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Sunday, June 29, 2008

  • Finals over
  • Chasing after five year old yesterday
  • While holding his seven month brother
  • For two hours
  • Sleeping = not happening
  • Bad dreams = definitely happening
  • Veronica Mars
  • Weeds

all of the above = no posting.

*so I figured out that the spaces in the title help…

The Stereotypical Teen

Friday, June 27, 2008

I doubted their existence – that is, the existence of the stereotypical teenager. I’m clearly far from normal, and I just figured everyone else was too. Or, at the very least, that things weren’t as bad as the media portrays them as.

I was proven wrong listening to girls chitchat in our last Cosmet class. Apparently, girls my age do go to random bush parties, hit on random guys, and sleep with almost everyone (including their best friend’s boyfriends.) This was news to me. I mean, some of them seem so nice! But no, they get drunk and end up so high they can’t see straight and find themselves waking up, naked, in a stranger’s bedroom with another stranger. Or two.

A profile of a few of my cosmet mates:
The cheerleader
Really, can you profile a cosmetology class without a cheerleader? No. No, you can’t.
This girl’s actually a sweetheart – unexpected, right? I thought she would be the worst of the bunch. But no, she runs around in jeans and sweatshirts, has baby-blonde hair, and loves to gossip about the stereotypical cheerleading bitches. I quite liked her, actually.

The model
The other one you almost expect to take cosmetology.
She’s about 5″7, with gorgeous fire-red, naturally curly hair. Super-pale, tight-pored skin, you can tell that she was totally born to model – her legs are, I swear to god, as long as my entire body. She’s fine too – completely uninhibited and funny.
However, she is also a bit of a disappointment – she dates pretty guys for one night stands, sees no problem with underage drinking. But she does have fantastic points as well – she makes it dead clear that she won’t go clubbing if it’s an 18+ club, and isn’t comfortable with fake ID. Also, she won’t go to bush parties unless she either knows a bunch of people going or she’s friends with the person throwing it – none of these are things that I would ever have to worry about, but I’m so glad that she sets rules like these to keep herself out of trouble. It restores my faith in people my age, just a bit – if you’re going to party, party safe!

The IB kid that tries too hard
Oh, god. She’s like a leech that won’t let go of me, nevermind the fact that I don’t particularly like her. One, one guy likes her, and she suddenly won’t shut the fuck up about him. “Oh, he likes me SO MUCH, and I don’t know what to do because I don’t like him like that!” or, “O-M-G, Rae! He was ALL OVER ME today!”
A word of advice to this girl: give it up. From what I know from other sources, the guy’s a sweetie and he does like you – but hon, there’s an obvious difference between worrying about your friendship with him and bragging about his crush. And it’s also obvious that you crossed that sixteen-hours-of-bitching ago.

The IB kid that tries even harder
Grew up going to school with rich kids but lives in the not-so-great part of town. Can’t use complete sentences and thinks that, just because I can pull eighties without breaking a sweat and nineties if I study, I’m perfect and problem free. I don’t like her at all – she’s too loud, parties with anyone in a desperate attempt to be “cool”, and compulsively paints her nails (don’t ask. Just don’t.)

The ghetto girl
I like her, surprisingly! So maybe she has six inches of cleavage, smells kinda funny, and wears way to much makeup. So maybe she’s a little (fine, a LOT) whore-y. She’s funny! She does the whole “overly-black” thing for fun, and manages to balence partial IB with heavy clubbing. I would never want to be her, but she knows how to have fun and, more importantly, how to be happy.

Sephora sale section

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Sephora Sale/Clearance section is doing pretty well right now – go check it out for some fab deals on Bourjois and Napoleon Perdis. Free shipping over $50 within the US!

Keeping Matte: Tips & Tricks

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

*Preceded by Tried & True and Other Alternatives, this is the last instalment to Keeping Matte. Have a great afternoon, ladies!!
Tips & Tricks

  • Use a setting powder on your t-zone and along your hairline to absorb oil – a good translucent shouldn’t interfere with your makeup! I love Estee Lauder’s Lucidity, but a lot of cheaper brands exist as well! I like loose powders (look for finely milled ones, without chunking), but a pressed powder travels better. “Oil absorbing” or a reference to oil (or acne) in it’s name would definitely be something to look for as well!
  • Use products made for oily, combination, very oily, or acne-prone skin, obviously!
  • Look for oil-free, non-comedogenic, and possibly hypoallergenic moisturisers – oily skin sometimes needs a little help breathing!
  • A weekly exfoliant, weather physical or chemical, would definitely work in your favour, as would a mask (I recommended clay-based ones for oily skin, as they are more drying. If you have combination skin like me, just to your oily spots, like your t-zone!)
  • Look for clear, foaming cleansers – gels, bar soaps, and liquids work well for oily skin. Cream cleansers, or cleansers with a milky appearance, are made for dryer skin types!
  • Toner and astringents were practically made for oily-skinned gals!
  • Lastly, look up your products on sites like Makeup Alley! I cannot stress enough how important it is to read reviews first, especially before buying high-end skincare. How else will you know if the mattifier actually mattes, or if the “lightweight” moisturiser will clog your pores? Unless you know a store with a brilliant exchange policy, looking up products is essential.
  • (And if you do know a store with a brilliant exchange policy…please tell me!! :P )

Hope you liked this mini-series!! Does anyone else have any tips and tricks to share??

Keeping Matte: Other Alternatives

*This is a follow-up to Tried and True, and will be followed by Tips & Tricks! Check back in a few hours for the last instalment!

Other Alternatives

  • If you want some more glamorous blotting tissue, though, here are some ideas. Generally, this stuff doesn’t break the bank, but as always, there is a high and low end. (*note: I’ve never tried them!):
    • The Body Shop’s range, which come in many varieties, (powdered, tea tree, natural…)
    • MAC blot film – if you’re into names, this is the one for you. It’s $15 for 30 sheets, though – that’s $.50/sheet!
    • Too Faced sells Re-Fresh Oil Blotting Papers (these are cute!!)
    • More expensive but definitely less obvious are Shu Uemura and Shiseido‘s versions. (The Shu papers are a normal price, but you only get 40 sheets, making each one pricier)
    • Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens, which are a good deal at 100 for $10. And they come in three varieties – original, green tea, and lavender!
    • Clinique’s Pore Minimizer Oil Blotting Sheets – ooh, purple!! Surprisingly, these are a bit more expensive – $13.50, but you only get 50 sheets!

Does anyone have any other products to suggest? Any favourites to try? Tell us in comments!

Keeping Matte: Tried and True

So FB commented yesterday on my sunscreen post that it made her face greasy – and it got me thinking. Now that it’s summer, a lot of us will need a little extra help to stay grease-free – so, I wanted to help out a bit. As usual, the solutions that I will super-endorse are all fairly cheap!!

Starting with this post, there are three matte posts scheduled to go up today! The next one up is: Other Alternatives.Tried and true

  • Try keeping a pack of blotting tissue at hand – my favourite (and the only brand I’ve ever used!) is Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. They’re the drugstore-cheap, and work well!
  • Apply mineral makeup where you get greasy – semi-matte Everyday Minerals foundation keeps my face dry all day long, without looking cake-like.

See you at ten for the next instalment!

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