These are the three main things that I’m looking for. Does anyone have suggestions (please, please, PLEASE do. I’m almost all out of options, lol!)

    • Jeans that will fit me. I swear, I’ve tried on almost every pair I can get my hands on, but nothing works! I have slightly strange measurements, if you ask me – 26″ waist, 30″ in-seam, which is fairly normal, but then I have a 36″ butt/hips. Honestly, if you look at my profile in comparison to, say, the little one’s, it’s all different! Most under-thirties have NO ASS. I’m U-20 and mine is more prevalent than I’d like it to be x.x
    • A bra. I tried on about fifteen at La Senza today and have no idea what to do now – I think I’m a 34A, but I may need to go get fitted, seeing as I’ve never bothered. Most of the bra straps were too far apart, and cut into me strangely – I’m not sure why. (e.g. I need them x” apart, but they’re x+2″ apart) Also, instead of the tops of my breasts continuing the shape of the bra, it’s like the tops of the cups indent onto them, creating a lump-dip-lump, as opposed to a -lump-
    • Concealer – I swear, my bags are purple! Does anyone have mineral concealer suggestions, or under-eye concealer suggestions for fair Asian skin? Nothing seems to be quite right…

    Any recs would be fantastic; if you have a list of twenty items that *might* work, I still want to hear about them, lol!

    Have a fun weekend, everyone – I may not be posting tomorrow, so I apologize in advance if I never get around to it.


    Too light, too dark, just right!

    The first cure-all was on too-dark eye and lip liners, and too-light concealers. This time, it’s on brown eye shadows, and too dark concealers and foundations. We’ve all been in that position – the drug store foundation is dark, you bought brown eye shadow for the “natural look” and decided you hated it. One word: shadows.

    What the hell am I on about? You know how make up artists claim they can make you “look ten pounds lighter”? All you need is to throw some darker shades into your make up repertoire. Mix a shade with the right foundation, or use more or less of it, to create the same colour as the shadows under your cheekbones (if you can’t find them, shine a light head-on, suck in your cheeks, and find the shadow your cheekbones create in a mirror).

    So where do you apply this? Put your hands on either side of your cheeks and push – feel the cheekbones? Apply on the bottoms of the bones, (but on your skin, lol!) and blend, blend, blend. You should not be applying it like blush, though – it should already be fading out when you get to the apples of your cheeks.

    Where else? On either side of your nose bridge and on the bottom side of your brow bone. A touch by your temples, along your jawline (just skim a LITTLE BIT right along your jaw, I like using a blush brush and simply following my jawline with the centre of the brush, allowing it to fan on just the right amount), and on the sides of your throat – you know that bit that juts out? A tiny bit on either side will actually make your neck look thinner and longer. You can also create darker shadows around your collar bone area.

    What to remember? Apply it only to emphasize where you already have shadows on your face – never create cheekbones that aren’t there, for instance – you’ll only look like you’ve dipped wayyy too far into the bronzer. Just dust on a little bit, and BLEND IN WELL – the point is to look naturally skinnier, not overdone! This IS NOT a bronzer, and isn’t meant to make you look tan – though you could use a dark brown bronzer for this, if you wish – but don’t use a glittery one!

    That’s all for now – have fun contouring!



    I’ve got just enough time to tell you guys a few things: my grandmother’s home. Needless to day, I am not that excited. So, I’ve got about two minutes to post before I’m berated, lol!

    Our neighbourhood got a lot of cute little tykes trick or treating, not much else. So each kiddie got about five chocolates – how could you not give a zillion of them to such adorable little people, all incognito?

    This is the perfect wallet from Matt & Natt that I am completely in love with. I may have to splurge the $40 for it – I generally don’t get the point of expensive wallets and bags; why would you pay around $200 to carry around only $20 and some plastic? But it’s just so… (Photo and such off the Matt & Natt website. Just so you know, it’s named “Natalie”. It’s so pretty…)


    Just so you know.

    tna and the little one will be over later to hand out Halloween treats, so there won’t be a post. The don’t, um, know that this exists. And we’d like to keep it that way. Happy Halloween, everyone! (Hey, is anyone dressing up?)

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    Fabulously Broke in the City is doing an interview of me (yay!); and she said I could post it in my blog as well. However, I’m going to be posting it later – I think it should be up on her blog first. I’m not sure why, but it just feels right. ( I just got home, and have a ton of work to do. So there probably won’t be a real post today, sorry!)