FOTD: Christmas never ends

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy boxing day, folks! I get all jazzed up each year around the holidays, as you know, and go crazy with gold eyes and red lips — I can’t stop myself! So, here’s the last bronze-gold eye/red lip combination of the year. I’ll be reviewing these false lashes soon (hint: I really like them!) so keep your eyes peeled for that. Enjoy!!

A confession before you see these photos — if I’m doing a FOTD just for theNotice, I don’t blend my lashes into the false ones. I hate having to remove mascara from falsies!How-to

This one’s actually super-easy: just create a neutral smoky eye, to whatever intensity you desire, then pat gold shadow in the middle of your lid and blend outwards to cover your entire lid. With a small brush, intensify this gold on your inner V (around your tear duct.) Hilight the brow bone and ta-da! You’re done the shadows.
Using a creamy black liner, line both upper and lower waterlines. Take an angled liner brush to “pull” this off your waterlines at the corners, creating a small wing. Crimp lashes and finish with lots of mascara — or falsies, as I’ve used!
Finish with whatever lips and cheeks you want, but I picked a light pink cheek (contoured, obvi. You know me!) and a stained red lip.

Aaand, because it’s been pointed out recently that I basically never smile, here are three smile-shots for you! Consider it your day-late Christmas gift :P Man, do I ever feel like a camera-whore today! But it’s all good, because this lighting is definitely working in our favour.

Plus I have Photoshop to hide my third eye.


Lancome Crème Lustré shadow
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Fyrinnae Polar Bear loose pigment
Annabelle Creme Caramel shadow trio
Marcelle Minerals Graphite shadow
Revlon Intensifying false lashes

Lancome Aplum
Smashbox Smoke

Paula Dorf Tapestry lip liner
Sephora Bronzed Beauty lip gloss

FOTD: Geometrical Christmas

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

As much as I love Christmas’ cocktail-hour red lips and gold eyes, I thought I’d change it up a bit for today and try something a little more daring. It’s not something I’d wear to a holiday party, but it’s a little more fun! There’s something particularly bitchy about this look (there really isn’t any way to put it!) but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.


Start by applying a nude base to your lids. Then, foil a dark burgundy on the outer 2/3 of your eye, creating with it a large “wing”. Do NOT blend out the edges (this keeps the “geometrical” aspect of the look). Clean off your brush or switch brushes, then foil a gold shadow onto the inner 1/3 and along the entire lower lashline. Where the two shades meet on your upper lid, use the gold shadow (dry) to blend them.

Follow the shape of the wing and line just above your upper lash line. Coat lashes with mascara. To emphasise the shape even further, clean around the edges with a q-tip and sweep a shadow the same shade as your natural skintone around the burgundy/gold shadow.

Finish with pink or apricot cheeks, then your choice of a nude or red lip.

I wanted to try this both with a nude lip (the traditional “wear a light lip if you have a heavier eye” thing) and a darker red one. For the former I used a clear gloss with a touch of shimmer, and for the latter I used a burgundy lip liner and topped it with a glossy lip conditioner. They’re both… interesting.

The light lip:

The dark lip:
(Caution; scary lip swatches ahead!)

MAC Burgundy lip liner

MAC Burgundy lip liner, topped with MAC Plum Perfect TLC

What I used:

CoverGirl AmazeMint in Happy Hour
MAC Burgundy lip liner
MAC Plum Perfect TLC


Senna Intrigue and Smolder eyeshadows
MAC Naked and Mauvement pigments
MAC Fresco CCB
Fyrinnae Polar Bear pigment
Lancome Positive eyeshadow
Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender mascara
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Annabelle liquid liner


MAC Harmony
Lancome Rose Fresque

Monday morning and the coffee’s on the brill…

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just eye shots today. They’re a little blueish, because I did this early one morning and for some strange reason, the light in my room is always blue-tinged before around 11 or 12. I quite liked this look — it’s easy to do, and day-appropriate due to its softness.

Cover lid with a red-toned base overtop primer. Sweep a burgundy-violet over the whole lid, then layer a darker, more plummy colour in the outer V and a sheer gold on the inner 1/3. Blend well! Mimic these proportions for your liner, and create a wing with the darker colour.
Pat pigments sheerly overtop for a more metallic finish. To clean edges and hilight under the brow, use a clean brush to sweep a skin-toned matte around the perimeter of the shadow and on the brow bone.
Curl lashes and apply mascara.

Used — colour:

MAC Fresco CCB
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Senna Intrigue, Smolder, and Bronze Age
Fyrinnae Polar Bear
Mac Naked and Mauvement pigments
Lancome Positive

Used — “boring stuff”:

TheBalm‘s TimeBalm concealer in Lighter Than Light
Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender

A bit more Fyrinnae

Friday, October 2, 2009

Many thanks to Laura for the swatches!! I’ve done my best to brighten ’em up and such, so let’s get started! From here on in, all the text is simply copy+pasted from her email, so I hold no rights to any of it ^^

2 shots of the Fair primer: swatched and blended. It doesn’t dry quickly or turn to powder, and even when it is absorbed it feels a bit like suntan lotion or some nongreasy finish. I accidentally used too much when I swatched it, it gushes out. So far it slows creasing with creams and intensifies some powder shadows, but it’s really best with pigments since the finish is slightly tacky.

Baby Beluga (pale grey, medium shimmer)
Hyponotize (blush; coral, low shimmer)
Otherworld (pale ocean blue, v shimmery/glittery; free sample)

Tamarin (Endangered collection; subtle pale orange, barely any shimmer)
Fool’s Gold (pure shining gold; very shimmery)
Montalivet (shimmery warm tan/bronze; free sample)

oops!- Coastal Scents sample Rose Sparks
Glass Coffin (pale greyish subtly warm purple, low shimmer)
Bubble Tea (lush v shimmery grape purple)
Valhalla (pale smoky cool lavender, some shimmer; free sample [unintentionally i put all the freebies in first!])

One Knight In Belfast (slightly warmer deep mossy green, also a nice liner)
Naughty Elves (Holiday collection 08; very dark bluish pine colour, low shimmer; free sample)
Aztec Gold (shimmery antique gold colour, slightly green and slightly rust as well as metallic; very unique esp as liner)

Fyrinnae follow-up… aka homemade CCBs!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The photos are all pretty self-explanitory. Please see this post for swatches of the colours used dry! These are great for people with chronic pain, beginners, or people on the go. Lips and cheeks all in a small 3g jar — talk about easy :) They’re very high pigment compared to most products, so these leave nice stains throughout the day, without all the gross, greasy, ickiness that Vaseline usually causes.

Melty — hee, wasn’t it cute to begin with?? (While it was still… melty?)
[Gives a nice non-pigmented sheen to the lips. We didn’t intend it for the cheeks!]

Mesmerise (glow blush)
[Sheered out, it gives the most gorgeous berry glow. A little thicker on the lips and you get a pretty just-bitten stain!]

Enrapture (glow blush)
[Blends to a nice, clear, pop of pink. Also makes a very pretty gloss!]

Kabuki — I just *had* to post the blending photo. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about it…
[A brown-toned red for the lips… and the cheeks to contour, if used very sheerly! The finish on the lips is a bit frosty for my tastes, but my sister likes it, and that’s all that really matters.]


Fyrinnae haul

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I’m getting my sister into makeup (bigtime!) — here are some photos of her Fyrinnae haul! We picked up a couple pigments to turn into multi-use balms with a touch of Vaseline, as pretty much everything “normal” irritates her skin. Photos of those tomorrow!

Koala was the sample colour, and it’s a gorgeous lavender-taupe that looks insanely different as a wash of colour on different skintones. I have zero complaints for the whole order… wrapped up carefully, all gorgeous, and all very pigmented! I <3>

The cute new domed sample jars!

The whole haul
(b) -> glow blush. The others are both eye/lip/cheek-safe eye pigments.

Swatches, both labelled and unlabelled, as you guys seem to prefer that! I
t’s not much harder for me, so I’m all too eager to comply.

Also: we turned Mesmerise, Melty, Enrapture and Kabuki into cream blushes/lip glosses. Check out photos and swatches here!

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