Leave your bag on the curb and drive away.

    To quote M. Lavold: “Little grade eights are bags of freaking HORMONES.”
    Well, we certainly aren’t in eight any more. But, for most people under the age of twenty-three (when full frontal lobe development usually is complete) hormones are very… prevalent, to say the least. Weather it’s love lives or foreheads, they get in the way!

    So, let’s do a review on a holy grail product.
    Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this one, it’s pretty much revered. It doesn’t sell in Canada, though. But that’s quite all right, seeing as one bottle has lasted me pretty much forever.

    It’s cheap, it smells okay-ish, and it works really, really well. It’s the only product I’ve found that actually helps with the massive blackheads (okay, so maybe they’re not massive, but they look massive to me!!) on my nose. The only thing I have to say is: Go find a bottle, and buy it. It’s pretty much the same price as a Starbucks, so work on having nice pores with the same money that would go right to your waistline ^^.


    BLB: Biolage

    So I’m one of the unlucky few with a great nose. Why, you ask, is this a bad thing? Certain fragrances, as well as cigarettes and pot, make me feel like someone’s crushing my chest.

    The kicker? Though I get the symptoms of an asthmatic, scent allergies aren’t recognized as allergies, because scientists can’t figure out what causes them. So I literally cannot do anything about it.

    Which brings on the review of the day: Biolage shine spray. Very light, hairspray-ey smell, but after about ten minutes of wearing it, I had to go and rewash my head. It was traumatizing :P
    Also, it didn’t make my hair very shiny. And was $22.
    Thankfully, though, Chatters took it back…I think it may have been because the woman working the till was a ditz (sorry!). I didn’t have a receipt, or a reason, I just took it up and asked if I could return it. She was like, “Sure!!” and put it on a gift card.

    …I’m lucky, in some ways, so I came out on top in this one. I only paid $18 for it ^^


    I smell chocolate!

    The aforementioned chocolate smell coming from my legs…I’m just finishing up my Body Shop Cocoa Butter Moisturising stick. (I got it on sale about half a year ago for $8…I’m lucky like that.)

    Anyhow, it was bliss. However, I had to store it in the fridge for the summer, or it would melt (25+ = ugly mushy puddle on a stick). I’m not planning on buying it again, though if I used it every day, it significantly decreased my stretch marks from rapid weight and height gain when I was eleven.

    Yes. I just said “significantly reduced stretch marks”.

    However, in addition to doing that, and smelling fantastic, it was sticky, and I’m lazy – I didn’t want to have to apply it all the time, in addition to my normal body cream. So this is the end of my love affair with my Cocoa Butter stick.

    But it was absolutely delectable while it lasted.

    *EDIT: I found this!! I’m not quite sure how it disappeared for a while, but here it is, apparently still selling at the Body Shop!:


    So here we go.

    In a strange attempt to maintain a constant level of posting, I’ve got a game plan. I spent about fifteen minutes typing up a list of things to write about, and there will probably be other things too. Like new release wish lists, and “If I wasn’t skint” wish list items, and “If I wasn’t a small, opressed Asian girl” wishlists…

    Oh god, how nice it would be to not live with my grandmother. Or, to rephrase, how nice it would be to not have her living with us (being me, my mom, and my sister. And my dad, but we’ll get into that another day.)

    I’m a product junkie, a blog-reading addict, and a music lover. Also, a pessimist, and an atheist. Thought I’d like to state those…occasionally, people have a problem with that last one. One of my best friends found out I was an atheist a year and half ago, and we haven’t spoken since.

    Right after I post this, I’ll post a review for The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Stick, because I plan to review every single product I own – we may be at this for a while. (Just kidding, I’ll do it over a time span. Of a long time.) They’ll be categorized: Under My Sink (makeup, hair stuff, cream, and such), In My Shower (shampoo, conditioner, soap, face cleansers and such), and Unmentionables In My Drawers (feminine stuff, bras, etc). (EDIT: I reorganized. Nevermind!)

    I think it’ll be fun.


    First post

    I’m trying to think of something absolutely monumental to say, to hook some readers, or something along those lines.

    But I simply can’t get the Futureheads out of my head.

    So the monumental thing will come later. Now is the time for thought.

    Screw that. Now is the time for more lip gloss.