Later today: post on what I’ve been [not] eating.

    Now: running to school. I’m going to be late, again. Damn.

    :)Thank you to the Glitterarti for a)being concerned, b)recognizing yummy cereal, and c)just saying hi.

    I’m off!

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    BLB: Clinique and Carmex

    Not emotional ones. Topical ones.

    Remember when I went shopping with the little one for something for her excema? We tried some Clinique Superdefense, which worked fine for her, but made my finger numb and swollen.
    I just tried some Carmex lip balm, because my lips are really chapped right now.

    Now they’re burning, too. And they feel like they were previously anaesthetised. Ugh.

    Just to top it off, I’ll leave you with one last blacklisted item: the reformulated Biore. Notice that pink circle in the corner? It’s the bringer of evil. I checked it on my hands first, because I’m paranoid for my face, and they ended up red and itchy. And I was allergic to the scent, which they increased tenfold – probably why I’m now allergic to it. Dammit. If you can find a non-reformulated bottle, it’s amazing. If not, then, well…*sigh*



    Today (which is over, sorry!) and tomorrow: 50% off regular price (even on the sale items, but it’s off the regular price) at Urban Behaviour and Costa Blanca.

    Mom and I made some really, really great buys today: burgundy/brown cords for mom at Eddie Bauer ($35. Better believe it!), a dress for me at Costa Blanca (Seriously, you expected me to resist a sale? It’s super-cute. With a bow! lol), and a half-sweater that I might wear for this formal thing my school does. I’m not thrilled about it, but it’s the best we’ve found so far.

    I still have a $30 Off the Wall gift card, and I really need jeans, but none of them fit me. And it expires in December. Gah!



    Working on a post that’ll go up sometime soon-ish. So no post today, but a great big hug to FB. She’s going through a ton, so nip over to her blog (link somewhere in the side bar. <- way.) and read up on her current situation if you haven’t yet! It really, really shocked me – it seems like everyone is always being broken up, so why get together in the first place? Ugh, please excuse my emo today, lol

    One more great big bear hug for FB, though it would be more of tiny-Asian-squeezing-waist, instead of bear hug…