BISC Vol.7: How has your makeup style changed over the years?

Sunday, May 10, 2015


How has your makeup style changed over the years?

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up
When I first started wearing make-up as a young teenager I only wore some black eye pencil and a wash of grayish green eyeshadow. I must have worn that same look for like a year! And then I entered my gothic phase. Yep, I’m talking heavy eyeliner and black Avril Lavigne-style panda eyes! I thought I was such a badass, lol. Then when I went to college I got into my colorful phase and started experimenting with face make-up. And then finally after collage I started to develop my current make-up style: smokey eyes with a subtle lip.

KRISTEN | USA | Glambunctious
In a way, it really hasn’t changed that much!  I’ve always focused on the eyes.  In high school, I wore a shimmery lavender eyeshadow and in college, my go-to look was a bare lid with a swipe of metallic black liquid liner (found the exact Physician’s Formula one I used to have here).  It wasn’t until my late ’20s that I started using shadow again daily, and thanks to blogs and YouTube, discovered new application methods like using 3 different shadows on the lid to create dimension. Shadow, liner, and mascara still feel most like makeup “home”!

SUNNY | Belgium | Mostly Sunny Blog
I got into makeup with the hype of the original Urban Decay Naked palette. I was introduced to wonderful inventions like eyeshadow primer and gel liner at around the same time, so for quite a while eye makeup was all I wanted to wear. Then at some point, I discovered the joy of bright lipsticks and I haven’t really looked back since! I still do different looks for the blog, but in real life, my signature look would be neutral eyeshadows, winged liner, and a bright lip! It doesn’t have to be a full-on opaque formula, but it’s probably bright!

LILY | Malaysia | Chloe Ash
When I first started, I was all about the sheer nude lip. I was really bad at eye makeup so I learned and practised every day. Now, I’m more experimental. I love my smokey eyes of different shades, but I’ve always been a neutral girl at heart. So all different shades of brown and taupe it is. Recently, I love a clean flawless base, liquid liner for a small cat eye flick and a bold lip – orange, coral, dark reds and berries. I think when I get bored, I’ll change again. That’s why makeup is fun!


AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup
My makeup style has changed dramatically over the last years. I used to be a one shadow, one blush, one lipstick kind of girl. I kept my makeup simple and neutral, wearing the same makeup every day. Over the years, my makeup skills have improved and I learnt more about using products and applying them to my advantage. With the improved makeup skills, I also started to be more adventurous in terms of colors. Although neutrals are still my favorites, I have no problem wearing a pink or blue eyeshadow, rocking a red lip or a purple blush.

ALICE | Belgium | Alice Yeh
Looking back at old pictures, I spy a face generously dusted in bronzer and eyes lined with liquid eyeliner from top to bottom. Now I’ve learnt to embrace my features – the good and bad ones. Bronzers are now used light-handed and eyeliners are kept very thin with a flick tailored to the shape of my eyes. Oh, and I ditched the eyeliner on the bottom waterline altogether – I look so much fresher and natural now. Make-up mishaps are part of the journey so never stop experimenting, and embrace foremost the beauty you were born with.

LENA | USA | Lenallure
I’ve enjoyed refined and posh makeup styles for many years. I am not really into difficult techniques or something that requires too much time, etc. To me, a makeup style has to be simple and practical to function for me. For that, mine hasn’t really changed in concept. Color wise though, I used to sport purple/blue smoky eyes with light pink/nude lips almost everyday, but now I prefer light neutral smoky with bright lips. Also, lately I’m keenly interested in natural luminous base.

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa
I only started wearing “real” makeup 4 years ago! Before that, it was only a bit of mascara and sheer tinted lip balm. In 2010, I began experimenting with neutral eye makeup, sheer blush, and soft pink lips to create my very own “minimal” makeup look. When I started Hello Jaa in 2013, I became more adventurous with colors. I probably wear neutral eyes as much as I wear smokey eyes nowadays. I also like to experiment with foundation and concealer. Lip color still remains in the nude, pink and coral zones, though! I rarely wear bold lips unless I’m going out to a party!

Adventures in airbrushing: TEMPTU x Eveline Charles event recap

Saturday, May 2, 2015

TEMPTU primer cleaner thing

I’ve got a lot of exciting new launches on my desk right now, but none that I’m quite finished testing… so, today, I thought I’d do a little event recap of an Eveline Charles event that I stopped by last week.

For those of you who don’t know, Eveline Charles is a line of salons in Alberta with a rather iconic local associated Academy of Aesthetics — hair styling, makeup application, the works. And, to introduce their new airbrush makeup course (which will be taught by TEMPTU-trained instructors), they put on a little beauty event with a presentation by TEMPTU makeup artist Jackie Fan. 

I learned a lot about airbrush makeup at the event, so here’s a little recap of the demonstration!

TEMPTU bridal airbrush makeup tutorial product

TEMPTU makeup kits

Eveline Charles Academy tour 5

Eveline Charles Academy Edmonton entrance

A day/bridal makeup look

The first look of the day was a daytime/bridal makeup, which was really interesting to watch. Jackie started with concealer from the TEMPTU concealer wheel, then mixed a few drops of two different shades of foundation for a perfect match. (A 1/4oz bottle of TEMPTU foundation is good for a whopping 25 faces — apparently you only need about 8 drops to cover the whole face!)

TEMPTU Jackie Fan

TEMPTU’s Jackie Fan

TEMPTU airbrush makeup tricks

Airbrush makeup tricks: airbrushed lips, nose contouring, and brows

Jackie used the S/B silicone-based foundation on the model, which is waterproof with a satin finish. There’s also the water-based AQUA and the alcohol-based DURA, which can last for 3-7 days. (They used Dura on transfer papers for the tattoos on the set of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.) Handily, all three come in different packaging, which is super handy if you’re mixing formulas in your kit! DURA is silicone-free, and both AQUA and S/B contain ‘cones.

Other fun facts that I learned during this session? You can use the blush colours on the lips, and you can airbrush brows with a stencil. (The same stencil is great for shielding the eye area for airbrush eye makeup, and I bet it would make an awesome mascara shield, too!)

Fun fact: TEMPTU brow colours can also be used to airbrush roots, which is a trick that bridal makeup artists will pull out to save the day when the bride or mother of the bride shows up with re-growth!

TEMPTU bridal airbrush makeup tutorial 1

Apparently you can even apply your eyeliner with an airbrush, but the eyes tend to water when you do it, so… maybe opt for a regular eyeliner instead.

Oh! And you can contour the nose really easily with an airbrush — just use your index or middle finger as a shield.

TEMPTU bridal airbrush makeup tutorial before after
The finished bridal makeup look
TEMPTU bottles, airbrush machine

Fantasy makeup look

The second look of the day was a Blade Runner-inspired fantasy look, which Jackie pulled off crazy fast. (Does that mask remind you of anything, by the way?) She started with a black base, then added a gorgeous metallic sheen to the bottom of the mask for added dimension.

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BISC Vol. 6 | Makeup & Skincare DOs and DON’Ts

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Makeup / Skincare DOs and DON’Ts

LILY | Malaysia | Chloe Ash

  1. When it comes to both makeup and skincare, DO know your own face and skin. Your skin type, skin tone, skin behaviour. Nobody knows your skin better than you.
  2. Do your own experiment – mix and match or layer different products. Layer different serums or mix foundation shades. Pull out your inner mad scientist but as a rule of thumb, refer number 1 first.
  3. Don’t be afraid to sample new skincare or new looks. When it comes to makeup especially, it’s more fun to try a variety of looks and explore your own features at the same time.

RAE | Canada | the Notice: a beauty blog

  1. DO treat all acne like face acne. (This is so, so important. I had back acne for years, and it all but disappeared when I started moisturizing my back.)
  2. DON’T try too many new things at once. It’s tempting, but too many new treatments at once can stress out your skin barrier and leave your skin really reactive!
  3. DO bend the rules. Makeup and skincare should be fun! And a little bathroom alchemy never hurt anyone.

SARA | Germany | Color Me Loud

  1. Don’t wear foundation which is too light or too dark compared to the tone of your neck. This one seems to be a common mistake, to the point that it is widely excepted by the brands, so they release their foundations in deeper shades in one part of the world and very light shade in the other. Try not to go with the trend, there is nothing less appealing than your face sticking out of your neck.
  2. Do test out skin care and foundation and actively ask for the shops to provide you with samples. This is especially important if you are going to spend a small fortune on the product. No samples, no purchase!
  3. Don’t (over)plug your eye brows. Later in life you might regret plugging them too much since they get ever more sparse each year.


AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup

  1. Do emphasize your beauty but don’t conceal it. A lot of people will say that you put on makeup to hide the real you. Don’t. Use makeup to hide imperfections but play up your best features- beautiful eyes, prominent cheek bones, plump lips.
  2. Do step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Red lipstick is not for you? You won’t know until you try it on. Makeup is supposed to be fun, play with it.
  3. Do take good care of your skin. It’s the basis for all your makeup and if your skin isn’t well taken care of, no amount of makeup will cover it. Drink plenty of water, properly cleanse and moisturize your skin.

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa

  1. Don’t pop or pick at your pimples to avoid acne scars!
  2. Do apply sunscreen religiously wherever there is sunlight, even when you are indoors.
  3. Don’t share your makeup, especially eye makeup, to prevent contamination and eye infection.

MIYU Beauty: A Sunday Well Spent Giveaway!

Friday, April 24, 2015

MIYU Beauty A Sunday Well Spent giveaway

My mom is not your stereotypical mom.

You can’t just get her flowers and bubble bath on Mother’s Day, and she’s happier with a hammer than a hammam, but even then… I mean, all moms deserve a little pampering. They put up with a lot from us young (and not so young) ‘uns, and everyone likes to get a little spoiled every now and then — no matter how practical and utilitarian they are.

MIYU Beauty giveaway review A Sunday Well Spent

Today, I have a really exciting giveaway for one of your moms (or yourself)! MIYU Beauty, who make those really pretty Beauty Essences and Teas that I reviewed last year, has offered to share one of their limited edition A Sunday Well Spent kits with a lucky reader of theNotice.

The kit ($100 value) is designed to de-stress even the busiest of moms, and includes:

A Sunday Well Spent MIYU Beauty

This giveaway is open to all readers of legal age (or with parental consent) in Canada & the US, and closes at midnight on May 3rd. To enter, just use the widget below!

Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Images courtesy of MIYU Beauty.

BISC Vol.5: Hyped products that just aren’t worth buying

Sunday, April 12, 2015


What was the last product you bought because of the hype and now regret?​

LILY | Malaysia | Chloe Ash
The Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara. So many people say this is THE mascara to gorgeous lashes, but it did absolutely nothing on me. It was very disappointing because I had high hopes for it. I guess I just have to stick with what works. Dior and Estee Lauder work well on my lashes. Clinique Power Lash is great and some Japanese drugstore ones work much better. It was an expensive mistake though.

RAE | Canada | the Notice: a beauty blog
They were a great deal, but I really regret buying The Body Shop’s Body Sorbet moisturizers. Everyone always says they’re the best thing ever, but they leave my skin feeling sort of… powdery? And tacky. My only other hype-haul this year has been for ColorPop eyeshadows, though, and they more than made up for it!

SARA | Germany | Color Me Loud
I feel like it is part of my blogger duties to hunt down hyped products before others and review them so I end up making mistakes very often. Last three products which disappointed me were:

  • YSL 10 color eye palettes (reviewed here): These had very cheap looking linear shimmer, almost like drug store quality, plus fall out.
  • By Terry Eye Designer Palette in Color Design (reviewed here): The colors looked very vibrant in the pan. Instead they turned out to be very soft and muted, also they fade on me.
  • Giorgio Armani Runway Nail Polish (swatched here): It costed more than the regular nail polishes but is almost the same as their regular one called Incense Velvet.

bisc-vol5-grp2-authors 2

AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup
This is the hardest question so far! I thought about it for days, I went through my makeup stash a few times and I can’t find one thing that would fit the criteria. I am normally not a very spontaneous buyer and I do a little research before buying makeup, especially if it’s more expensive. Don’t get me wrong- I bought makeup because of a hype (urban Decay Naked palettes, Hourglass blushes) but none of these products disappointed me.

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa
Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover! It does a good job at removing waterproof and long-wear eye makeup but that’s about it. I don’t like the scent (strong and unpleasant), nor the greasy residue it leaves behind. I just don’t get the rave reviews at all. I have to always follow up with a separate cleanser to get rid of the oily film.

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