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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I’m so sorry about the lack of quality posts this week, guys :( If it makes you feel any better, I promise to post a couple of reviews and such next week!!

To make up for it, here’s a teaser of an eye that I’m in love with (I’ll do a full post when I can), a swatch of my beloved GOSH liner (review updated here), and finally, some more photos of the NYC Chroma Face Glow (reviewed here). I’ve worn it every day this week, using my new fan brush, so I figured I’d give it a little more love on the blog as well. Isn’t she gorgeous?

GOSH: (I know it’s not much, but as you can see – this is freaking gorgeous!)
The eye:

Colour Ready breakdown!

Monday, March 16, 2009

So you got to see the final product on Saturday, as well as a “transformation” of my eye to a Colour Ready-esque eye. And now? Well, I promised a step-by-step breakdown… so here it is!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in W10 (disc)
TBS Camomile Makeup Remover
Water, in a spritzer bottle, to dampen brushes
A mirror!
AS Dark Brown brow powder
AS Brow Set… gel… thingy…

MAC Hazel creme liner (disc)
Senna Glo Green e/s
Senna Snow e/s
Senna Blue Note e/s
Imju Fiberwing mascara
Rimmel Lycra Lash mascara
Lash curler
Jordana Quickiner in Tahetian Blue e/l
GOSH Pretty Petrol e/l
L’Oreal HIP Creme Liner in Black? Noir? I don’t know. But it’s black.
MAC So There Jade e/l

Random assorted ones. The ones with the brown ferrules are Aura Science, the black one that will be used for the Hazel liner is a Senna brush, the liner brush is from Costal Scents, the mini brush is adesign, and the white headed one is MAC’s 217, which is LOVE. As is the AS with the small, domed tip (kinda like the tiny super-soft super-dense lovechild of the 217 and the 219. We shall call it the 218! … just kidding. Sorta.)

Man, that was a longwinded paragraph!!
Workstation – my mirror, on books, natural sunlight, and a tripod! Plus a mess… I took this at the end, and left any used products on my table, so that I didn’t miss any!

1. Prime and conceal. You’ll need super-flawless skin for this look, so I skipped over foundation and used concealer instead for a perfect, albeit heavy, base. Make sure you’re using a brilliant primer, as your colours need to be BOLD!
2. Use a clean brush and push it into your crease.
3. Create dots where your crease is. An automatic or very blunt pencil works wonderfully for this, as you have to “push in” to some extent ot find your crease! Hold the fold you made in step 2 and “insert” the pencil. Repeat.
4. Next, I “connected the dots” with my GOSH liner, as it was too dark and the previous liner was too light. Notice how I switched subjects, from “you” to “me? Yah… this wasn’t a real step, per se, just a step I added because I wasn’t happy with what was going on up there. Whoo!
5. Blend. Smaller brush = smaller line!

6. Create a base, from your lashine to the blue line. I’ll be layering another liner on top of this, because I wasn’t happy with the shade or finish… or anything like that…
7. Blot on the second base – MAC Hazel creme liner – so that you don’t “wipe off” the first.
8. Blend the two base layers.
9. Layer a green eyeshadow on top. The only one I had was Senna “Glo Green”, which was a little too dusty and shimmery (okay, it was TOTALLY OFF) but as I said – I don’t really wear green, so it was the only option!
10. Blue line time! Take a small brush (I probably would have been better off with a pencil brush, or even a clean lip brush) and layer a dark blue on top of the line you made earlier. Smudge.

11. White -> inner corner and brow bone. Matte, if possible, and white-white! This is where I took “creative measures”, aka “improvised because I don’t have any matte whites”. I used a combination of W10 concealer, Senna Snow, and Lancome Créme Lusre if I remember correctly…
12. Set and fill brows. Not in that order.
13. Line your upper lashline. It should follow your entire eye, but be much thicker on the outer edge! Gently wing, but not noticably – just so that you don’t have a sudden harsh ending. The “wing” should follow your natural line and taper.
14. Line the lower lashline, fading out as you move away from your lashes. If you have a very pink/red waterline, you could go over it with a white pencil right now!
It would be really hard to insert the photo at this point, as there are… 14? above this point, so click here to see what my line looked like on a closed eye! (Fellow bloggers using… Blogger… you get what I mean!)

15. Smudge the remaining bit of product into your blue line for a bit of emphasis and a “crisper” line.

16. Curl lashes (my curler? $1.50 at Daiso. It’s a dream for Asian monolids!)

17. A couple coats of Rimmel Lycra Lash for length, volume, and “glamourous lashes”…

18. A coat or two of Imju Fiberwing – I want ’em long and slightly clumped, and this is great at that! Put the lash comb down, girl! It will not be needed.
note: Rimmel Lycra + Imju Fiberwing +”pushing method” (see below) = HOLY FRIGGIN’ GRAIL lashes!

19. Finally, push your lashes when they’re still damp. By “push”, I mean “push them as if they were springs, and hold until dry.” Why? Well, I find it’s the best way to get a gorgeous, even curl, post-mascara! You just lightly push the ends to curl the lashes and hold for 5-10 seconds.


Oh my GOSH!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

(I know, I’m the worst punner ever)

Anyhow, GOSH‘s Velvet Touch Waterproof Eyeliner is (or, at least, should be) the next big thing.This gorgeous blue liner is the shade Pretty Petrol, the most gorgeous almost-navy liner shade you’ll find without being on copious amounts of LSD. I picked it up at Shopper’s Drug Mart (I don’t believe these are available in the US) for $11CAD (on sale from $13) and I’ve been loving it ever since. Yes, it’s pricey for a drugstore buy, but the quality of this pencil honestly tops MAC. (The two are, actually, earning a lot of comparison – people see GOSH as the slightly cheaper alternative to MAC. GOSH doesn’t have the same selection, but the quality is amazing, as good as – or better than, in cases like this – MAC.)To trial-run this, I put some along my lower lash line early Saturday morning, wore it all day long, and took a shower that night at ten. I came out of the shower, and… holy crap, this stuff lasted through a shower! Sure, it didn’t have the same intensity that it had in the morning, but it was definitely there, in a thin blue line along my lash line.

The creamy, non-smudge, long-wearing consistency of these pencils makes me want to run out and buy ten more, in every shade, but there is one downfall. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get this to sit on my waterline. On occasion I can get it to go on, in a blotchy line, but it’s gone in five minutes.Either way, waterline or not, this pencil is something you MUST buy. It’s been my find of the year – just head over to Shopper’s and feel the tester on the back of your hand. You’ll get what I mean – it’s incredibly creamy, with a long-lasting luxe feel and an array of gorgeous colours.

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