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Sunday, August 31, 2008

These are self-explanatory. They refer to this person.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Would anyone like to tell me how Australian pricing works? Because you guys have a currency that is basically equal to ours, but you pay a TON more for things.

Do you make more? Or something? And what’s to stop Australians from taking their on-par cash and buying everything in North America (and having it shipped to them)??

Oh. This makes my head hurt.

Sephora revamp, plus a deal tip-off or two

Sephora has finally caught on – and given a “review” feature!! This is exciting ^^

Also, there is a new Too Faced set. It’s the $29.50 Fall Into Fashion Collection, which includes Liquif-eye, a duo eyeshadow in Ooh and Aah (black and grey), and the new Pinpoint mascara (which is why I’m letting you know about this deal.) I’ve heard really great things about it, and this would be a great way to get your hands on a tube, seeing as the mascara itself is worth $19.50 US.

And lastly, Glit Groupe (my favourite site of its kind) wants to know if my readers want a customized link to join. I think we’re okay now, but let me know if you do!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A great deal at Tarte until September 10th while supplies last. Buy a 4-day stay (mascara) and recieve a free lock&roll (liquid eyeshadow). Just add both to your cart (you know what this means, kids? It’s a full-sized freebie!! And you get to choose your shade!) and enter the code. You’ll get the $17 shadow for free!
And at Benefit a free “Betty brushes up on beauty” bag with any (non-sale) brush purchase. Valid until September 3rd. I’m not sure about their brushes, though – I have a cousin who bought a few and says that, though they’re of good quality, she never uses them because they’re so stiff.

ALSO: go check out Benefit’s buh-buys section – sale alert!!

Strange things people have googled to find theNotice

“It’s over. It’s so, so over.” I quoted this from Grey’s Anatomy, partially because it was fitting, and partially for fun. (Mainly for fun.) You’d be surprised if you knew how many of my titles are quotes.

“free clinique kmph 26”
Just one thing to say to this one… WTF?! That doesn’t make any sense! “Free Clinique” would make sense if you were trying to find freebies, I guess. But adding 26 kilometres per hour? What???

“one week only, sephora’s new blockbuster palette August 24, 2008” This one makes sense, seeing that theNotice is largely a beauty blog. However, my link is at the bottom of the page (who scrolls down that far if you can find what you’re looking for in the top three?) and also… who the hell types THAT MUCH into the search bar?!

“quo blush birch” Nonsensical, that’s what it is. My blog doesn’t come up with these search terms! (However, the first result is a post on teamsugar, by me.) This is very strange, that’s what it is.

That’s it for now, lovelies. I’m off to school for registration… wish me luck! (Though I do not see why I would need it.)

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