A last-minute Halloween idea: Star-studded beauty

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m awful at planning things in advance, as you might have noticed. (Full disclosure; I managed to schedule tomorrow’s review for this morning. It was up for a little over three hours, so if any of you are wondering where it went — well, went to go hide behind Nov. 1st for the meantime.)

So, here’s one for all of you who want a cool, wearable Halloween look that requires almost no planning. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes planning is just one of those things that should (but totally never manages to) happen.

For a full tutorial, don’t miss this post on She Said Beauty! 

Not just easy to co-ordinate, this look is pretty easy to assemble, too. Start out with a basic face; medium-coverage foundation; plenty of powder and contouring. The lip and cheek colours are up to you (I love a good reddish lip in the fall), as is the brow shape — just make sure to fill them; with a focal point away from your eyes, you’ll want to make sure they’re still adequately framed.

If you’re adding illuminator to your cheekbones, try to pick a powder product to get better wear out of the stars.

Start your eyes with a basic, matte smokey eye, then add a little bit of interest for Halloween’s sake. I went with a metallic gold, lining my upper lashline with LUSH Fantasy & taking Fyrinnae Polar Bear through the inner corners. Then, after mascara, I took Fantasy along a few of the tips of my upper lashes, too. (You can see it more in the flash photo, later in this post.)

Another option that’s just as easy is to sparkle with pointed intent — pick a loose pigment with a larger particle size of shimmer, then pat it onto the middle of your lids and/or the inner corners. Don’t blend it too well, leaving it instead to juxtapose with the matte lid shades, and choose something with coloured reflects (eg. red at an angle or with flash, but unnoticeable straight-on) for extra impact.

From there, grab some lash glue & craft store confetti to take the look from pretty to Halloween-levels-of-awesome. I kind of cheated on both, to be honest; instead of lash glue, I used an Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner (glitter liners are my stash secret for when I’m out of proper fixatives) & picked the gold and silver stars out of a rainbow mix of loose stars.

What? It’s not poor planning; it’s totally innovation.

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Don’t miss this » A Burberry-inspired Autumn/Winter makeup look

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One of the Autumn/Winter promos that I love (loved, loved) this year was the one for Burberry’s Autumn/Winter colour collection. I still have yet to give the brand a try, but the aesthetic is just stunning — clean lines and gorgeous, classic shades.

Here’s a quick, easy look based off their fall face. With a focus on warm, diffuse eyeshadow and soft black liner, the tutorial (see the link below) is a snap, and I’ve swatched a few colour substitutes for below (seeing as I didn’t pick up Burberry Mulberry and Dark Sable Sheer Eyeshadows to do the look with.)

Hope you enjoy the look, and here’s to a great autumn!

Read the full tutorial here on She Said Beauty.

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The Dark Eyeliner Rises | An Anne Hathaway (as Catwoman) makeup tutorial + look

Monday, August 20, 2012

Because Selina Kyle is a BAMF.

In a few more words, though: here’s a quick look (tutorial + more photos here) to make up for the fact that I’ve been AWOL recently. Soft red lips, matte neutral eyes, and (what else?) smudgy winged black eyeliner.

While editing these photos, I realized that I look rather… displeased with the entire world in them, which — not intentional, I promise. (Okay, maybe a little bit intentional. It has been so hot in Edmonton this season; I am so, so ready for the fall.)

Honestly, though? This look isn’t exactly prototypical DC superhero — you could get away with wearing it in pretty much any scenario (no ass-kicking or taking of names required). Take the edge off a red lip by applying your lipstick quite sparingly, and then blotting it down with a fingertip for a really soft, lived-in edge.

(Alternately, wear the lipstick full-force for a more dramatic, evening look, or grab a classic-red gloss–with shimmer!–for something a bit more fun.)

Alright. I’m sure you’ve had enough of my boring face for the time being, so I’ll add in one last note and then leave you be!

Black liner through my sparse lashes is my #1 makeup tip for looking just… better, without making it obvious at all that I’ve actually got anything on, and this liner does a fantastic job of it. More awake, larger eyes, more expressive, you name it — liner in my actual lashline (not above it, and not below it) is a makeup trick that I rely really heavily on, and this super-creamy, super-black Annabelle Smoothie pencil has been my pick of the month to do it with.

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Get Mod (Muse) with Senna’s latest and greatest | Review & swatches of Adonis, Arabesque, and Fantasy

Friday, August 3, 2012

The product: Senna Cosmetics Mod Muse Eye Colour eyeshadows in Adonis, Arabesque, and Fantasy.

Have you ever stumbled your way into a collection where everything–literally, everything–seems like the best thing since sliced bread? Because, man, Senna eyeshadows are the best thing since sliced bread.

And that’s coming from a bona fide carb junkie.

The shades

Arabesque is a “sunlit peach” in their Glow formula, and it’s a good place to start. While it’s not a must-have, I really like it — it’s chunky shimmer interspersed through a sheer, glowing peach base, and the unique finish and texture puts it in a fairly small class of eyeshadows. (I used it in this violet-lidded makeup tutorial, just in the inner corner. The almost-flaky texture pairs really interesting with finely-milled shimmers and mattes, particularly in person.)

Then we have Fantasy, which, I have to say: definitely my favourite. It’s a “reflective blue purple,” also in the Glow formula, and it happens to be one that I’ve been in love with for years — here’s a swatch and makeup look featuring it from way in ’09.

Fantasy is quite possibly my favourite subtle-pop-of-colour shade ever (even for a violet, and trust me, I have a lot of violet eyeshadow). I’d definitely call it a must-have for fair skintones and lavender (web) lovers, which if you ask me, is really saying something!

(Yes, okay, it is possible that I have more violet eyeshadows than I socks. Don’t judge.)

For a lot of people, though, I think Adonis is going to be the attention-grabber of this collection. It’s a matte “smokey blue teal, and like all of the brand’s matte eyeshadows, it’s intensely pigmented and blendable. Senna’s mattes sit on the dry end of the spectrum (think NARS or Make Up For Ever mattes, rather than MAC Matte2), and I’m generally quite fond of them.

(For a brighter, truer teal in the same matte formula, try Peacock.)

The formula

Senna eyeshadows have always been a favourite of mine, whether they’re shimmers, glows, or mattes, and these three are no exception. Like the rest of the line, they’re pigmented when they need to be (ahem, Adonis), but they know when to lie low — I mean, can you imagine a full-finish Arabesque, still with the same chunky-glow finish?

(What a trainwreck that would be!)

The verdict?

The Senna brand has always been really artistry-focused, and I think that’s something seen best in their eyeshadows. No, most people aren’t going to have a use for a sultry dark teal, or a sheer, chunky peach, but those who are looking for interesting shades and finishes will be really pleased with these.

Senna eyeshadows are hard to come by in-person outside of an IMATS or the state of California, but they retail for $16.50 each (online here) and come in conveniently-sized 26mm pans. 

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COMING UP | LUSH Emotional Brilliance, Tatcha, Japonesque, & more.

Monday, July 30, 2012

LUSH Emotional Brilliance reviews: Wise (Cream Eyeshadow), Perspective (Liquid Lipstick), and Fantasy (Liquid Eyeliner).

That’s right; another not-quite-real post. Because I’m (still) swimming in coursework, and the time that I haven’t spent studying, I’ve spent trying to fight off an unexpected midsummer flu. (And, seriously? Who gets the flu in the summer?!)

Anyhow. Once I mange to dig myself out of this summer-term black hole, this is what you can expect to see on theNotice! 

(To be totally honest, though, you’ll probably see some of these things before term ends because I have no self-control occasionally take breaks from neuropsychology to eat, sleep, shower, and blog.)

Lise Watier Summer Sunset flash reviews: oh my god, I can’t believe I still haven’t finished covering this collection. I am the worst when it comes to “out of sight, out of mind,” I swear!!

Senna Mod Muse eyeshadows: same for these. They’re gorgeous, but I have yet to post the swatch photos sitting somewhere on my MacBook!

Japonesque Safari Chic review. No elaboration needed — how cute is that brush?

Hard Candy Glamoflauge: I love this one, so expect shade comparisons (Light vs Medium) in the near future!

Tatcha skincare overview and regimen review… once I get my act together and actually try it.

And, finally, Physician’s Mineral Wear Talc-Free Pressed Powder, because SPF is definitely “in” for the summer.

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