An easy, luminous makeup look | Korres Santorini, Pale Pink, & Volcanic Minerals Mascara

Monday, January 7, 2013

Korres Goddess Colour Collection makeup look

I took a few quick face of the day shots with Holiday’s Korres Goddess Beauty Colour Collection last month, but I had forgotten to post them in all the Christmas rush.

The set is no longer available online (though all of its component parts are!), but all the same, here are the photos. Despite the fact that it isn’t a particularly wintery look, I’m rather fond of the way these products come together — they do a great job of creating an altogether fictional glow, which I think we could all use this early in the year.

Cherry Full Color Lip Gloss in Pale Pink

Korres Cherry Lip Gloss in Pale Pink lip swatch

Despite being such a light shade, Pale Pink sits well on the lips, if a little sheerly. The shimmer translates well into plushness, particularly on film, and the colour doesn’t settle terribly into lines (as many light pinks will do.) $22.50 and comfortable; you could do worse.

I’m not head over heels for the scent (think Maynard’s Sour Cherry Blasters), but I’m fairly certain that’s just because it gives me a massive craving for sweets.

Magic Light Face Contouring Powder Trio in Santorini

Korres Santorini Magic Light Face Contouring trio FOTD

Slightly too chunky for me in real life; absolutely gorgeous in photographs. Warm without pulling orange, and easy enough to use in strips — more of the bronze to sculpt, for instance, and a blend of the pink and highlighter to lift the cheek. $36.50 CAD and beautifully packaged.

Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara in Obsidian Black

Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara

A great, natural lift with a soft finish. Too much smudging for me (and the $26 CAD price tag could be better), but the lash itself is quite pretty.

I appreciated having this in the set, but perhaps wouldn’t buy it on its own — while I love a natural-looking lash, I want it to last a (ridiculous) 16 hours, because I am lazy and hate having to touch up my undereye area just because my mascara didn’t feel like sticking around.

How was that for three products in under 400 words? I’m a little proud, but mainly just very sleepy.

Have a great Monday, folks. 

Oxblood lips & gold-rimmed eyeliner | A New Year’s Eve look to try this year

Monday, December 31, 2012

Glitter-rimmed eyes and oxblood lips

For all of you who still have to sort out your NYE makeup: a tradition (glitter) and a trend (oxblood).

As much as I love glitter in the eye area, I absolutely cannot stand it elsewhere — perhaps sparingly on the lips, but rarely-if-ever my cheeks or skin. So, when it comes to holidays like New Year’s, I rely on my Marcelle Lux Diamond Liquid Eyeliner in Pure Gold. I’ve raved about it before, but with great wear, zero fallout, and absolutely gorgeous glitter particles, it’s one of my (few) must-have products.

Dark red lip tutorial (s)

The lips in this look are easy to do, but I always encourage taking a few extra minutes to apply — if five minutes more at the mirror will translate into a few extra hours’ wear, why not, right?

Start with primed or bare lips, add a brown-undertoned red lipliner (though the entire lip), and follow up with dark brown-red lipstick. I used Paula Dorf Lip Liner in Tapestry and MAC Lipstick in Desire (last seen worn matte and reviewed), and then followed up by blotting the lip for a less-glossy finish. 

Dark red lip tutorial trick

One of my go-to tricks is using paper (not tissue!) to blot the lip area, particularly for formulas with a glossy or tacky finish. That way, there’s zero chance that you’ll end up with tissue fibres stuck to your lip area, and you know it’ll be an even press — to get your cupid’s bow, hold the paper on the left and right edges and press lightly against a relaxed pout. 

Read the full tutorial here at She Said Beauty.

Gold glitter + black eyeliner (s)

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A soft twist on holiday winged liner (in burgundy, brown, and gold)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Burgundy winged liner tutorial (s)

Holiday looks tend to be pretty standard–opaque red lips, black winged liner, probably some shimmer,–but here’s something you might not have tried before.

With soft burgundy winged liner and a warm/neutral smokey eye, it’s a little less LOOK MOM, CHRISTMAS! and a little more this-non-denominational-holiday-party-is-too-hipster-for-you.

Then again, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Either way; I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far, whether that means massive extended-family-and-friends celebrations or just a few wonderful days without work! (Or neither, but hopefully it will still involve cookies.)

Holiday makeup look coloured liner (s)

A step-by-step tutorial to get the burgundy winged liner (with eyeshadow!) 

Conceal and prime, then use an all over eye or blending brush to create a sheer, warm-neutral smokey eye. (This is the Clarins Odyssey palette that reviewed on theNotice last week — it’s a great pick for a palette that “feels” warm without actually being too warm.)

Step by step burgundy winged liner tutorial

Add a bit of shimmer to the middle of the lid to keep it from looking too drab (I love Clarins quads for this), and finish by taking a burgundy or wine-coloured eyeshadow along the upper lashline & into a wing. For an eyeliner flick with a bit more intensity and better wear, use a stiff angled eyeliner brush moistened with a bit of water or setting spray to apply the line.

From there, just polish up the look with defined brows and plenty of mascara!

Winged burgundy eyeliner - winter holiday look

Products used & a ramble about the Shu curler »

Makeup moustaches, revisited for Movember

Friday, November 16, 2012

There’s something missing here…

And it’s a crazy Parisian artist-moustache, with Annabelle Licoriche!

Get involved with your very own #AnnabelleMovember ‘stache 

This month for Movember, Annabelle will be donating $1 for every #AnnabelleMovember Pinterest pin. To have your mo’ added to the board:

  1. Take a photo of yourself with a moustache drawn on with Annabelle product(s),
  2. Pin it to Pinterest,
  3. Tag it with #AnnabelleMovember,
  4. And be sure to name the Annabelle product you used to create your ‘stache!

Check out the #AnnabelleMovember Mo Sistas 2012 board here.

Second verse, same as the first (though this one feels a little different.)

Monday, October 22, 2012

You’re going to be seeing a lot of this look this week, and I feel a bit bad about that, but. But.

One of my favourite things about photography is the way that you can take the same subject; the same person, or place, or feeling, and just by photographing the scene differently, the resulting product is changed right down to its core. The casual disregard, the too-easy twisting and tweaking of reality is almost a transcendent action in my eyes; the ability to fully manipulate the viewer’s perception of the scene through techniques and technologies made entirely of human ingenuity without having to make headway on even the smallest of paradigm shifts.

For me, it speaks volumes about the subjectivity of the world, not just in perspective, but in the overwhelmingly transient nature of the individual experience. You can feel it in everything from a magician’s death-defying illusion; to a trick of the light; to the optical aberration, translated metaphorically into every interpersonal interaction, and it shakes us to our bones.

What we see is almost entirely controlled by what is intended for prying eyes, and what we see through a lens even moreso: what we see of each other, then, is obfuscated so efficiently by what we are wanted and want to see. When you can be sixteen or twenty-six; when warm pink bends toward a dusty cyan; when lighting and technique have more sway on the observer than the subject’s own facets, when –

When the human experience is embodied with such fantastic intensity, what then could be more sublime?

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