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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Volume Two

The product: LUSH Gorilla Perfumes – Furze & The Voice of Reason

↳ from Volume Two, the 2013 Gorilla Perfumes collection

I had meant to get this review up first, but my plans were thwarted by Sikkim Girls’ undeniable, heady scent. With that in mind, here’s a very quick rundown of the “feel” of the most recent Gorilla Perfumes collection, overviewed earlier on theNotice.

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Vol 2 reviews

The four scents I’ll be reviewing are all vegan, alcohol-based, and very, very LUSH. There’s something interesting about all of them, really, and I don’t think LUSH fans will be disappointed: despite their “mainstream” alcohol base, they still smell like something a super-cool tree-hugging environmentalist would wear.

Giving off a vibe more akin to a LUSH store than a perfume counter, Gorilla Perfumes layer well (if you ask in-store, the sales associates should be able to show you some layering duos so surefire they’ve named them), and all seem a little earthy in their base notes. For quick reviews of the entire line, I really enjoyed this post over at Perfume Posse — its a great “primer” for Volume Two on the whole.

Y’know. If you didn’t like mine enough (hysterical sobbing).

LUSH Furze, Sikkim Girls


Furze is a bit of a weird one: it opens coconutty and brash, almost like a sour garden – fresh and bright, but with a clinical, acidic surprise.

Had Furze been softer around the edges, as it was promised to be, I think I’d have have been a lot more fond of it. As it is, though, I’m on the fence: I think it’s an interesting take on your classic summer coconut scents (you know, the ones you see in everything from perfume to sunscreen), but I’m not sure if it’s the good kind of interesting.

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Furze

Furze dries down to a wisp of vanilla against the skin (deliciously soft, but you have to push your nose right up to the skin to smell it.) I’d have loved to see this open with a creamy coconut & then settle into a vanilla halfway through, but as it is, Furze is a “skip” for me. 

A fun fact, though: LUSH perfumer Simon Constantine, one-half of Gorilla Perfumes, keeps furze bushes in his backyard to protect the home from curses and hexes.

LUSH Furze review

The overview

It’s a bit like: A coconut rendition of Lavanilla (Lesnoixdecoco?), or an olfactory rendition of a nondescript, coconut beach drink. You know the kind — obnoxiously coloured straw, maybe a flower or pineapple sitting awkwardly on the rim, either too much or not nearly enough rum.

You might notice: Vanilla, coconut, mimosa, neroli

Availability: Online & in select stores now, $14.95 – $44.95 CAD. (Featured here: 25 ml, $24.95 CAD).

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LUSH Sikkim Girls Review, Photos (Gorilla Perfumes Vol. 2) | A sexy, heady summertime scent

Friday, August 16, 2013

LUSH Sikkim Girls Gorilla Perfume

The product: LUSH Gorilla Perfumes – Sikkim Girls

↳ from Volume Two, the 2013 Gorilla Perfumes collection

I don’t like fragrances like this. No, really: I don’t. I don’t like florals; I don’t like incense; I don’t like the spice trail.

But god, I don’t hate this at all.

Gorilla Perfume Sikkim Girls review

I should, by all means, (hate this, that is,) but I just don’t. One might even say–if one was being incredibly pretentious, and also a bit of a dick–that I’m quite fond of it, all told.

More floral in the bottle than on the skin, Sikkim Girls goes surprisingly spicy within the first few minutes of wear. It has a bite to it that I wasn’t expecting, from LUSH’s description of a “subtle, seductive, heady, exotic, floral” scent, but the incense (and yes, there’s incense) is balanced out with heady florals and hidden woody base notes.

 LUSH Sikkim Girls

While I don’t feel like Sikkim Girls is a game-changer by any means, it’s certainly a standout when compared to department store fragrances. Think of it as the sexier, grown-up version of your standard whole foods store incense: perfect for summer evenings, but too kiss me now! for the office.

And let’s be honest: who couldn’t use a good ravish-me scent every now and again?

LUSH Volume Two reviews - Gorilla Perfumes

The overview

It’s a bit like: Don’t quote me on this, but if I was to compare Sikkim Girls to its mainstream counterparts… think of it as a cross between the outlandish YSL Opium, layered with the big white florals of CK Beauty. Sexy, but with incense and florals, too.

You might notice: Jasmine, frangipani, vanilla, and tuberose.

Availability: Online & in select stores now, $19.95-48.95 CAD. (Featured here: 25 ml, $34.95 CAD).

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LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Vol. 2 | Collection Overview & Preview

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes On Tour

About the collection

The facts

Like the first collection of Gorilla fragrances, Volume 2 features nine new unisex fragrances, available in six sizes. They’re limited edition for the year, available online and in these ten shops throughout the summer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them end up joining the permanent range. (My money’s on Sikkim Girls, and maybe Flower’s Barrow).

LUSH Devil's Nightcap The Bug Voice of Reason Gorilla Perfume

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes The Voice of Reason, Devil’s Nightcap, & The Bug

The line ranges from $14.95-$174.95 CAD, with prices varying by fragrance and size. I haven’t spoken to anyone at LUSH about why this is, but I’d bet it’s based upon the varying ingredients and percent of perfume solids by volume — the more expensive ones tend to have better wear time and sillage.

These vegan*, natural-synthetic blend perfumes are alcohol-based, which took me by surprise. With five splash bottles and one dropper, I had expected an oil base!

(*With the exception of Hellstone.)

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes sizes

The feelings

Created by the father-son team of perfumers Mark and Simon Constantine, Volume 2 was inspired by music, emotions, literary figures, and the British countryside. Meant to be “an antidote to boring mass-market scents,” each fragrance has a story behind it, and sometimes sits a little discordant.

(For a more “normal” scent, try something like Furze or The Sun; for something completely unexpected, give The Voice of Reason or The Bug a sniff.)

LUSH Sikkim Girls Hellstone Sun Gorilla Perfume

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes The Sun, Sikkim Girls, and Hellstone

LUSH Flower's Barrow Furze Euphoria Gorilla Perfume

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Euphoria, Furze, and Flower’s Barrow

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On Our Radar | Spring beauty launches from LUSH, Benefit, YSL, & more

Monday, April 8, 2013

A few April (and April-ish) picks

– LUSH Big Solid Conditioner. Fragranced with vanilla, jasmine, and tonka bean, this solid conditioner uses sea salt to add volume to fine hair… & comes free of parabens, silicones, and packaging. $9.95 CAD/100g.

– Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Crease-Control Concealer. Like a lot of these spring picks, Fake Up offers more than just colour: silicone- and paraben-free, these sticks (which come in three shades) bring light-diffusing hydration to the table, too. $24 USD/$29 CAD.

– Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in I Lilac You. How pretty is this 7-in-1 varnish? The reformulated Sally Hansen Complete polishes come in a terrifying 49 shades, and are made to be your base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour, and top coat, all in one. $8.95 CAD.

– eos Smooth Sphere Organic Lip Balm Duo. With one best-selling fan favourite (the pink Strawberry Sorbet) & one set-exclusive flavour (the elusive purple Passion Fruit), this is one set that you can’t miss… if you can find it before it sells out, that is. $5.99 USD/$7.99 CAD.

– Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine in Pink in Confidence. YSL’s new Rouge Volupté Shines may be sheerer than most makeup addicts would like, but I love the vibe of this paraben-free dusty pale pink. $34 USD/$39 CAD.

What’s on your radar for the spring?

A last-minute Halloween idea: Star-studded beauty

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m awful at planning things in advance, as you might have noticed. (Full disclosure; I managed to schedule tomorrow’s review for this morning. It was up for a little over three hours, so if any of you are wondering where it went — well, went to go hide behind Nov. 1st for the meantime.)

So, here’s one for all of you who want a cool, wearable Halloween look that requires almost no planning. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes planning is just one of those things that should (but totally never manages to) happen.

For a full tutorial, don’t miss this post on She Said Beauty! 

Not just easy to co-ordinate, this look is pretty easy to assemble, too. Start out with a basic face; medium-coverage foundation; plenty of powder and contouring. The lip and cheek colours are up to you (I love a good reddish lip in the fall), as is the brow shape — just make sure to fill them; with a focal point away from your eyes, you’ll want to make sure they’re still adequately framed.

If you’re adding illuminator to your cheekbones, try to pick a powder product to get better wear out of the stars.

Start your eyes with a basic, matte smokey eye, then add a little bit of interest for Halloween’s sake. I went with a metallic gold, lining my upper lashline with LUSH Fantasy & taking Fyrinnae Polar Bear through the inner corners. Then, after mascara, I took Fantasy along a few of the tips of my upper lashes, too. (You can see it more in the flash photo, later in this post.)

Another option that’s just as easy is to sparkle with pointed intent — pick a loose pigment with a larger particle size of shimmer, then pat it onto the middle of your lids and/or the inner corners. Don’t blend it too well, leaving it instead to juxtapose with the matte lid shades, and choose something with coloured reflects (eg. red at an angle or with flash, but unnoticeable straight-on) for extra impact.

From there, grab some lash glue & craft store confetti to take the look from pretty to Halloween-levels-of-awesome. I kind of cheated on both, to be honest; instead of lash glue, I used an Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner (glitter liners are my stash secret for when I’m out of proper fixatives) & picked the gold and silver stars out of a rainbow mix of loose stars.

What? It’s not poor planning; it’s totally innovation.

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