Working on a post that’ll go up sometime soon-ish. So no post today, but a great big hug to FB. She’s going through a ton, so nip over to her blog (link somewhere in the side bar. <- way.) and read up on her current situation if you haven’t yet! It really, really shocked me – it seems like everyone is always being broken up, so why get together in the first place? Ugh, please excuse my emo today, lol

    One more great big bear hug for FB, though it would be more of tiny-Asian-squeezing-waist, instead of bear hug…


    Are you lucid?

    I snitched mom’s Estée Lauder Lucidity today. LOVE it.

    One of the things I hate about my current concealer is that it’s tacky to the touch, and doesn’t always work perfectly. In addition, I touch my eyes a lot, which is one of the reasons why I don’t wear stuff like mascara. When I touch my concealer, a bit always comes off on my fingers.
    So, I figured I’d try the Lucidity. Mom’s is in Light, or possibly Light medium, which is perfect for my under-eye area. And I have to say, it is holy grail quality. Now, I haven’t tried any other loose powders (though I plan to, now!), but this was honestly amazing. It went on without changing the colour of my concealer, but somehow helped it to blend in a little better – it made my concealer look natural, like a second skin. Also, it has a sparkle to it – I’d normally hate that, but my concealer glitters anyhow, so you can’t really tell. I tried some on the back of my hand to check the sparkle factor, and it looked fantastic – they say it gives you a soft-focus look (as opposed to a disco-glitter one, lol!), and it really does.

    I applied mine with a slanted brush, and it worked quite well – I didn’t want to use the pad, as I was just putting it under my eyes, and that would provide too much coverage.

    I think mom’s is a sample, because her packaging looks nothing like the one in the photo. Or they may have repackaged recently, I’m not sure. But this is an excellent powder, though I don’t think I’d buy it again – the $30 price tag is a little high for me, but I’m not sure – it may be worth it!

    I’ll see if I can try a few other loose finishing powders sometime, and I’ll try to remember to edit the post to let you know just how much better Lucidity is!



    I had something that I was like, ooh, I should post that! But then I forgot it.

    Maybe it’ll come to me after my morning half-bagel.

    (Guess what I’m wearing today? Black dress; Urban Outfitters. Reg. $85, I got it for $10. Purple AA tank, 2/$25 as opposed to $18/each. Lastly, Brody jeans, which I paid $10 for, not the original $60. Ahh. We love buget bargain outfits…)


    Excited for Friday.

    SPC card holders get 50% off Urban Behavior and Costa Blanca this Friday. I hope I can make it!

    (Also, today was so much fun. Think inappropriate jokes, a ton of accidental groping, mainly involving tna and my boobs, and my tophat man accidentally saying “lets make out” instead of “let’s make up”. And someone we know overhearing, and totally going stark white and dropping his books. :D )

    Off to keep studying. Matrices final tomorrow. And something in English. I’m not quite sure what.



    Gingerbread Latte is a magic trick. In a box. And she gets to keep her box! (Um, you probably have no idea what I was just trying to say. It’s just this thing that I say, I guess – magic tricks in boxes are fantastic!! And the really awesome ones get to keep their boxes. Don’t ask, lol!)

    I want to try something by this company, thanks to this review at Canadian Beauty that lead me to them. Mmm…tiramisu lip chap, gingerbread pumpkin body scrub, chocolate elixir cream…. heaven…

    Does anyone know anything about Everyday Minerals? I’m considering their sample kit, which is free, but $5-something to ship to Canada. I’m just apprehensive about the whole buying-without-trying thing…

    Off to keep on trudging through work again. -sigh- :P