BISC Vol.22: New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Share your new year’s beauty resolutions!

LILY | Malaysia | Chloe Ash

My new year’s beauty resolution is simple. Enjoy quality things, and try to make a dent in some makeup. As for skincare, stick to the tried and true. For body, I need to drink more water, eat better and be consistent in my workouts. That’s it! Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to a great start and a fantastic 2016.

RAE | Canada | the Notice: a beauty blog

My beauty resolution for 2016 is to get back into indie beauty! I feel like I’ve really drifted from my small company roots, and I’d love to start using more offbeat brands again. Whether that’s mom & pop shops or just more unique finds, I’m hoping to try more obscure products this year.

ANGELA | Canada | Do Want Makeup

First, working on the inside: drink more water to hydrate myself from the inside out, and get more sleep at a regular schedule! Other than that, I want to continue my Fashion Week-inspired nail art and do even more nail looks than I did last year. I also want to buy less product, and spend more time exploring and re-discovering my current stash and creating new looks with them.

AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup

My beauty resolution is the same every year- to limit my makeup purchases and start using more of what I already have! This year it’s the same. I am actually proud of myself for how well I did in the second part of last year and I discovered that shopping my own makeup stash can be fun too and I have been using more products that I completely forgot about.


ANNE | Germany | Linda, Libra, Loca

My only new years beauty resolution is actually an old one: Use more of the stuff I already own and buy less new things!

I have been doing pretty well at not buying too much throughout the last two years, but finishing a makeup product other than the usual suspects (Concealer, powder, mascara) is still a struggle.

To help me with this resolution (and mentioned here for shameless self promotion) I started a You Tube channel to create more makeup looks that are out of my comfort zone!

Who knows, before 2016 is gone I could have finished a green eyeshadow!

ERIN | USA | Clever Girl Reviews

1. Make my way through my lipstick stash
2. Make a dent in my perfume stash
3. Only buy things I’ve sampled or am willing to or able to return, which will be incredibly hard!
4. Buy quality over quantity!
5. Do something with my huge mop of hair. It’s been two years since I’ve had a haircut or color!

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up

This year I’d like to use more masks – sheet masks in particular – and get more into K-beauty and Asian beauty in general. And since I’ll be spending five whole weeks in Japan soon I also plan on putting a little Japanese twist on the blog and my beauty routine.

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa

Like everyone else, I also want to limit my spending on beauty products this year! I’ve noticed my interest shifting from makeup to skincare during the past 4-5 months so I’ll probably get into more skincare products now. I have come to realize that I have so much makeup in my stash so I’ll try to use what I already have and hopefully I’ll finish some of them this year. As for new stuff, I’ll still be buying but it won’t be from every new collection that comes out. I’ll definitely be more picky this year. Just like Erin said, quality over quantity!

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The kinds of people you shouldn’t date

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

When I started writing theNotice, I wanted to create a safe space. Its bread and butter has always been beauty content, but I wanted to create a blog where anyone could talk about the kinds of things you’re not “supposed” to talk about, in the comments or even by email.

That’s why I’ve covered everything from eating disorders to tampons to IUDs over the past eight years, and that’s why I’m talking about relationships today.

I haven’t discussed everything in my life here on theNotice, and frankly it would be weird if I had, but I’d like to be able to say that I haven’t lied about anything, at least. So, for my first post of 2016, here’s a little bit of honesty about my last boyfriend.

(Spoiler alert, he was shitty.)


Source: Happy Monsters

“If someone else is being a dick, that’s not on you.”

When people ask you about your partner, I feel like there’s always pressure to give them the answers that they want to hear. To share super-cute anecdotes about the two of you; to laugh coyly and lie about how good the sex is. It’s easy to champion how well your friends should be treated (so well! Like majestic unicorns!), but it’s so much harder to say “hey, the Nice Guy™ that I’m dating actually kind of treats me like trash” to your mutual friends, hopefully-not-mutual family, and colleagues.

Here is the other half of the story about my ex and I.

My ex was saccharine-sweet to me 99% of the time, but he would also spit words at me and make me feel absolutely disgusting when he had had a bad day. He’d use cute nicknames and tell me that he loved me, but he’d guilt trip me for making him feel bad when I flinched away from contact.

My ex would tell me that of course he worried about me, but he’d follow it up with “because nobody else in your life is going to.” He would tell me that I was being unfair by asking him to see a therapist about his severe depression instead of unloading on me, and did I have any idea how much of a burden it was on him that I have a physical disability?

My ex would call me every night to ask me about my day, but he would also finger me so roughly that I would cry, and then fall into a funk for days over the fact that my crying made him feel “useless.” He would get so mad at me for having panic attacks that I would end up cowered in the corner of my bedroom trying to hide from him, and he’d tell me that I was being unfair, because it’s not like he was hitting me.

whalecom chibird

Source: Chibird

“Even if your relationship could be worse, that’s not an excuse.”

The #1 thing that stopped me from saying anything bad about my relationship is a universal of (too) many other relationships: I was embarrassed to admit that I let someone else treat me like that. But you know what? If someone else is being a dick, that’s not on you. Not even if you covered for them in the past.

But the other thing that stopped me was the knowledge that my relationship wasn’t as bad as many others are. What I’ve come to realize over the past 10 months, however, is that even if your relationship could be worse, that’s not an excuse for the ways in which it sucks. Like, if you buy a really shitty mascara and it clumps your lashes into a gross uni-lash, you’re not like, oh, it didn’t rot my eyes away with acid, so I guess I have to recommend it to a friend now–why would you give more leeway to something as important as your relationship?

I also spent a lot of time excusing him for things because, well, I honestly don’t think that he had any idea that the way he was treating me was wrong. But just because someone doesn’t consciously decide to be cruel, that doesn’t make their actions any less terrible, and I’ve slowly come to remember that your partner’s ignorance should NOT excuse their actions.


Source: Bridget Beth via DIY with Maryann

“If something is unacceptable FOR YOU, then it’s unacceptable.”

There is a part of my brain that looks at this post and thinks no, you can’t say that; it’s unprofessional. It’s uncouth. But like — fuck that part of my brain. Fuck that part of all of our brains. I had no idea that my last relationship was messed up because no one ever tells you what level of anguish is unacceptable, so you know what? I’m going to talk about it. It’s not unprofessional: it’s necessary.

As far as I’m concerned, any level of cruelty high enough to cause mental distress is unacceptable. You’re not a checklist, you’re a person, and if it’s unacceptable for you, then it’s unacceptable. There is a wide margin between an abusive relationship and a healthy relationship, and if you fall short of a even just a passably good relationship–if your partner makes you stressed, sad, and unhappy–then yeah, I think you owe it your yourself to move on.

positivedoodles hedgehog

Source: Emm’s Positivity Blog

“My super-fun two and a half year torture party,”

I stayed with my ex because I thought that all relationships would be some degree of bad, and I was scared that nobody better would ever want me. Everyone has always told me that that was nonsense, because I’m pretty and smart and blah blah blah, but have you met women in general? They’re amazing. They’re all so gorgeous and intelligent and fucking funny, and most of them aren’t permanently disabled–who would want me?

(Lots of people, apparently. There are a lot of lonely people out there in the world.)

I gave myself three days to pick myself up off the floor after breaking off my super-fun two and a half year torture party, and then I got right back into the saddle & tried out my first-ever dating app.* I had my first date scheduled before the week was out, and while we didn’t work out romantically, we’re still friends– we text almost constantly, or at least, we did (but then he got a very cute, very dumb puppy and now he spends all of his free time crying and cleaning up pee.)

*Quick online dating tips: OK Cupid is awesome if you want to screen people for their likes and leanings; Tinder is awesome if you only want to be messaged by people you match with (which can make it a great choice if you’re LGBTQ+). People seem to be hotter and younger on Tinder, for some reason, but more artsy/geeky on OK Cupid.

I met my current partner on Tinder! And I’d tell you the full story, but it’s just not as funny unless we tell it together, so I will keep you in the dark on that for now.

If you wanted an awesome conclusion to this post, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. I am very small, and currently very sick. But I can tell you this: I wanted to share my story so that anyone out there needing to talk (about something present or past) would hopefully see this as a safe space, too. So for anyone who wants to weigh in, share stories, or get all academic on us–feel free to use the comments down below at any time when you want someone to listen.

Anonymous comments are welcome.

pusheen hug every person

Source: Everyday Cute (Pusheen!)

I don’t view the relationship I described here as abusive, but if you’re in a relationship where you feel mentally or physically unsafe, please, please, please check out the following resources to get help when you feel ready.

FOREO ISSA silicone toothbrush review + giveaway! | The Gift Guide

Monday, December 14, 2015

FOREO ISSA toothbrush review

The product: FOREO ISSA Toothbrush in Lavender

» Did you catch my FOREO Luna mini review?

It’s tough to love something and, at the same time, be gripped with anxiety every time you think about it. But that’s more or less how I feel about teeth: I have six toothbrushes sitting sink-side right now, and yet (or perhaps because) thinking too hard about over-brushing and receding gum lines can push me into a full-on panic attack.

That’s what makes the ISSA so cool. It’s high-tech and gorgeous, but it’s also designed to gently clean your teeth and stimulate your gums without scraping them up, so there’s no extra anxiety needed.

FOREO lavender toothbrush ISSA review

FOREO ISSA packaging. Perfect for gifting, and it comes with a classy little travel sleeve, too!

About the ISSA: The ISSA, believe it or not, is designed to be used just like a manual toothbrush! You use normal toothpaste (though nothing with gritty bits) and turn it on, picking one of 8 pulsation speeds and brushing as usual.

Like the LUNA, the ISSA is fully waterproof and has a battery that needs charging only every 365 uses (compare that to the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, which lasts 3 weeks, tops). Plus, it’s crazy lightweight and really comfortable to hold, with a 100% silicone finish that’s bacteria resistant and fast drying.

FOREO ISSA lavender review toothbrush

How it works: You know how silicone is kind of “draggy,” and will pick up lint and dust like nothing else? (Well, other than an old NARS compact?) Well, that’s how the ISSA cleans your teeth!

High-intensity pulsations and silicone bristles create friction that sticks to smooth surfaces, literally rubbing your teeth and gum line clean without pick-axeing at plaque the way nylon bristles do.


But does it work? In a word… yes! I don’t notice any more plaque when I floss after brushing with the ISSA vs. a manual toothbrush, and if I eat something really sugary and then brush, the ISSA actually leaves my mouth and tongue feeling slightly cleaner than my other toothbrushes.

The ISSA isn’t a bracing experience, though. It leaves my mouth feeling neutral, and my gums aren’t pinked or sensitive after I brush with my ISSA, which is a strange (but very, very good) change.

FOREO ISSA silicone toothbrush head comparison

FOREO ISSA brush head

Sizing & heads: My only complaint about the ISSA is that smaller heads are always recommended by dentists to really get between your teeth, and the ISSA head is huuuuge. New brush heads are only $20-25 each, though, and they’re interchangeable between the ISSA and the ISSA mini. 

There are three different ISSA brush heads (regular, hybrid, and a tongue cleaner), and each comes in full and mini size. So, when I replace my brush head in a year–or sooner; they’re really easy to switch out–I’ll be picking up an ISSA mini brush. It won’t match my lovely lavender base, but I think I might just go with the super-sunny Mango Tango head and colour block it! ;)

FOREO ISSA vs mini rechargeable silicone toothbrush

Easy to remove, easy to clean brush heads!

Win an ISSA of your own! 

I know you guys got really excited about my LUNA mini giveaway, but I’m really excited to be able to share an ISSA or an ISSA mini with one lucky reader! You get to pick your model and colour, and it should arrive just in time for you to start off the new year with a fancy new toothbrush.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Not sure which one you want? The Hybrid brush is a great way to transition over from a traditional toothbrush, and the mini size will deep-clean any sized mouth. Granted, the ISSA has 8 speeds, but the ISSA mini will frown at you if you haven’t been brushing regularly, so… that choice is up to you.

This giveaway will be open worldwide until 11:59 PM on December 24th, MST, so pick your ISSA here and start entering!


FOREO LUNA mini in Cool Grey and ISSA in Lavender

The verdict?

You guys, I am head over heels for my ISSA. Full disclosure, it was provided gratis for this review, but–goddamn. 

My top recommendation for the ISSA, weirdly enough, is as a gift for someone with fatigue or chronic pain. (And yes, you can totally gift it to yourself.) On my worst fibro days, brushing my teeth is so hard that sometimes I have to stop partway though and rest, but the ISSA is so lightweight and ergonomic that I never feel it in my forearms.

Aside from that? If you’re at risk for receding gums–or even if you’re not–a once-every-decade $199 investment in your teeth is nothing. Not everyone out there is a toothbrush nerd, but if you are, (a) please let’s be friends, and (b) you totally need an ISSA.

Availability: $199 USD/$229 CAD for the ISSA and ISSA Hybrid; $119 USD/$139 CAD for the ISSA mini.

» If you order from before December 31st, the entire ISSA device range is 20% off! That includes the ISSA minis, so for those of you on a budget, make sure you snap up a FOREO toothbrush for $95.20 USD with free shipping while you can.

Keep reading! »

BISC Vol.21: 5 powder eyeshadows every eye makeup wearer should own

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Name 5 powder eyeshadows every eye makeup wearer should own

AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup
1. Mac Phloof- a perfect beige highlighting shade.
2. Mac Sable- my favorite golden bronze shade that looks great on anyone, even when worn on its own.
3. Mac Soft Taupe- it might be my favorite shade of all times- a gorgeous taupe shade with silver shimmer.
4. Urban Decay Riff- a matte warm brown shade with tiny gold speckles, perfect for blending into the crease.
5. Lorac powder eyeshadows- I don’t own single eyeshadows from them but their Pro palettes have the most buttery and soft texture and are extremely easy to work with.

RAE | Canada | the Notice: a beauty blog
Ahh, I can’t choose five!! But if I haaaad to pick a few products… I’m going to go with the Clarins mineral eyeshadows (I am, to say the least, a little bit obsessed with the quads), the old Make Up For Ever 92, and Inglot 420.

And it’s not an eyeshadow, but also I’m going to take a moment here to talk up the Wet ‘n Wild Fergie Eyeshadow Primer, which (when paired with silica powder) is the ONLY thing that lets me wear eyeshadows without getting creasing after 4-5 hours! 😉


ANNE | Germany | Linda, Libra, Loca
These are the ones I think any eyeshadow wearer should own. Color selection based on your complexion, obviously:

1. The blending color, close to your skin tone, preferably matte (my choice: Alverde “Vanilla”)
2. The matte crease color, to define and darken (my choice: MAC “Cross-cultural”)
3. The Wash-of-color, to apply all over the lid and be good to go (my choice: MAC “Satin Taupe”)
4. The every-day duo chrome, to look like you have made an effort (my choice: MAC “Club”)
5. The sparkly night out eyeshadow (my choice: MAC “Dark Indulgence”)

But why limit yourself to just five?

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up
– MAC Sumptuous Olive
– MAC Deep Truth
– MAC Embark
– Urban Decay Lounge
– Urban Decay Naked 3

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa
Oh this is a hard question! But my recommendations are MAC Knight Divine (gorgeous smokey silvery-gray with a hint of brown, MAC Satin Taupe (the “good for everything” color!),MAC Bamboo (perfect crease color for me; it brightens up my eyelid so well!), Burberry Midnight Brown (rich, saturated brown with a lovely, buttery texture), and Urban Decay Buzz (a pretty, shimmery pink from Naked 3).

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Pür Minerals Love Your Selfie palette giveaway | Updated and extended!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Pur Minerals Love Your Selfie bestsellers giveaway

A few months ago, I teased a quick snap of the Pür Minerals Love Your Selfie palette ($40 USD/$49 CAD) on Instagram. Then, this Wednesday, I realized that in the face of all of its beauty… I still hadn’t summoned up the courage to swatch it yet.

So, because I am therefore clearly undeserving of this amount of pretty, I am giving away my palette to one of you!! Think of it as a cruelty-free Christmas present from me to you. If Christmas involved multiple days of presents, that is.

(And no I don’t mean Hanukkah; Hanukkah hasn’t been co-opted by atheists everywhere yet. Plus, I have four giveaways planned, not more — but a big congrats to Steph nonetheless for winning the first one!)

Pur Minerals Love Your Selfie palette packaging

Pur Minerals giveaway Love Your Selfie

The Love Your Selfie palette is available at Shopper’s Drug Mart and contains eight limited-edition eyeshadows (five mattes, three shimmers) and five of Pür Minerals’ best-selling products: their Mineral Glow Bronzer, Savvy Chateau Cheeks Blush, Big Look Mascara, and Afterglow Illuminating Powder, as well as a bigger-than-full-sized tube of Exposed, their best-selling plumping lip gloss!

To enter, use the giveaway widget below. This giveaway will be open until midnight MST next Friday and is open worldwide, so everyone is welcome to enter! ;)

EDIT: I’m getting reeeeally into the holidays this season, so I’m extending this giveaway until SUNDAY, December 13th! Plus, for a whopping FIVE entires, tell me in the comments what makes you feel beautiful. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pur Minerals Love Your Selfie palette giveaway

One final shot of the Love Your Selfie palette…

PARKSHOW YEG 2015: a meeting of art and fashion

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Edmonton is not, as it stands, a huge fashion city. I mean, it could be worse–we could be Regina–but we still have a long ways to go.

Which is why it’s so cool that PARK, which describes itself as a not-for-profit cultural organization that focuses on supporting and promoting artists and fashion designers across the country, is helping to change that by holding a big fashion-slash-art show in West Edmonton Mall next weekend. Proceeds from the show will help fund programming, educational forums, and mentorship programs for emerging designers, so if you’re free next weekend, you should definitely check it out!


When: Saturday, December 5, 2015; doors open at 7:00.

Where: West Edmonton Mall Level 1, Phase 1, Entrance 32

How: VIP seating – $80 / General Seating – $60 / Standing Room – $30 { buy tickets here }

Plus, if you’re still getting your holiday shopping finished, check out the PARKSHOP Christmas Market in West Ed on December 10th-13th.

I hope to see some of you guys at next Saturday’s show!

PARKSHOW YEG 2015 teaser (1)

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