Fyrinnae haul

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I’m getting my sister into makeup (bigtime!) — here are some photos of her Fyrinnae haul! We picked up a couple pigments to turn into multi-use balms with a touch of Vaseline, as pretty much everything “normal” irritates her skin. Photos of those tomorrow!

Koala was the sample colour, and it’s a gorgeous lavender-taupe that looks insanely different as a wash of colour on different skintones. I have zero complaints for the whole order… wrapped up carefully, all gorgeous, and all very pigmented! I <3>

The cute new domed sample jars!

The whole haul
(b) -> glow blush. The others are both eye/lip/cheek-safe eye pigments.

Swatches, both labelled and unlabelled, as you guys seem to prefer that! I
t’s not much harder for me, so I’m all too eager to comply.

Also: we turned Mesmerise, Melty, Enrapture and Kabuki into cream blushes/lip glosses. Check out photos and swatches here!

Stay matte — honestly.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What: Fyrinnae‘s Velvet-Gel Silica Primer

Physical: scent-free and thick, this is a translucent gel (though I would hesitate at this; perhaps calling it a “jelly” due to its thickness.) When applied, as it sinks in, it feels as if liquid is evaporating — and I think it is, as I left a tiny layer on a part of my hand to test it out and found it left a white residue.

The good: I love the price of this ($5.50/.5oz or $1 for a small sample, enough for “3-5 applications”) and the fact that it is paraben-free! Silicone-free (silica is different). Great for keeping your t-zone shine-free during the day — I’m usually a little oily by noon, but I was still fairly matte by two when I tried this!
The bad: Half my face (the dry half) didn’t love it so much: I quickly ended up with patches of very obvious dry skin that I had not noticed in my regular inspection before putting on the primer. (I always take a very good look at myself before using a new primer so I can really see the changes after I put it on… if there are any!) I miss using primers that are gorgeously silky and make your skin feel hydrated — this left not a velvet finish, but a dehydrated one, like crisp old paper.

The verdict? Yes!! but only for t-zones or very oily skin. I’m thinking of buying the full size and using it daily on my t-zone, but I refuse to even think of using this for the rest of my face. It would honestly be so angry with me that it would peel off! Very effective, not to mention, very cost-effective!

PS: I don’t love the unsanitary pot packaging, but it is a small price to pay. I’ll just move some into a smaller jar on a regular basis, or use a spatula to remove product.

A bronzed Summer look

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[aformentioned title must be said with the voice of a sportscaster. Or a car salesman.]

Here’s the look: (get used to this mug, girls, because you’ll probably be seeing it a lot more from now on, since it’s finally light enough to take natural sunlight photos when I get home!)Photos were taken with flash (they usually aren’t), and with hair tied back to give a more “summery” look. I’m always way more yellow/tanned with flash, which worked well for this look! The bronzer does look much more harsh than it does in real life because of it, but that’s alright :P

And here’s how to get it!

1. Apply normal foundation, or gradually mix your normal and summer foundations.
2. Set with powder.
3. Dust on a non-orange light bronzing powder (I used MAC Golden) all over your face, neck, and chest. Don’t do this while wearing a shirt!!
4. Very lightly apply a darker, more berry bronzing powder (MAC Bronze) where you would contour – under your cheekbones,your temples, and a touch along the peripherals of your face. Blend, and sweep your brush over your nose, chin, and forehead without picking up more powder. This will very lightly tint the areas, but you don’t want to full-out colour them!
-note- If you only have one bronzer, opt for a very light dusting over the face, apply a berry blush, and then concentrate more bronzer in the areas listed in step four.
5. Apply a bronze-berry lip colour (Aura Science Baby Plum) with your finger. Why your finger, and not the applicator? I prefer a moist-but-not-glossy look when I’m bronzed. Using your fingers will help you achieve this look.
6. Dust a sheer shimmery gold onto lids (Fyrinnae Polar Bear). Don’t take it past your crease!
7. Take what’s left on your brush and apply to the middle of your lower lip!
8. Dust shoulders and chest lightly with Bronze. I wanted to do a contouring tutorial for the girls, but with all the teens being charged for child pornography*, I decided against it [eye roll]

Tada! You’re bronzed and ready to go.

*Do you think this is reasonable? For those of you who are lost: teens are being charged for child pornography for “sexting” – sending provocative/nude photos of themselves to their significant others. I think it’s wrong, but it’s not something you should go to jail for!! Sound off in the comments.

Possible NARS dupe?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I saw a swatch of the new NARS single – Tropic on Temptalia and had the strangest feeling.

Haven’t I seen that before?

So I went running upstairs and swatched my Fyrinnae Ripped Jeans. Like Tropic, it’s a dark, teal-ish blue matte shade with silver glitter. From what I can tell from photos, the two are very similar (I haven’t yet seen it in person.) However, I’d hazard to say that Fyrinnae will be more wearable for most people. Why? The glitter is finer, meaning it’ll be less “disco” and stay on with much more ease.

Photos from Temptalia (I claim NO rights to these!!!) of NARS Tropic:

My photos of Fyrinnae Ripped Jeans:(wet/dry. Holy cripes, what a difference!)

The verdict? These shades are very similar, and both have their pros and cons (Ripped Jeans stains the skin when used wet, see below, but Tropic has chunky glitter.) But honestly? Tropic is $22 from the summer collection, and Fyrinnae pigments are like $5. Go with the Fyrinnae!

Ripped Jeans, post-washing and post-makeup remover.

Solid swimming pool

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I finally pressed my Everyday Minerals Swimming Pool in something other than a sample jar!

Empty compact (this one’s an old MAC Blot Powder one, cleaned thoroughly.)
What you’re pressing (EDM blusher and Fyrinnae Clear Mineral Finish, to lessen the pigmentation and make it easier to work with)
Cosmetic spatula or a small spoon etc (I used a skewer to mix, because it can get into corners, and doesn’t “scoop” product and hold it)
Mixing medium and/or alcohol (I used both Fyrinnae pressing solution and alcohol, in an equal ratio, for the perfect texture. More mixing medium = more solid finish to the pressed product, more alcohol = more dusty.)
1. Mix ingredients if there are different ones, to get an even powder.

2. Add solution, bit by bit, and mix in. Keep adding until it’s a mucky substance that is evenly wet, like a paste.
(see? I added the Mineral Finish to ensure my final product would be the same shade as the loose one, because when I tried it the first time I found that the finished product was a little more brown. And now they’re the exact same!)

3. Keep adding solution until pasty, then smooth down as best you can with the spatula.

4. Clean edges and let dry almost completely. (I was so tempted to leave it looking like this!)

5. Using a flat-bottomed object the same diameter on top of a piece of fabric or paper towel, press. I used the bottom of a small wine glass, and it fit perfectly!Tomorrow: relabelling that compact!

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