Sulphur. Even though it smells bad.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What it is: Mario Badescu‘s Drying Cream.

Purpose: From the MB site…

“Drying Cream is an effective treatment to dry up small under the surface bumps and pimples. Just a few dabs smoothed on the erupted areas prevent pimples from getting larger and spreading out of control. Aloe rich cream conceals and heals erupted pimples.”

How I use it: After letting my moisturiser and/or primer sink in, I dab this onto any pimples (healing, coming to a head, or still in the “whitehead” stage!) with a fine-tipped concealer brush, the way I’d spot-apply any product. In the daytime, I then set it lightly with powder, and apply concealer overtop.

Why I love it: The main reason? This stuff works. Smells awful, but it works! I find that my skin responds very well to sulphur and clay based products (this being the former) as it can be quite sensitive and dry… basically, they get rid of the zit *almost* as fast as a peroxide- or salicylic-based treatment, without causing peeling or irritation. Personally, I think trading a week of peeling in for another day with your zit is a pretty good deal.

The added bonus
: This formula goes on pretty opaque, which basically gives your concealer a “blank canvas” to work on, rather than a red dot. It colour-corrects, essentially! And, if you don’t want to apply concealer overtop, anyone with fair to medium skin could probably sheer this out and get away with using it alone. Envision UDPP or TFSI, but thicker. And smellier. But please (please!) keep it out of your eye area… if you blind yourself, it’s totally not my fault.The verdict? I think it’s probably pretty obvious by now, but I am formally recommending this to all of you! Seriously, I’m in love with this stuff. The only thing that could make it better is an affordable price — oh wait! It has that, too! (Sorry, I couldn’t help it. What can I say, I’m in a TV-commercial-joke mood right now!) It’s only $12 for 0.5oz, and you use just a tiny bit each time. LOVE.

Mario Badescu: Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This guest review of Mario’s Aloe Moisturiser was written by Grace, a (quite lovely!) reader of theNotice. If you want to do one too, or if you would like to contact Grace, email me at my.make.belive (at) gmail (dot) com! I absolutely adore the idea of occasional guest blogging; I think it helps bloggers expand their reader base, and encourages people who read and comment (but don’t write) on blogs to start blogging!

What they say: “Daily, lightweight moisture and sun protection all-in-one. Oil-free and Aloe based for soothing, non-clogging hydration and sun protection.”

At first sight: For an aloe based moisturizer, I expected it to be a bit runny, but I found instead that it was quite thick, like a night cream. It doesn’t necessarily smell like aloe, but it doesn’t smell bad either, so it wasn’t a failure just yet!! No sparkles, no odor, pleasant to look at, so far so good.

At first use: I’ve used this twice and could not really bear to use it a third time because it made my face feel heavy, like I was wearing a night cream. If I didn’t mind that then I would’ve continued to use this product except it made my face oily – so much so that I found myself blotting my face away with blotting tissue [link to post on staying matte], even before I even had any makeup on!!

The verdict: I think this is more like a night cream than a moisturiser. It is definitely not “lightweight” and it pretty much has the same consistency of the Seaweed Night Cream. Even though it says this product is good for skin types for combination, oily, and sensitive, I think they might have made a typo for the first two :P

Well, what did you think? Personally, I loved Grace’s take on this product, which I’m adding onto my Mario Badescu series. (Especially the last line, lol!) She followed the same format as the rest of the MB series, so I think it’ll slot quite nicely in there… Grace, feel free to comment back to the commenters in the comments thread! (wow. What a mouthful!

Mario Badescu: the company

Friday, August 1, 2008

To sum up my Mario Badescu series (I hope those links work!), I just wanted to do a quick review of the company itself. While I love the concept of free samples, I can’t understand why anyone uses their products – they were all disappointing in one way or another. I mean, I got sent a sample that looks so old and gross that it could probably be carbon dated. To back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

So, all in all, Badescu was a bomb. The bad kind of bomb, with products that are either boring, useless, or just generally suck. I really, really wanted to love them…but it’s just not going to happen.

The verdict? Don’t waste your money. But hell, if the samples are free, why not, right? Maybe you’ll find a gem.

Mario Badescu: Azulene Calming Mask

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The prettiest one of all? Azulene Calming Mask!

What they say: “Soothing Azulene, a Chamomile Extract, along with Balsam Peru, a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient, come together in this non-hardening mask that comforts irritated, red, and very sensitive skin types. Also made with Kaolin (clay) and Wheat Starch to absorb impurities in the pores. Best when followed up with our Control Cream.” (for all skin types)

At first sight: This light blue-green product is like a thick moisturiser, or a very strange molasses! It smells a little like old person and a little like clay and a little like soap – not too shabby, I guess. It has little bubbles, and was the other product I really wanted to try (the first being the Strawberry scrub).

At first use: I’ve used this a few times now (you can get about three uses out of the sample) without any noticeable improvement. Contrary to its description, it does harden, though not uncomfortably. I found the scent to be pretty okay, though I can easily see people hating it! It washes off easily and I don’t have any complaints about it – it was not smelly, waxy, rough, or otherwise unpleasant.

The verdict: I don’t know. I didn’t have any issues with this, but it didn’t really seem to do anything to my skin, either. As mentioned, I didn’t notice an improvement in texture or amount of breakouts, and it didn’t make my red patches any more red. However, it didn’t make my skin any worse, either!

Mario Badescu: Strawberry Face Scrub

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The one Mario product that looked…fun! This Strawberry Face Scrub has actual strawberry bits in it, which got me all excited!!

What they say: “Made with real Strawberry seeds that gently buff away flaky skin while natural AHA’s breakdown dull build-up to unclog pores. It improves overall texture to the skin by revealing healthy, glowing skin while preventing blackheads.” (for all skin types)

At first sight: This pearly pink scrub looks creamy and fun! And there are strawberry seeds! Real strawberry seeds! The smell, though, is not so real – kind of fake. Like fake strawberry poison. Or real strawberry poison, I suppose…

At first use: The buffers in this product are seeds – just as they said. I find this too harsh and rough; I really prefer small beads to buff away my dead skin. It felt like the seeds were stabbing my face! Also, there was no lather, and it made my skin feel congested, like there was a thick waxy layer clogging my pores. And the chemically scent? Disgusting!

The verdict: The worst exfoliator I’ve ever tried. I can only see this working for someone with really thick skin (ie no pain receptors) that’s also really dry – otherwise, I think it’ll make you break out.

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