Are you ready to start a Revolution with Urban Decay?

Seriously, words cannot express how excited my monolids are for this new lash curler. I can’t wait for the reviews to start coming out!

What Urban Decay says about The Revolution

This sleek lash emancipator abolishes one-size-fits-all curling. The open cage lets you curl your lashes all at once or in sections and won’t pinch your skin!

Do eyelash curlers that look like scary torture devices make you scream? Ours won’t crimp your lashes or pinch your skin because we eliminated the culprit – those maddening bars on either side of your old eyelash curler. This sleek lash emancipator handles deftly with an open cage that allows you to curl your lashes all at once OR in sections (like just the outer lashes). And if your lash line is longer or shorter than average, gone are the days of contending with a standardized cage that was clearly designed with someone else’s eyes in mind (no more one-size-fits-all curling!). We even include 5 replacement pads – swap them out to keep your curler clean and springy. Viva The Revolution!

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  • I said it and I'll say it again. This looks like an industrial tool and it scares me to itty bitty bits! xD
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    • Lol! I thought my reaction ("I must get my hands on this and try it ASAP") would be the norm, but *apparently* normal is actually "oh god a torture device, run!" :P

  • omg, it DOES look like a torture device! 0_0
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    • Ahhhhhh is it wrong that the only comments I can come up with in response are BSDM jokes?! Need. to. sleep.

    • "Baby, with a tool like that, you can torture me all you want."

  • Um, talk about torture devices…scary! Intriguing, though, but is it unfair of me to say I'll wait for you to test it out first? :P
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    • Haha, well I'll let you know the verdict if I do! :P I'm unfortunately (fortunately? In any other context, I'd say fortunately) very happy with my current lash curler, though.

      But I do want to try it, either way! :D

  • Rosemary

    Pfft, haters. I'M SO EXCITED! I have itty bitty deep set eyes which make my eyelashes straight (I sound sooo attractive on paper) and the MAC curlers I have don't work as amazingly as I'd like them to. If only they sold UD in Australia :'(
    The second these start getting good reviews (not even a question) I will be straight online to buy my own!


    • AHHHH! The pressure is on!!! D:

      ('sokay, my eyes sound awful on paper as well! Small and surrounded by sensitive skin, with short, stick-straight lashes? :P Do not want.)

  • Kate & Zena

    Um, that looks like something that belongs in a doctor's office…….specifically a gynecologist's office (can you tell I haven't been to one yet? PROCRASTINATION.)

    Scary. As. Hell. I definitely would agree with my mom and call THAT eyelash curler a torture device.

    • Oh my god, Kate & Zena, you are absolutely right. It's the duckbill from the gynecologist. *shudders*
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      • *cringe* You two ruin all my fun! I'm feeling less and less enthusiastic about finding one of these curlers and putting it near my face :/

        • Kate & Zena

          I'm sorry, it's not my fault! Blame Arianne! She's the one who said duckbill from the gyno. I only said it REMINDED me of something that belongs in the doctor's office. There's a difference!

          (P.S. Don't remind me of doctor's. I have to see a whole list of them. >.<)

          • Ha! Oh, I do – Arianne can be held at fault for lots and lots of things! Like my curiosity about what I'd look like with bangs (awful), and my sudden lusting after Vasanti (yet unfulfilled), and my reignited need for a kitten (also unfulfilled.)


      • Kate & Zena

        Don't confirm my fears! My mom has been badgering me to go to one since I was 16 (and I'm 22. I'll go to a neurologist that gives me shots full of a topical anesthetic and steroids in my head, an allergist, a wrist specialist, a psychiatrist, a dentist, an oral surgeon (haven't gone there yet, but I keep telling my mom to make the appointment as it needs to be done) a dentist that does root canals all willingly…but a gynecologist? NOOOOOOOOO. I have my limits.) They have the scary instruments and they go up your private parts. SCARY.

        • Damn, ikr? I'm like – sure, you can shove wires up my veins and burn bits of my heart! but try and talk to me about clamps and forceps down south and I'm out the door.

          • Kate & Zena

            Or, even worse, hands up there. I'm way out the door by then. I've all ready promised her I'll do the PAP smear because that's just a cotton swab test thingy to make sure everything's okay. My mom started having problems with her uterus and stuff at my age. When she had hysterectomy at 27, they found stage I uterine cancer so they took out her fallopian tubes and her cervix to be cautious. It could have been prevented with regular PAP smears.

            Pelvic exams though? You'd have to knock me out before I did one of those man. There is no way you are sticking all those weird, very LARGE looking things up there and putting my legs in stirrups. My mom says it's not that bad and I'm being over dramatic…..I AM NOT BEING OVER DRAMATIC! I'm not, I'm not, I'mmnotI'mnotI'mnot.

    • AHHH you've just reminded me that I haven't seen my doctors in FOREVER >.<

      *runs away from the computer, flailing wildly*

  • This thing looks terrifying but I am nonetheless intrigued :x
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    • eeeeee I didn't even know IntenseDebate *had* that emoticon.

      It's adorable! :D

  • I am very, very afraid of that!
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  • I am looking for a new lash curler so when this comes out over here (uk) I'll be buying it I reckon.

    • They're expected to hit Canadian stores Aug 1st, so I hope the UK launch follows shortly!

  • Jamilla Camel

    I tried a similar contraption from France a few years ago and found that my lids were too small and too flat for it.

    Are you going to get this?

  • wow, these things look like they would take your eye out rather than curl your lashes! They look scary. But of course I am curious to see if they really are better than normal lash curlers… hmm, we'll just need to wait for the reviews to hit
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    • So far, I've read one (at Makeup and Beauty Blog), and it was pretty negative :(

  • AAAH!! I'm so excited! I can't use any lash curlers because they aren't wide enough for my lash line. EEEE!
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  • Vesna

    I have to admit that this is one of those things that scares the s*** out of me every time I see it, lol :D I can't actually explain why, I did try it but I'm so afraid that I'll pull my lashes off! I managed to curl lashes only one one eye! :D

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    • Ha! I guess I'm in the minority, then – my initial reaction was "ooh, cool," not "AHHH, TORTURE!" :P

  • Lulu

    haha I agree — it looks like a torture tool! But if it works, I'll be buying one…

    • Lol, yep! If it works, I'm in, no matter what it looks like :P

  • WendyD

    Holy crap, that looks quite scary! The concept intrigues me though, but to me honest, I've never really had too much problem with the "cages" of lash curlers. My main problem is the shape – Many curlers are made for girls with more protruding/round eyes I guess. My eye lids are relatively flat, so I need a curler that's pretty flat to conform to my shape.

    I'm loving the ELF one I'm borrowing off my roommate – Revlon ones don't fit my eyes at all.

    This one looks like it would be too "round" for my lids. Other than that though, it looks super cool, and I've already sent the link to my ex, who was horrified by my normal lash curler.

    • Oh my god, I feel ya there! I have a Revlon curler kicking around somewhere, and that thing drives me nuts. My favourite lash curler's a cheap one, too – flattest one I could find :P

  • This has got to be the scariest eyelash curler I have ever seen XD it’s a torture device! haha

  • Argh I think ID ate my comment :S anyway I was just going to say that this is the scariest eyelash curler I've ever seen! People always say that eyelash curlers look like medieval torture devices, and that totally rings true for this one :P

    • Yeah, it does that sometimes >.<

      & heck, if medieval torture has solely to do with having an awesome fringe of lashes, sign me up! :P