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Monday, October 17, 2011

One of my favourite everyday looks (perhaps my top favourite, even) is one that, ironically, I will never be able to wear.

I’ve always loved the clean simplicity of a light, neutral lid with a soft pop! of colour in the crease – an eye that can be done in under two minutes, but still create a very polished, fresh look. So, to share it with you, I borrowed a friend’s lids (and, er, face)! Everyone, meet Becky. Becky, meet… everyone.

Hope you enjoy the look :)

Okay, so, a moment of honesty? These photos are over a year old (I wasn’t kidding when I said that I really do procrastinate a lot), and I’m not completely sure what we used. I’m going to guess the GOSH Golden/Chocolate duo on the lid (Golden as a wash, and Chocolate lightly on the outer 1/3, both on the lid and along the lower lashline), plus a blend of Korres Plum and Annabelle Violet Vibe in the crease.

With my predictability, I’d say there’s a 90% chance that these guesses are correct :P

P.S. I’m a huge fan of violet in the crease, but you could really go with anything! Blue, brown (a basic neutral eye), green…. anything. Hit up our colour posts for swatches of some of my favourite colour families.

An eye that (gasp!) isn’t mine

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good morning, ladies! I’d like you to meet Becky, a terrorist from outer space friend of mine who was forcibly willing to be made-over. I just had a few minutes, but we put on a fairly natural-looking violet and brown smokey eye. 

Her eyes photograph just gorgeously, hence the overabundance of eye close-ups! I warn you, though, the lighting was crap, so they’re not all the best shots. One of these days, we’ll have to do a “full” look (aka one in which we have more than five minutes to do it) and take some natural light photos.

A few ore photos (including full-face shots,) a quick how-to, and a “products used” behind the cut!


Start by priming the lid with concealer and/or an eye primer. Work a semi-matte ivory in the inner third of your eye (Lancome Positive,) a golden shade similar to your skintone in the middle (Honeymoon,) and a darker brown-grey on the outer third (Noix.) Blend well!

To add violet to the look, use a blending brush (MAC 217) to buff a dark plum (Korres Plum) into the outer third of your eye, concentrating on the outer V. Then, to intensify the violet without adding too much weight to the look, use the same brush to blend in an intense violet (MUFE 92.) Add mascara and liner if desired. Finally, using a clean brush, finish up the look by blending out the edges of the shadow and hilighting the browbone (Positive.)


Make Up For Ever 92
Korres Plum
Lancome Noix, Honeymoon, and Positive

Lancome Aplum
Senna Vionnet

SMILE, Alison!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For our end-of-term party, Alison wanted something more dramatic (yes!!) than what we had done before — but still not too obvious. I settled on using shadows only and brown mascara: check out the photos below to see what I mean. The upper line was done solely with shadow (used wet) to achieve a much softer look than the usual black liquid liner.

For a no-makeup girl, this was pretty dramatic… but as you all know, I still consider this to be a natural daytime eye :P

-“Smile, Alison!”

“I am smiling.” [stops smiling]

[result: this photo.]

Lazy friday — here, have some makeover photos!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Alright, so this one wasn’t in RdL — but it was just shortly before! I had her pick two shades that I’d use, and went from there. (She went with a plummy colour and one that with red undertones). Without further ado, may I present… Katherine!

Perhaps next time I get to work on her face, I’ll be able to convince her to do a more dramatic look. I’m just dying to line those gorgeous peepers!

Alas! At just over five feet, we’ll look twelve ’til we’re forty.


(I bought that fan brush with her, and she absolutely adored the look of it. Clearly, we had to use it on her!)

The photos after this text have gloss — the ones above do not. Why is it that I always leave it for the last minute and forget about it until I’m half-done taking photos?? (Besame Vanilla, I believe.)

Eye shots


Friday, September 18, 2009

Alison pretty much never wears more than a light layer of gloss, so this was kept super-super-subtle. (Rule #1 – don’t scare off the client!) Eyeshadow/mascara only. Ugh, the lack of a kit absolutely killed me!


Eye shots (how much do you totally love her lashes??! Envy.)


Monday, September 7, 2009

My first “makeover” in RdL! Tracy wanted her eyes to stand out more, and look larger, so we used Ardell’s 110 lashes (see above) and a bunch of other monolid-tricks. As for everything else? Well, it’s pretty self-explanitory! No foundation, but I did use a touch of concealer and cheek products — which was hard, as I hadn’t brought my kit, and none of my friends are my skintone!

Everyone thought I was crazy when I told Tracy she’d feel lonely when she removed the falsies, but no one believed me. When she took them off, though, Rae was proven to be right (yet again!) All you ladies who wear false lashes, or who have worn them in the past… you get what I mean.


Brow cleaning (I was careful not to change the shape, but just to get all the strays from her previous shaping, as she was happy with their current shape.)

After! Very “Asian,” yes, but I felt it was also very “Tracy” — thankfully, so did she!
Eye shots

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