line!
    • Fyrinnae Polar Bear, but only in one picture (which unfortunately came out fuzzy!) I tried this right before taking it off, and the lighting sucked, plus my camera ran out of battery after just the one. But the gold = definitely cool addition.
    • Eyedrops to make the pigment adhere better.

    See? Super-easy!

    *unfortunately, what looks very even in real life ends up a little blotchy due to macro settings and numerous screen layers to compensate for terrible lighting x.x

    The gold addition!
    (sorry, shitty quality, as mentioned.)

    The whole thing

    The front
    (I love the eye area)

    Why do my brows always
    look so funny from above??

    And now for Friday stuff!

    What are you doing for Halloween this year? (Alternate questions: when was the last time you did Halloween, or what’s the most fabulous thing you’ve ever dressed up as?)

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