Getting Glam’Eyes with Rimmel

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What it is: Rimmel Glam’Eyes Mono Eye Shadow in Royal Violet and Celestial Sapphire

What makes them incredible: These shadows aren’t just about looks, though they are cute in their pans, with their little Rimmel crowns and quilted tops. And they’re not just about texture, though they’re really silky. What makes them really awesome is actually their pigmentation – that is to say; they’re really pigmented for drugstore shades. Now, they’re not the be-and-end-all, but for a drugstore shadow, they’re pretty darn impressive.

Wearability and blendability: Applied dry without a primer, these go on medium-sheerly, and shades like Dusk or Spicy Bronze would probably make fab washes of colour. However, if you add a primer underneath, these can really POP! I haven’t had any troubles with wear, either – I think you all know what I mean when I say that drugstore shadows can “disappear” after just an hour or two? Well, these don’t. The only catch is the blendability (which is totally a word). Qhile they do blend out, they don’t always do so evenly if they’ve been foiled, and can sometimes patch up a bit around the edges.

The shades: Royal Violet and Celestial Sapphire both have satin-matte finishes, another surprise! (Most drugstore shadows worth their salt in pigmentation get there by being soft and shimmery; while soft, these are far from shimmery). The violet swatches darker than I expected it to based on its colour in the pan, and the sapphire swatches a little lighter and more vividly than expected. Both, however, get a huge thumbs-up from me!

The verdict? Simply put, whether you need a cheap neutral shadow or are looking to try out some pop-art brights, these are a fantastic $5 choice from the drugstore. They won’t go replacing your high-end shadows anytime soon, but they’re well worth their price tag!

P.S. Did anyone notice the applicators in the photos above? Rimmel added a new sort of sponge tip, which I haven’t yet seen in any other drugstore products. (Clarins uses a similar material). Like these shadows, they’re smoother than normal, and I have to admit… I kinda like ’em!

Fall tones: Rimmel True Vintage

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What it is: Rimmel Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick in True Vintage

I had this entire post done and ready to go up this morning at 6:00, and I stayed up until a ridiculous hour (okay, 1AM) to get it done… but for some reason or another, WordPress deleted the entire !@)#* thing and left me with nothing but the first four words.

Excuse me, but (cover the children’s eyes!) what. the. hell.


The wear: This mishap was actually a great way to start off the post, though it wasn’t the best way to start off my morning. Why is this, you ask? Well, like the post, this “eight hour” lipstick mysteriously disappears when you turn your back — I can get 2-3 hours of wear out of it before I need to reapply, though the stain does last for about 4-5. And, like WordPress, it leaves you high and dry… less on the high and more on the dry, though.

Psst: this ends up opaque after a layer or two, but it can go on a little blotchy at first. Make sure to double-check your finished lip when you reapply!

The shade: I’ve always been a “have lemons? Make lemon lemon cupcakes with lemon icing!” kind of girl, so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing with this review. (You should taste my lemon lemon cupcakes with lemon icing; they’re amazing.) Anyhow, I wanted this to be the perfect fall lipstick shade, and it’s exactly that, in the tube — a muted berry with no shine, shimmer, or sparkle. It doesn’t read the same way on the lips, being more vivid than it is in the tube, but I think that makes it a bit more wearable for the average woman. I like a muted, mauvey lip, but it can be more ageing.

The packaging: Here’s the lemon icing on top! The Lasting Finish packaging won’t win any innovation prizes anytime soon, but I like it nonetheless. The slanted top lets the cap sit at a cute, jaunty angle, and it clicks back onto the lipstick firmly. I like the colour and finish of the material used, and while it’s light (like pretty much all drugstore packaging), that does make it great for throwing in your bag!

The verdict? I don’t like how this lip colour feels (ugh, drying!) or how long it lasts (seeing as it pretty much doesn’t), but the price is quite nice and both the packaging and colour are gorgeous. I refuse to reach a final verdict on this one, so make your own!

Availability: try online, any drugstore, or even some supermarkets!

P.S. This does have a light scent to it, if by “scent” we mean “cheaply fragranced odour.” However, it does fade within the first 15 minutes or so, making it a-okay with me.

P.P.S. Here’s what the stain looks like, if you BLOT it off (the colour’s much more even if it wears off on its own). Gorgeous, right?

Going greige… and finding two identical polishes!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What they are: Rimmel‘s Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey and Sally Hansen‘s Complete Salon Manicure in Commander in Chic.

The catch: Because these are often said to be (a) “likely similar,” and (b) possibly as close as the drugstore will get to “greige,” I wanted to get these and compare them for you; pick a favourite so you didn’t have to. What I didn’t expect was finding that the two are completely identical!

The colour: Okay, so I guess there’s one tiny silver lining to this? If they’re the same, I only need to describe the shade once! I personally wouldn’t call it a greige, as far as greiges go… it’s too violet if you ask me, and much too dark. However, as for the shade aside from that? I think it’s very love-it-or-hate-it, and I can’t decide which side I’m on. Depending on the lighting (as you’ll see in the swatches,) its undertones seem to vary quite a bit. 

Sometimes I absolutely love it, especially in indirect sunlight (where it’s a lovely deep grey-violet,) but I hate it in dim tungsten lighting (where it’s a muddy, indiscriminate brown.)

both in indirect sunlight, taken simply at different times during the day.

The stats:
The formula and wear time seem the same, just like eveything else. They don’t feel like they’re going on thinly, and don’t streak, but it takes about three coats to make it to opacity for the pair of them. I always worry about wear time when something goes on like this, but these seem to be okay. After about a week on my toes, they’re all still in tip-top shape, save for a dent on one toe!

(But that was my fault because I opened a door on it.)

(Which hurt, for the record.)

(Thanks for asking.)

Additionally, both polishes feature the same applicator tip, a fairly thick but not too wide brush with rounded edges. Personally, my favourite brush head is OPI’s Pro Wide (which a lot of people hate,) but I found this one easy to work with as well! The LFP and CSM heads are optimal for fingernails, but they’ll work just fine on toenails, too.

Random sidenote: The Rimmel is also known as a dupe for Sephora by OPI’s Metro Chic. From what I’ve seen, I’d say the three of them are the same — perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence that the folks at Sally chose the name “Commander in Chic!” $5 on Sephora polish? Saved!

The verdict? If you were hoping these would be greige, take your hands away from your wallet and back away slowly. However, if you were looking for a strange but likeable brown-grey-violet, these would be a pretty good place to start! The shade is very much in the moment right now in terms of trendiness, so if this is your colour, buy one and wear it STAT — before it gets overdone and goes out of style. As to the lines themselves, I think these are both very solid fomulas, which I’d buy again should I come across other pretty shades!

Personally, I’d go with the Sally Hansen if they were the same price, simply because the packaging is lovely. However, with the Sally at $8 and the Rimmel at $5 (I told you we get charged more in Canada for everything!) I’d choose the latter, as there’s no loss in polish quality.

Stay with me, and never stop being glamorous!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Every now and then, I forget why I love my camera. I forget why I forked over about a bazillion six hundred dollars for a piece of plastic, metal, and glass…

…but then I pick it up, take a few photos, and quickly remember why I love my baby camera.

What it is: Rimmel‘s new Stay Glossy “six hour” glosses, in Always Lovely and Non-Stop Glamour.

(Note: the above is a link to the UK site. I do believe they’re coming to the US, and I know for sure they’re in Canada, so I’m guessing they just haven’t updated their sites yet!)

Love the applicator! It’s like a doe-foot, but… not. Imagine a doe-foot that has been run over by a car, or the cross-breed between a spatula applicator and a doe-foot — still “fluffy,” but flatter.

The fomula: The Stay Glossy line feels nice and plush on my lips, if a touch too sticky for my tastes. (Really, they’re not terribly sticky at all — I’m just picky!) I shouldn’t even have to say this, because there are photos, but: they’re very, very glossy. I like! The thing is, they give off a weird smell, and it definitely sticks around.

As to that wear time — six hours my ass! I can get maaaaaybe three hours tops out of these, with my bad habits. (I basically do everything you’re not supposed to: licking my lips, blotting them together [as if you’re spreading product,] biting them when I’m nervous… it’s terrible!)

Swatches under slightly different lighting. You know the drill; click to enlarge!

The glitter: Hear that noise? Yah, that one — the faint, quiet one, that sounds like a broken engine or a slowly dying cow.

That’s me, being angry and irritated at this glitter!

Left behind after swatching and ample scrubbing.

Sure, it’s pretty on the lips. But it gets everywhere. End up with a tiny bit of this gloss on your fingertip and it’ll be all over your face by noon. Try to wipe this lip colour off and it’ll be halfway down your chin in seconds. (Tip: blot blot blot to get it off. Absolutely no wiping!) They leave glitter bits on your lips, too: as the gloss wears off, the glitter stays behind. Thankfully, though, the glitter particles don’t feel the least bit gritty — I think if they did, I’d have gone batshit all over the town by now. Grittiness would have been the last straw!

The shades:

Always Lovely (above) is a sheer bright pink packed with silver reflects. It’s nothing to write home about, and with the formula’s downfalls, I’d skip on it. Quite sheer, and quite easily dupe-able, though it is pretty cute!

Non-Stop Glamour (above) is a totally different story. It’s a slightly rosey nude, and the reflects are a lovely gold. Despite all the problems I have with the Stay Glossy line, I reach for this over and over again — the photos just don’t do it justice! It’s five levels of “crazy gorgeous.” Trust me.

I’d recommend these if…

  • you’re a huge glitter freak
  • you like a super-comfortable applicator
  • you find a shade that you just love, like Non-Stop Glamour!
  • you want a glittery black gloss from the drugstore. Because yes, they do make one.

I’d skip these if…

  • you want a long-wearing gloss that really does wear for a long time
  • you don’t like glosses that are scented
  • you’re not a fan of having glitter all over your face

Did Rimmel’s new lipsticks Renew my faith in the drugstore?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(Hint: the answer is “no.” But this is related directly to the fact that said faith needed no renewing in the first place. As long as Annabelle exists, I will have faith!)

(On a completely unrelated note, has anyone ever seen Doubt? I watched a play version of it last year at the Citadel, and loved it.)

What it is: Rimmel‘s new Moisture Renew lipsticks

The lipstick itself: Unfortunately, I didn’t find this formula too terribly moisturizing — but it didn’t strip my lips, either. The formula does seem to stay consistent between the shades, though, which is lovely! I like being able to trust a specific line of lipstick to feel a certain way… more on that at a later date. The formula consistency of the new Maybelline lipsticks? Mm, notsomuch.

Left:Pink Star. Right: Soft Coral.

Sadly, these are quite scented, and it smells… well, kinda like sunscreen. I wasn’t a fan, but I tried out Karla’s nifty de-scenting trick, and it seemed to make them bearable! (Without the trick, I couldn’t take it — the scent was migrane city for me, and it didn’t fade, even after an hour of wear.) An open tube + forty eight hours = a decent solution to the problem.

Pink Star, swatched very heavily

Pink Star, swatched lightly

Because my lips are so dry, and because I rub them together all the time (I know, bad habit!) it can be hard for me to find lipsticks that wear well. Normally, after fifteen minutes or so, the colour is a) all over my lipline and nowhere else, or b) bunched up on the dry patches of my lips, and nowhere else! The colour of these stays right where it belongs, though, which makes me one happy camper.

(Another thing that makes me happy? These have SPF18 worked into the formula! While it’s not exactly sunscreen for your lips, it’s a whole heck of a lot better than nothing.)

Soft Coral, swatched very heavily

The shades: I tested out Soft Coral and Pink Star… and hated them both. They’re light- to medium-coverage and packed full of chunky shimmer, which felt gritty and seemed to migrate outside of my lip area (even though the colour stayed in place.) But while I didn’t like these two specifically, I still think the line is worth checking out — some of the other shades look great, and the lipstick (with the glitter not considred) feels slippery. (In a good way. You know how moisturising lipsticks have that “slip” to them? Well, though these weren’t very moisturising, they did have that feeling!)

Soft Coral, swatched lightly

The packaging: While I’m normally a huge supporter of anything shiny and violet, I don’t quite love these tubes. The plastic crystal effect is cute, but the material itself feels light and cheap. But, to each their own! The plus side of this is that the packaging itself is pretty light, making it easier to chuck an inappropriate number of lipsticks in your bag.

(Because you never know — you cold totally spill tomato juice on your blouse at lunch and have to change into a different coloured shirt, which would obviously require a different lipstick.)

The verdict? If you’re looking for an SPF-infused (can I even say that?) lipstick for the summer and you’re okay with a light sunscreen-y scent, check these out… but swatch them in-store first if you can! The shiny finish is lovely, the shade selections great (there’s twenty-four of them!) and the price (about $6 if I’m not mistaken?) is easy on the eyes. What is that — like, one large latté?

I’d definitely recommend reading Karen’s review here. The three shades she tried are different, and they look fab!

Liners vs. mascara — how similar are they, really?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everyone always talks about how you can use a mascara as a liner in a pinch, or vice versa — but how many of you have actually ever tested your lovely black liquids to see what would happen?

If none of you are raising your hands, it’s okay. I’ve dealt with this problem for you.

Meet four of my favourites: GOSH Extreme Art Liner, Lancome Artliner, Imju Fiberwig, and Rimmel Lycra Lash. The first two are liners, and the last two are mascaras. I tested them for resistance against  oil, and water, so check out some photos behind the cut if you’re interested!

First, I slicked some oil on the left side of the swatches — because, well, lids get oily.

And then I “pulled” each swatch with the q-tip.

The verdict: Ironically, a mascara held up best for this test! Because Fiberwig is made as a tubing ‘scara, it doesn’t budge under the presense of oil — you keep that in mind while removing makeup. Get oil on your lashes and it will NOT come off! (No, this is not a good thing. This is an “avoid at all costs” thing.)

But I couldn’t stop at that. I also needed to know what would happen if you cried or sweated, so I spritzed my swatches with some water.

Grabbed a tissue and swiped…

The verdict: Ta-da! It seems like the “best” liner is still really a liner — the GOSH one. However, as far as liners go, this one’s pretty spectacular. (Notice how it beat the crap out of the Artliner in terms of longwearing-ness?) 

After finishing these tests, I think I’d feel okay putting on mascara as liner. I mean, I wouldn’t do it on a daily basis, but it would be an okay solution in a pinch. Just one last thing to note, though: conversely, if I was using liners as mascara, I wouldn’t use the GOSH. This isn’t due to the tests, though… this is due to the fact that it is super hard to get off, and I would probably tear out all my lashes in the process of doing so.


That would really hurt.

Plus, it would ruin all the work I’ve been putting into them with that Lash Boosting serum! :(

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