Presidency for Obama!!!! :D

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I cried. Did you cry?

Speak to me! I almost didn’t believe it the first time the little one told me (I was at her place when the results came out). And then I promptly ran around screaming and dancing.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3 free Zoya polishes – of your choice!! Rules and restrictions in the image.Vote Obama, folks.

Why? Well…

  • He’s not a crazy-ass Republican
  • Sarah Palin scares me
  • Redneck McCain will probably die on the job, he’s so old
  • For that matter, McCain scares me
  • Because I’m an NDP girl (Liberal if it’s municipal – voting tactically!) and that means I’m for social systems, and all that other good stuff that is attached thereof
  • If both the candidates suck, and one represents rich old white men, and one represents a more tolerant America… which one will you choose?
  • Did I mention that McCain scares the bejeezus outta me?

I’m sorry if this post offends you guys – and I would love to hear who you’re voting for and why in the comments!! Feel free to tell me why I should support McCain, or why you also support Obama.

Promise me you’ll vote. I can’t wait until I’m legal!

Five more things about Palin that no one cares about.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Via People, via The Insider. My comments italicized.

She’s frugal. “Sarah gave me a thank-you card after I helped her with her lieutenant-governor race,” said her friend, Kristen Cole, who has known the Alaska governor since childhood. “She liked the card so much that she didn’t sign it so I could give it to someone else.”
Read: she considers herself to be too buys for you, so she didn’t sign your card. Her secretary purchased the damn thing.

She’s a techie. Palin prefers texting to phone calls.
Read: cannot answer questions under pressure. Has quick thumbs.

She’s a rock fan. She named her son Trig Paxton Van Palin because it sounds like the band Van Halen. Says friend Judy Patrick, a former city council member who has known Palin for 12 years, “How cool was that to have a kid named Van Palin?”
Read: tries very hard, and yet, is still very lame

She’s adaptable. Palin used to wear Mary Kay lipstick, but she now prefers MAC.
Read: Palin now considers herself too good for Mary Kay, and is “hip”. But I mean, seriously. You change your shade of lipstick and it means you’re adaptable? Well then, the beauty community consists of freaking chameleons!!

She’s a traditionalist. Palin is against waxing. Cole recalls: “I remember that one of her girls wanted to get her legs waxed, and Sarah said, ‘Are you kidding me? What’s wrong with a razor?’ “
Read: She’s afraid of something new, unless it benefits her. Seriously people… if she was a man, she would totally be the type of wax-hating gun-bearing up-in-arms man that would hate the idea of a female running mate. Just because she’s female.

Because I didn’t notice.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I didn’t notice today was the eleventh of September. I thought it was the tenth. We were all so just busy with our lives.

I just want to say sorry, because so many people lost people that were everything to them, and today, no one I know even fucking noticed.

I’m sorry that everything is so unfair.

Ridiculous, and also possibly handy

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Microsoft is going to put in a “privacy mode” in their next version of IE (version eight?) Currently, they have made patent applications for two things: “Cleartracks” and “Inprivate”. Publicly, they are saying:

Users may wish to turn on the privacy mode if they are planning a surprise party, buying presents or researching a medical condition and do not want others users of the same computer to find out.

However, we know the truth. If I may be so rash as to translate this excerpt for you?

The men of Microsoft wish to have a button that they can click when they don’t want their wives to know what they are searching for. Fat, old, middle-aged men are creating a market for privacy with all their porn surfing!

That’s right, kids. I am excited that Firefox is working for one of these, as well (the other biggie, Safari, already has theirs… it’s all that damn Mac awesomeness.) Why? If my internet blocks out things so no one knows what I’m doing…no one in my family can possibly know about theNotice. It’s fabulous!

The fuck?!

Friday, June 13, 2008

So…the situation: Around the corner, babysitting. Chatting with one of the parents, as she came home. About to leave.

What happens: My sister and her friend come through the front door bearing news: “There’s a police officer in our backyard with an assault rifle. Come home now in the car.”

So…they were about to leave by the time I got home, didn’t take anyone, apparently wanted a long view of the house that’s back-to-back with ours. And they won’t tell us why. Actually, they didn’t even warn us that they would be in our backyard with a fucking assault rifle.

What the hell, guys?! The police should at least have to TELL you that they’re going to be in your backyard, with eyes on the neighbours, and a rifle! Or something! Something other than simply showing up with a weapon and buckling down in your yard!!

(during the first year we lived here, there was a man being arrested about a half-block away.)

(also, this is a GOOD neighbourhood. We moved here to be closer to our new school – essentially, the best one in the city. As I mentioned, this is basically a neighbourhood of spoilt upper middle class kids.)

(upper middle? middle upper? The upper end of the middle class. Or something.)

Is there any way for me to google WHY THE FUCK THEY WERE IN OUR BACKYARD?

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