Monday, September 7, 2009

My first “makeover” in RdL! Tracy wanted her eyes to stand out more, and look larger, so we used Ardell’s 110 lashes (see above) and a bunch of other monolid-tricks. As for everything else? Well, it’s pretty self-explanitory! No foundation, but I did use a touch of concealer and cheek products — which was hard, as I hadn’t brought my kit, and none of my friends are my skintone!

Everyone thought I was crazy when I told Tracy she’d feel lonely when she removed the falsies, but no one believed me. When she took them off, though, Rae was proven to be right (yet again!) All you ladies who wear false lashes, or who have worn them in the past… you get what I mean.


Brow cleaning (I was careful not to change the shape, but just to get all the strays from her previous shaping, as she was happy with their current shape.)

After! Very “Asian,” yes, but I felt it was also very “Tracy” — thankfully, so did she!
Eye shots

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