Summery Summary | part two, makeup

Monday, August 29, 2011

Okay, so I’ll own up to it: it’s already the end of summer, and I’m just now getting around to sharing my favourite products of the season with you.

But despair not! Like with our skincare summary, I’ve only included permanent-line items, so you can find them all year ’round ;)

For the cheeks, I’m loving Etude House Fresh Cherry Blusher Duo (specifically, the right hand side) and Hard Candy Blush Crush in Honeymoon.The Etude House is a product that I have quite a few problems with (like that icky, synthetic cherry scent), but I love cream products, and I really love the shade – it’s the perfect coral; just enough peach and just enough pink.

And, of course, I rave about Honeymoon all the time – as a matter of fact, a lot of you mentioned as a “like” or a “love” in our recent poll! It’s a gorgeous highlighter (I wear it along the top of my cheekbone, and then “swoop” it along my orbital bone and under my brow), and gives a really easy fresh, dewy glow.

Swatched L-R: Etude House Fresh Cherry Duo, Hard Candy Honeymoon, Clinique Super Strawberry, Marcelle Rio Rose.

My lip favourites tend to stay the same throughout the year, but I do tend a bit more toward sheer, bright colours in the summer. This year, I’m all over Clinique Chubby Sticks (mine is in Super Strawberry, which is just ridiculously perfect) and Marcelle Vita-Lip Glosses (last year, I was really into Angelica; this year, I’ve found an affinity for Rio Rose).

Swatched L-R: Clinique Super Strawberry, Marcelle Rio Rose, Ellis Faas Light 303, Boots No. 7 Radiant Glow (shade II).

For my two “eye” choices, I’ll admit I cheated a little – one of them could, technically, be a base product. But whatever; a favourite’s a favourite! :P

I’m still really loving Ellis Faas Light E303, that bronzy beaut from Ellis’ Summer Set, and Boots No. 7 Radiant Glow – which I’ve had for ages, and still absolutely adore. I call it my real-life dodge brush, because when I layer it overtop either my timeBalm or Glamoflauge, it creates the perfect undereye area. It’s one of the few base products I have with silicones, but the results are sometimes worth the risk of a breakout!

Why I still have dark circles in the summer (especially when I’m neither taking classes nor working), I have no idea. We’ll blame genetics and general bad luck, yeah?

Swatched L-R, direct sunlight: Etude House Fresh Cherry Duo, Hard Candy Honeymoon, Clinique Super Strawberry, Marcelle Rio Rose, Ellis Faas 303, Boots No. 7 Radiant Glow (shade II).

P.S. Two favourites this post is missing are Clinique’s Lid Smoothies and Clarins’ Graphites quad, but it’s only because I’m easily distracted and lazy. These photos were taken at the beginning of summer, before either were launched or on my desk ;) I’m still loving them, though!

Close-up photos and swatches »

A summer lip of the day with Bobbi Brown and Etude House

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just something I’ve been wearing recently! I love the way the brown tones in Heather Buff tone down the brightness of Berry Red, and the formulas work well together, lasting quite a while but wearing really comfortably.

Used: Etude House Dear Darling tint in Berry Red (review and swatches) under a sheer layer of Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colour in Heather Buff (review and swatches; also seen in this LOTD)

I’M HAVING AN INDECISIVE SUNDAY, OKAY? You can’t make me do trivial things like choose a reasonable number of photos of the same thing or try to properly colour balance these photos.

I mean, that’s just ridiculous! Ridiculous.

Found it: a Benefit Posietint dupe by Etude House

Friday, February 11, 2011

While organizing my blushers this past weekend, I found quite a good dupe for Benefit PosieTint, and I thought I’d share it with you ladies this morning. The stain in question is Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, in 02 Pink.

The similarities:

Packaging. Both stains feature similar packaging (PosieTint is smaller in the photos because it’s a mini), with opaque pink bases and lids that screw off. However,  the Etude House product has a doe-foot applicator, while the Benefit has a brush-tip.

Colour. They are a bit different when swatched (it’s more obvious when you look at the stains, below), but they’re pretty similar. Though the Benefit is a bit more vivid and blue-based, the difference when the product is actually used is negligible.

The differences:

Scent. This one’s my big hang-up, because while PosieTint is blissfully scent-free, Etude’s version has this awful, synthetic cherry scent. It’s sort of medicinal and bitter, and smells very much like something that I wouldn’t feed my family dog (that is, if my family had a dog, which we do not.)

Price. The Benefit is $28USD (yes, it’s $28… even more in Canada!) while the Etude House ranges from about $ to about $15. Have fun doing that math.

Freshly applied: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, Pink (l) / Benefit PosieTint (r)

My choice? Posietint is expensive, for sure, but it’s still the one I’d recommend. I prefer the blue undertones (despite the fact that the two really aren’t that different), but it’s the scent that gets me – I can’t stand the “cherry” odour of the Etude House version. However, if you’re on a budget & you don’t mind the scent, then the Etude House is the way to go, hands down.

Just the stains: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, Pink (l) / Benefit PosieTint (r)

P.S. Here are a few shops you can find the Etude House tint at. I’m not affiliated with any of these & don’t make a penny if you purchase at them, but I thought I’d do the searching for you ;) Just for reference, these are about 6, 000 won in Korea – about $5 USD.

{$14USD at Makeup Flair} {$13.90SGD at Korea Beauty House} {$8.88 at Miss Hong} {$5-$10 on ebay}

Etude House Fresh Cherry Blusher Duo

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What it is: Etude House Fresh Cherry Blusher Duo

The packaging: It’s cute and well-made, but it’s not the most practical, either. While a circular pan split in the middle may be easy on the eyes, it makes it kinda hard to get at the product itself! (Especially in those little corners, right by the halfway line). If you used your fingers all the time to apply the blushers, like the box tells you to, you’d probably end up with about 1/4 to 1/3 of the product being a PITA to access. With a brush, it’s not so bad, but it’s enough to annoy me — I prefer pans without tiny corners, or at least as few as possible, pretty please!

The formula and finish: This blusher is one of many, with a dry formula that sets as a smooth powder. It’s scented with a very synthetic, fruity cherry odour — just enough to annoy me for about fifteen minutes before it fades. The colours are pretty decently pigmented off the bat and last 3-4 hours without fading, and while I like my blush to last all day, I’m okay with the fading (for the cost).

The ingredients:

What I liked…

  • The accessibility (for those of you in Asia, who can never find what I rave about!)
  • The price ($4-6 direct, usually marked up to about $10 in North America)
  • The two shades chosen — they’re both very bright, but still natural, and aren’t at all similar (which I think is great)

What I disliked…

  • The wear time (I like my blush to last more than 4 hours, please!)
  • The amount of product (0.11oz in total — Ben Nye’s have .25oz, and you need about 4x as much product with these than you do with BN’s for the same amount of colour).
  • The powder finish (most of the time, if I want a powder finish… I’ll just use a powder blush!)
  • For those of us who are out of Asia, these can be pretty hard to find. Try google-searching it?
  • The icky synthetic cherry scent. Bleh!

The verdict? This one really depends on your own preferences; mine is this: I could definitely survive without it, but I don’t regret adding it to my stash. Feel free to make your own decision, though ;)

Etude House review: cheek stamps, you say?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What it is: Etude House Peach Cheek Stamp blusher, in Smile Pink.

A bit about it:  The Peach Cheek Stamp blusher is just what is says — a stamp! For you cheeks! That smells like a lovely, soft, synthetic peach! 

On a less Prozac-infused note: the whole line features a lovely, matte finish, and the “stamp” (sponge) is washable. (Just make sure to dry it well before putting it back into the lid, where the pan of blush is housed.)

(blended lightly on right)

Okay, but seriously: You press the cheek stamp onto your cheek and blend. It’s quite an interesting concept, non? The pigmentation of this one is on the sheer side, but not too terribly sheer, and the product itself blends out very easily, with either fingers or a brush — talk about crazily smooth powder! I have heard that others in the line (namely, the peach shades) tend to be more pigmented, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about purchasing one.


The shade: Despite the product name (Peach,) this is a lovely pink (in line with the shade name,) and is very, very light — I haven’t another pink blusher in my collection that’s quite this light! (Their Shy Pink shade has even more white in it, though. Want!)

Compared to NARS Mata Hari (far left) and Lancome Rose Fresque (far right.)

The ingredients:

The verdict? In terms of being a novelty item, this is a lovely blusher. But I mean, obviously, it’s not for everyone! I do like that it’s insanely silky and quite easy to put on, and the fact that this shade looks gorgeous on fair skin is just the cherry on top :) It’s the perfect “innocent” glow, and I definitely want to try a few more shades!

The blusher in action — I wear it as a natural flush, but it can certainly be built up a bit more!
Image from this FOTD.

Try it if…

  • You’re on the hunt for a pink that’s very, very light/white/bright. (She runs! She jumps! She plays with words like a child!)
  • You want something adorable! It’s cute, it’s cheap, and it’s pretty darn unique.

Skip it if…

  • You’re looking for a lot of pigmentation,
  • You have a skintone that’s darker than about NW/NC30.

Tint me, darling: the first of many Etude House reviews

Monday, January 25, 2010

What is it: Etude House‘s Dear Darling Tint, in shade 01, Berry Red.

The gist of it: Dear Darling is a liquid-gel stain (think watered-down jell-o that’s only partially set) with a light synthetic cherry scent and a doe-foot applicator. The scent fades quickly, but the stain does not! As with most Asian cosmetics, the packaging is just adorable, and the attention to detail is incredible.

The stain factor: The answer is yes — it stains, and it does it well! I find you’ll get the best results if you layer this, slicking some onto clean, dry lips with the not-so-precise doe foot applicator and blotting it into your lips with your fingertip or a q-tip. I actually love this for my cheeks, though I’m wary of doing it too often in case of a breakout! Lips or cheeks, this is an easy to use stain that lasts for a nice long time. It’s sticky (again, like jell-o) when applied but itdries like water and “disappears” to the touch.

(If you’ll be using it on your cheeks, try blotting on tiny dots then blending with a foundation brush that you don’t mind staining, or a large, flat, cheap, synthetic art brush.)

Obviously not my photo, but try something like the one on the far right, or even the second from the right.

(Can I just take two seconds to meander off onto a different topic? I just googled “flat art brush” and I was like “haha that’s not a brush, that’s an eye!” And then I realized that it wasn’t just any eye, it was my eye. That. Was. Awesome.)

The downside: As much as I’d like to say there isn’t one, there is. With lips as dry as mine, this catches on the driest parts and hangs on for an ick factor of 7 on a scale of one to ick. In addition, because it’s a liquid-gel rather than a cream or a solid, this can not be used over any lip products whatsoever — you can certainly top it with something else, but I’d recommend using this on freshly ex foliated lips.

(As for the cheeks, just go for it. Unless you’re sopping with moisturiser that’s chock-full of silicones, you’ll be fine.)

The verdict: If you have access to this and you’re interested in trying out a stain, I would give this a go! It’s not the best stain ever by any means, but I can see the colour working for many people, and it’s easy to sheer out. Not to mention, it’s only $6… which, really, is like two lattés. And this stain would totally hold on through two lattés, so I say go for it.

Ooh, one last thing! A trick to stains: if you’re having trouble blending the stain before it dries, try applying the product to a dampened brush or sponge first, then using it to apply the stain! It’ll dilute the formula, sheering out more quickly and drying out less quickly. In other words, it’ll make it easier to work with!
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