EM blush/contour

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The answer is yes. Yes, I am the queen of contouring. Why is this, you ask? Below is my face with under eye concealer and Everyday Minerals blush in “Swimming Pool”.Swimming Pool is more of a red-based contour than a true blush, in my opinion. It’s really just great; buildable but still fairly pigmented, and matte (a requirement in my books. I can’t stand shimmer). But the real seller? Look at those cheekbones!! :P Not to mention, it can be blended on super-lightly to act as a “true” blush, if you so wish. It’s like a dual-purpose one (I would assume the intent is similar to Benefit’s Dallas? Blush/bronzer mix.) so you can contour and give colour to your face all at once!

I mean, if you see me in real life, I do have a pretty good bone structure. But nothing this fantastic.

Lesson of the day? Throw in a small order of Swimming Pool the next time you’re doing an EM haul!!

EM concealer

Friday, March 14, 2008

I did my right eye (left in the photo), and left the other naked (erk!) so you can see how great the Everyday Minerals concealer is! I got the Intensive Light sample, and used a thin layer of one of the foundations to bring it back to my skin tone (exactly). It’s pure love!

There’s a bit of a shadow due to the light, though – sorry! I tried to get another one but this was the best of the bunch. I will definitely purchase a full-sized concealer when my sample runs out – at the great price and with the great quality, it’s a HG buy :) Easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet!

EM tease

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Everyday Minerals samples came in today – talk about exciting! I’m thrilled to see what all the hubbub is about!
They came in a small package, stacked and wrapped in tissue. They were a little bit dusty, as two of the samples weren’t properly shut, but nothing much. I love the adorable containers – they hold a lot for a free sample! Slightly smaller than the Body Shop sample containers, there’s a piece of tape to keep the powder from coming out of the holes – a nice touch, I thought. Because of this, they weren’t a mess, and didn’t feel like cheap-o samples (but rather just little foundations and such)The sample kit contains one blush, three foundations, and a concealer. I’ll post photos of them on tomorrow, but for now you can just see the bottoms – I love how they’re labelled, it’ll make re-ordering so much easier!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gingerbread Latte is a magic trick. In a box. And she gets to keep her box! (Um, you probably have no idea what I was just trying to say. It’s just this thing that I say, I guess – magic tricks in boxes are fantastic!! And the really awesome ones get to keep their boxes. Don’t ask, lol!)

I want to try something by this company, thanks to this review at Canadian Beauty that lead me to them. Mmm…tiramisu lip chap, gingerbread pumpkin body scrub, chocolate elixir cream…. heaven…

Does anyone know anything about Everyday Minerals? I’m considering their sample kit, which is free, but $5-something to ship to Canada. I’m just apprehensive about the whole buying-without-trying thing…

Off to keep on trudging through work again. -sigh- :P

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