Green Beaver Natural Deodorant Stick review, photos

    Green Beaver deodorant review comparison photos

    The product: Green Beaver Natural Deodorant Stick in Unscented, Tea Tree, and Vetiver

    As much as I wish every product I review for theNotice could be a hit, sometimes, reality sets in. Not every product is going to work for every person, and unfortunately, the Green Beaver Deodorant formula just didn’t work for me.

    The Green Beaver Deodorant promise

    Green Beaver is a Canadian company that makes all natural, ecocert, cruelty-free products. They’re a relatively small company, and they’re based out of Hawkesbury, Ontario.

    Green beaver tea tree deodorant review comparison

    My first introduction to Green Beaver was their toothpaste, which I used on and off growing up. I went off of it in my late teens, but Green Beaver is a brand that I always loop back around to, like some kind of weird, extended Groundhog Day.

    This time, I was looking for an aluminum-free, silicone-free deodorant to feature on theNotice. Green Beaver makes quite a few, and they’re formulated to deliver 24 hour odour control. The Green Beaver deodorant formula features Canadian-grown labrador tea (a favourite ingredient of fellow Canadian brand Lise Watier) and sage oil to fight odours.

    Gren Beaver vetiver deodorant review

    The Green Beaver Deodorant results

    I tested all three of the Green Beaver Deodorants that I was sent on both Boyfriend and I for months. But every time, I reached the same results: they just don’t work with our body chemistry.

    I was hoping that the added essential oils in Tea Tree would be enough to battle any extra odours, but it just didn’t work out that way. These actually made my sweat smell. I usually have no body odour at all, but when I use these, I’m noticeably smelly by midday.

    Boyfriend had the same results, but to a lesser degree. He really liked the smell of Tea Tree (it’s a very pure, clean tea tree scent), and will sometimes use it on his days off. At work or at the gym, though, he sweats through the Green Beaver deodorants within an hour. His sweatiness is his superpower, and one day, it’s going to help him escape from a dastardly plot.

    Green Beaver unscented deodorant review photos

    The verdict?

    I really enjoyed the stick format of these deodorants, and I love how easy they are to find in Canada. For those with sensitive armpits, the Green Beaver deodorant formula is non-irritating and smoothly textured. Vetiver is definitely my favourite scent (it’s very earthy and masculine), and Boyfriend loves Tea Tree.

    However, the Green Beaver deodorant blend of labrador tea and sage oil wasn’t enough to combat odours on my partner and I. He’s just as smelly with these as he is without, and I’m typically more smelly with them than I would be without. I know I’ll come back to Green Beaver again, but these deodorants are a miss for me.

    Availability: $5.99 CAD each at Green Beaver. Green Beaver can also be found at most natural health food stores across Canada and online at both and iHerb.

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    Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip review, swatches: 200, 501, 600

    make up for ever artist acrylip

    The product: Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip Lip Paint in 200 Candy Pink, 501 Eggplant, and 600 Dark Purple

    I’m really into products with unexpected textures, finishes, or formats, so the Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip launch is one that I’ve been waiting on for a while.

    Make Up For Ever Acrylip 200 candy pink review swatch

    The promise

    Make Up For Ever markets their Artist Acrylip line as a “lip paint,” with the “rich intensity of acrylic paint” and a “lightweight, non-sticky formula.” The formula is pigmented with triple ground pigments and synthetic mica.

    The Artist Acrylip Lip Paints also feature castor seed oil for comfort and hydration, silica gel for a smooth finish, and clay to keep the texture light but non-greasy. Currently, the range features 10 shades, which I find are mostly cool-toned.

    Artist Acrylip candy pink, eggplant, dark purple swatches review

    Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip lip swatches: 200, 200 / 501, 600

    Make up for ever Acrylip 200, 501, 600 swatches

    Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip Lip Paint swatches in 200 Candy Pink, 501 Eggplant, and 600 Dark Purple. Indirect sunlight.

    The results

    I really wanted to love these, but… I just didn’t. It’s a response that I’ve heard from many other beauty bloggers, and as much as I adore the shades that these are available in, I really struggle to wear them.

    200 Candy Pink is a very dense, editorial bubblegum pink, but its formula is thick and chalky. I’ve swatched it both heavily and lightly here, but I don’t think my photos do it justice. It caught on every dry bit of skin on my lips, and left me looking like I enjoy making out with silly putty in my spare time.

    Make Up For Ever 501 eggplant review

    Make Up For ever Artist Acrylip review – 501 Eggplant

    make up for ever acrylip swatch review

    Make Up For ever Artist Acrylip review – 501 Eggplant. See those darker patches?

    501 Eggplant is a shade that gives me pause, because I had a lot of difficulties wearing it. It’s a beautiful shade and a relatively comfortable texture, but it also catches on my dry bits. Because it acts like a thin stain, it tints them darker than the rest of my lip, and looks patchy overall.

    I love the shade itself, though, and I wore it in February’s makeup look. But even from a distance, you can see the patchiness if you look closely.

    Make up for ever artist acrylip review

    Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip review – 600 Dark Purple

    Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip review 600 dark purple

    Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip in 600 Dark Purple

    Finally, 600 Dark Purple is a makeup junkie’s dream shade. It’s inky, flattering, and unique, and it acts the most like an actual acrylic paint.

    Acrylics aren’t made for the lips, though, and it seems like Dark Purple isn’t, either. While 201 Candy Pink was too thick, this Artist Acrylip is too thin. No matter how much or how little you apply, it pools unevenly on the lips.

    make up for ever artist acrylip lip paint review

    The Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip verdict

    As cool as I think the Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylips are, these are one Make Up For Ever product that I can’t recommend. There is enormous variation in the texture of the product by shade, and none of them seem to get it quite right.

    If you’re determined to try an Artist Acrylip paint all the same, I would direct you to 501 Eggplant. It may not be my dream texture, but it sure is my dream shade!

    Availability: $18 USD/$23 CAD at Sephora.

    Note – as I was writing this post, the Artist Acrylip Lip Paints were marked down from $24 USD/$29 CAD, which is their listed price. No word as of yet on whether the current pricing is permanent.

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    Affordable sex toys: Come As You Are’s March Mayhem sale

    Favourite sex toys CAYA

    This past Thursday, I went off on a little digression about affordability in makeup. Today, I’ve have the same thoughts circulating around in my head–but about sex toys.

    It’s so important to me to feature products for every budget on theNotice, but when it comes to sex toys, that can be really tough. Here more so than anything else, you get what you pay for.

    On the whole, features like a rechargeable battery, a great motor, and a waterproof design come at a cost, and those costs are usually passed on to the consumer. That’s why site-wide sales, like this month’s March Mayhem sale at Come As You Are, are so exciting. They help make sex toys accessible to everyone, and I’ll sometimes wait all year for a sale like this before buying something that I’ve had my eye on.

    (Speaking of which… I just bought the double-sided, doubly-discounted Aslan Leather Pleasure Harness from this sale. I can’t wait to try it out!)

    Vibrator picks affordable sex toys

    Get affordable sex toys at CAYA’s March Mayhem sale

    CAYA’s March Mayhem sale features 30% off all sex toys, condoms, lubes, massage products, and sale items with the code ANNIVERSARY. It also covers 50% off all DVDs, and shipping is free over orders of $50 (Canada) or $100 (US).

    If you already know what you want to buy, then here are some super easy links for you to shop through!

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    Annabelle Cosmetics Eye & Brow Palette

    Annabelle eye and brow palette review - Canadian beauty

    The product: Annabelle Cosmetics Eye & Brow Palette

    As a beauty blogger, my least favourite part of my job is finding wonderful, expensive products. I would never judge a product for its price point, but at my core, I’m a pretty frugal person. It’s tough to find something amazing, recoil in horror at the price tag, and then still feel justified in recommending it.

    I know that makeup is inherently a luxury category, but I love finding great products that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Accessibility to the mainstream is so important to me, and access to high-quality makeup is something that I think everyone deserves. Is makeup a human need? Of course not. But it’s not something that should be restricted by income or class.

    Annabelle spring 2017 review

    The Annabelle Eye & Brow Palette is one of those rare finds that’s both well-made and accessible to all income levels. At $12.95 CAD, it’s not the fanciest product–it’s packaged in thin, light plastic and has a scratchy little brush. But the shadows inside are excellent.

    On primed eyelids, these eyeshadows last all day on me. I put them through a solid 12 hour-test, naps included, and was able to repeat the test with no creasing and only slight fading. They blend well, and on the lids, they look great–not too chunky and not too sheer.

    Annabelle eye and brow palette review

    Annabelle Eye & Brow Palette packaging

    Annabelle eye and brow palette swatches

    Annabelle Eye & Brow Palette swatches

    This palette leans warm, and I didn’t love the way it swatched… But then I tried it on. It’s a beauty on the lids, and looks low-maintenance and sexy even on cool-toned skin.

    If I could tweak this palette just a little, I would have added one more shimmery highlight. (I wore it with an Annabelle Chrome Eyeshadows in my post-Valentine’s Day makeup look with it.) And, because I hate powder eyeliners, I’d have tweaked the formula of the mattes as well. They’re designed to be used as pressed powder eyeliner or brow definer, so they’re less blendable than the rest.

    I get the intention behind it, and it’s not a bad idea. I just rely on having one dark, cool-toned eyeshadow per palette so I can smoke up my lashline, and it was tough to do with a brow powder.

    Annabelle Eye & Brow palette review

    The verdict on the Annabelle Eye & Brow Palette

    If you love neutral eyeshadows, this palette is definitely worth adding to your collection. It’s a great example of drugstore eyeshadows done well, and while it may not be as buttery or shiny as a department store eyeshadow palette, I love how affordable it is.

    The Annabelle Eye & Brow Palette Eyeshadows wear just as well as any good high-end eyeshadow, and it offers a really good mix of shades. Plus, it’s affordable and lightweight, so it’s ideal for high-risk makeup scenarios. You know: date night, travelling through customs, impromptu sleepovers…

    Availability: $12.95 CAD at as well as drugstores and mass market retailers across Canada.

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    Matrix Biolage Anti-Static Spray review, photos

    Matrix Biolage Anti-Static spray review

    The product: Matrix Biolage Anti-Static Spray

    There are winter necessities like mitts, warm jackets, and heavy blankets.

    And then there are winter necessities like these: silicone-free anti-static sprays, that really aren’t necessities necessities, but are nice to have all the same.

    Anti-static spray review

    I’m a firm believer in the fact that a great haircare product will feel like absolutely nothing. Sure, you want some grit out of a volumizing powder, but most most products should do their job so seamlessly that your hair is left feeling only manageable and smooth.

    So does it work? Absolutely. The Matrix Biolage Anti-Static Spray has just a touch of fragrance (orange peel and woods), but it’s otherwise completely unnoticeable in my hair. The texture is very neutral, with one big difference: I get zero staticky flyaways aggressively mauling my face and neck when I use this.

    I’ve been crazy about Biolage products recently–I just finished my R.A.W. Shampoo & Conditioner duo and already miss it–and this is just as good as I’ve come to expect from the brand. It’s a little pricey, but for a non-obnoxious scent, that’s something I can easily stomach.

    Matrix biolage anti-static spray

    The Matrix Biolage Anti-Static Spray verdict

    This anti-static spray is simply composed, but very well done. And, in addition to being effective, it never weighs down my hair (which is always a worry when it comes to anti-static products.)

    For those of you who have never lived on the prairies, let me reassure you: Edmonton is pretty darn dry. If something works for static here, it’ll most certainly work for static in someplace more humid, like Calgary or Toronto!

    Availability: $23 USD/$22 CAD. Available at select salons & Ulta.

    Note: This is an anti-static spray, not an anti-frizz spray. For a smoothing product, opt for something like the Living Proof PhD Night Cap Overnight Protector instead.

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