This probably certifies me as crazy, but…

    I love Gossip Girl. Can’t get enough of it. LOVE. In the books, I’m an avid Blair/Nate/Serena; Dan/Vanessa; Chuck/Some other guy/His monkey shipper. In the tv series, however, I ship Dan/Serena; Blair/Chuck; Rufus/Serena’s Mom; Serena’s Brother/Jenny and Nate/Some-hiding-place-where-we-don’t-have-to-see-him. And with yesterday’s episode, my wish came true!! I loved the old-film special effects, even if they did suck. They were perfect, especially with Blair’s Audrey obsession.



    Price ranges

    $90 sweaters, bought just for the brand? Stupid.
    $500 “affordable” boots? Even worse.

    This post is pretty much a borrowed idea from Soi at Teen Haven’s “Affordable? I think not…

    I simply don’t see the point of wasting your money on clothes. My $10 American Apparel T-shirt is the same quality as it was when it was $25. My Moto jeans were a steal at $20, but weren’t any better at $80. So I figure, why do we pay so much, for so little?

    These are my price caps:
    Shoes: $70 for boots and running shoes, $40 for sneakers, flats, really nice sandals, etc, and $20 for flip flops and “trendy” sandals
    Jeans/Pants: $60 – It used to be $40, but I can’t bloody find anything, so I’m raising it :P However, I am incredibly picky, so my expensive jeans are really worth all of their costs.
    Long sleeve tees: $25
    Short sleeve tees: $15
    Hoodies, sweaters, and sweatshirts: $50 for really warm, good quality, $30 for either/or, $0 for neither :P
    Tanks and spaghetti straps: $15
    Bags: $50

    Does anyone else have limits? Tell me in the comments!!


    Dry Skin? Meet your match.

    FB’s interview of me is finally out; read it here. She did a terrif job of coming up with just the right questions, and adding photos!

    In the interview, I rave about two moisturisers: my Olay Quench and my Olay Complete, both for sensitive skin. So I figured now would be a good time to review them, lol!

    Let’s start with the Olay Complete.
    I searched for the right moisturiser for quite a while, and I’m glad to say I found it! It’s got just the right consistency, and absorbs nicely into my face. It isn’t as matte as I would like it to be, but that’s okay – I suppose I could get a mattifying lotion, if I really wanted to, but those always turn out rather badly for me. I use about four pea sizes of this – two when I get out of the shower, and two more once those have completely absorbed in. My dry patches are all gone, and my skin no longer feels tight – or heavy, like some other creams make it feel. In addition, this has SPF15, which is nice, and doesn’t have a smell. A ton of moisturisers have a scent, which a)drives me crazy, and b)irritates my skin.

    Next: Olay Quench.I love my Quench. LOVE it. FB is obsessed with it’s concentrate formula, but a daily application of this seems to be doing the trick for me. I don’t love the fact that it glitters, because it can get rather out of hand, lol! However, it absorbs into my skin like water, and is the only light, scent-free moisturiser than can keep my super-dry skin hydrated in the cold months (which is practically the whole year for me :P ). I’m thinking of trying their Moiturerinse as well, as I’m running out of my faithful Body Shop Plumb & Nectarine Shower Gel. -sigh-.

    These two definitely both receive Holy Grail status – unless I find anything even more perfect, that is!

    EDIT: Well, seeing as the Quench is no longer produced and the Complete is no longer hydrating enough for me… they’ve both been DEMOTED! Damn Olay. Discontinuing everything that works for sensitive, dry skin.



    I just realized I totally forgot to post today, and that I don’t really have anything much to say. So thank you very much to Canadian Beauty for linking to me – if anyone hasn’t checked out Henna’s site yet, it’s definitely worth a click!

    Off to go watch Season One of Grey’s Anatomy (*grin*). Ttfn.