More ideas for a duvet cover

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I like these ones a lot more than the last batch ;)

No, Rae.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It would be wrong to throw yourself at Angie Hranowsky and force her to take you in as a) a long lost child, b) an apprentice, or c) a worshipper.

(Are you sure? Are you totally sure? Because after checking out the latitude lane section of her interior portfolio, I think I need to become c) a worshipper.)

So I had a dream about a kitchen.

Small. Perhaps twelve by eight feet in total. Dark chestnut cupboards and drawers on the entire perimeter; glass fronts to the upper cupboards. Almost like a fabrigée in its shape, but with sides rather than curves; in the center was a fixed island, its wood the same. Rich burgundy walls peeking between the counter tops and the upper cupboards and around the far side window, above a stainless steel sink sunken into the granite counter top — a moody sheet of blackened slate. Burnished bronze wrought-iron hardware.

A tall room; twelve or thirteen feet. The cupboards ending around nine feet; above them shelves running around the entire room. Accessible by a rolling attatched ladder, the kind you would see in an old ceiling-to-floor library. Space at the top for pots, pans, china — and then the windows. Geometric, pentagons or hexagons outlined in the same dark wood and doming. Like the top of a diamond ring; faceted yet flat at the top. Clean light streaming through to make the kitchen’s comfortable warmth safe instead of claustrophobic. 

Medium brown planked floors, each plank three or four inches, running the width of the room. Warmth radiating upward through its almost matte finish. The smell of the air like a welcome assault; soft. Vanilla. Amber. Leather. Gas from the stovetop and cedar from the fireplace in the next room over. 

And the quiet, like it is waiting for me.

In need of a new duvet cover.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Any ideas? Even just for your favourite bedding sites — I’m bored with my solid navy (though I do love their incredible softeness) and would like a change, preferably something less dark and boring. If you do specify a specific item, please keep in mind that it needs to come in a twin and go with the rest of my room, namely my drapes!

Things that  I like, but aren’t quite perfect:

Is it wrong that I want to stock up on drapery rods?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It took quite a hunt to find. I’m not quite sure why, but I’m crazy for this simple-but-pretty drapery rod… plus, the bronze is just the right hue — it’s stunning against my drapes! I know you can’t really tell in this vaguely-crappy photo from my old room, but take my word for it. It’s honestly perfect.

On sale for $20 on

Yah, so I pretty much have the lamest hobby ever.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I clean things. You know I do. I love to organize — and I’m pretty darn good at it if I may say so myself!

Anyhow, with all the other beauty junkies making lipstick organizers, I figured I’d give it a go. It turned into a night-long project with lipstick and lip balm organizers, boxes, pencil and brush organizers…

I’ll let the results speak for themselves. Scroll to the bottom if you need a hand making them!!
How-to: boxes

Measure. Cut. Fold. Not much to it :P

How-to: organizers

Cut two identical strips, use a drafting stencil to make the little notches (SO important, it takes them from “crappy five year old’s DIY” to “awesome”) on the tops. The bottoms, too, if you’d like — but it’s not like anyone’ll see them anyways!

Slice halfway up from the bottom to the centre on one strip, then from the top to the centre on the other. Take another small slice to reduce “crowdedness” in the slots so that they’ll stand up without collapsing/folding into themselves!

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