I’ve got just enough time to tell you guys a few things: my grandmother’s home. Needless to day, I am not that excited. So, I’ve got about two minutes to post before I’m berated, lol!

    Our neighbourhood got a lot of cute little tykes trick or treating, not much else. So each kiddie got about five chocolates – how could you not give a zillion of them to such adorable little people, all incognito?

    This is the perfect wallet from Matt & Natt that I am completely in love with. I may have to splurge the $40 for it – I generally don’t get the point of expensive wallets and bags; why would you pay around $200 to carry around only $20 and some plastic? But it’s just so… (Photo and such off the Matt & Natt website. Just so you know, it’s named “Natalie”. It’s so pretty…)


    Just so you know.

    tna and the little one will be over later to hand out Halloween treats, so there won’t be a post. The don’t, um, know that this exists. And we’d like to keep it that way. Happy Halloween, everyone! (Hey, is anyone dressing up?)

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    Fabulously Broke in the City is doing an interview of me (yay!); and she said I could post it in my blog as well. However, I’m going to be posting it later – I think it should be up on her blog first. I’m not sure why, but it just feels right. ( I just got home, and have a ton of work to do. So there probably won’t be a real post today, sorry!)



    Does anyone have a favourite magazine, or one that they subscribe to? My FLARE one will be over in Feb. and I want to find a new one before then. Leave a suggestion in comments if you do! :)


    Those thing with the pointy ears

    Everyone knows of e.l.f. by now, right? (If you haven’t, they’re a US brand of cosmetics that sells for $1/item)

    Anyhow, I tried a few of their products – and was thoroughly disappointed. Everyone keeps raving about them, but they’ve got one catch that no one’s mentioned – they smell like CRAP!
    (You know that cheap I-bought-my-perfume-from-the- dollar-store smell? Yah. That one

    So I tried the tinted moisturiser, which didn’t even work well, and smelled bad. Basically, it made my skin tacky to the touch, greasy, and didn’t offer any coverage at all.

    I also ordered two lip glosses; Candlelight and Malt Shake (I’m not so sure about the second name). The Malt one has fantastic, bold colour, but it doesn’t go well with my skin tone- I’m too yellow. Candlelight, however, is perfect – it’s just the right nude/perlescent shade, and both glosses are incredibly shiny. They aren’t too sticky, either.
    But the case with both is that they smell terrible. Also, I kinda hate the applicator; it’s just the tube that you squish, but the edges aren’t quite rounded enough, and it’s not fun to put on.

    Lastly, I ordered a lip plumper and two brushes. The brushes didn’t come, instead, I got a letter saying they were out and that I’d have to order another time – hassle!!! The lip plumper is dual-ended. I love the colour of the gloss side, it’s the perfect dark shade for me, and actually adds oomph to my lips. I prefer it as a gloss, more so than the glosses, actually! The “plumping” side is just a peppermint-ed gloss, which is, nonetheless, a nice gloss. It tingles just the right amount, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t really plump – but hey, what does, right? lol!!
    The plumper did, however, smell funny, as well. Like old Vick’s.

    The final word? e.l.f. products are great for the price, but smell terrible. If you were to try something, I’d recommend the plumping lip glaze, though. And I hear the new nail polishes are pretty good as well. ttfn!!

    *EDIT: swatches and photos here!