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Friday, August 12, 2011

Today was supposed to be the Clarins Graphites makeup look. Supposed to be, but I didn’t finish working on the images last night because I went to sleep instead, so instead it’s a bit of a mish-mash of things. Let’s call it “housecleaning,” yeah? Mainly just photo updates; everything I’ve been meaning to post but keep forgetting to.

Clinique Chubby Sticks

I didn’t have an ingredients list image for the original post, but I do now! Feel free to read (or re-read) our Clinique Chubby Stick review if you can’t remember it, or if you missed it the first time ’round. Hint: I am really, really into these.

Lipstick moustaches

I’m not sure why any of you read theNotice, because 98% of the time I’m a little kid with ADD. Case in point? I’ve decided that the lip print made by my upper lip definitely looks like a moustache.

I’m right, right?

Yeah, I’m totally right.

Dove Men + Care

If I had to tell you the one reason why I’m so into the Men+Care line, despite not being a man, the response would be “the shower tool.” It’s the most effective solution I’ve found so far in minimizing keretosis pilaris, and skin issues aside, it’s just good. It’s effective, really durable, easy to use – exactly what I’m looking for in a shower puff.

Oh, sorry, “tool.” Because men don’t use puffs :P

Anyhow, I figured that a product I love so much probably deserves proper photos, so I’ve uploaded some new ones to the review. The comments on the post have been lost (warning, warning!) but the content is still there! Check it out: Dove Men + Care Shower Tool review.

Clarins Graphites look

Here’s a teaser for that Clarins makeup! (Products used & a quick shot.) Should be up on Monday ;)

Have a lovely weekend, my darlings!! xx

Random Summer product love | Dove Men + Care

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The product: Dove Men+Care Thick & Clean shampoo

Maybe I’ve just developed a weird sense of fondness toward the no-frills Men+Care line, but there’s just something about this one that I’m kinda secretly (okay, not-so-secretly) enjoying. I think it has something to do with the fact that the gel is blue. Oh, and erm, also has to do with the scent, of course! It’s fresh and bright, but not agressive; generic enough that it slips into the “white noise” category of scents, but not so generic that it stops me from enjoying the fragrance in the shower; neither masculine nor feminine.

Its just kind of easy, like how flip-flops are easy to wear but don’t really influence an outfit one way or another, you know? And in the way that they’re comfortable when you wear them, but you know they’ll do some serious damage to your arches if you wear them all the time.

The ingredient list for this one (full list below) is pretty short, and though I’m not thrilled to see sodium laureth sulfate as the second ingredient, at least it’s ‘cone-free and paraben-free. I’ve been using this once every week or two as a clarifying shampoo; it leaves my dry hair feeling a little stripped if I use it too often, but is awesome if my hair’s feeling particularly icky or limp that day.

The verdict?

Whether you’re looking for a shampoo for you or your guy, I’d say this one’s a good, affordable choice. It’s really no-frills, has a very inoffensive scent, and works best for either clarifying or for those with oily hair.

(Ingredients and additional photos…)

GIVEAWAY: get summer-ready skin with Dove

Friday, April 8, 2011

Abouta  year ago, we ran a feature on Dove’s Men+Care Shower Tool – I’m not sure if anyone else remembers the comments thread, but I loved it! The reason why is simple: turns out, a ton of you had KP as well! I loved being able to share a simple, effective solution with you, and it was great to find out how common it is.

So… what’s KP? If you haven’t heard of it before, Keretosis Pilaris is a skin condition that involves rough, often red bumps on the skin. It affects about 40% adults (and even more children), and is usually found on the thighs/bottom and the backs of the arms. It’s nothing to be concerned about in most cases – just a bit of a nuisance! (Stats via Wikipedia.)

But I digress! The point of this post is that Dove Canada has offered to supply a giveaway, and one of our lovely Canadian readers will have the chance to win a Shower Tool of her own (plus a tube of their new shower gel). After all… why should the men get all the good stuff? ;)

The shower gel

I had meant to review the shower gel before running the giveaway, but ran into a bit of a hitch – it’s supposed to be the Sensitive Skin scent-free version, but I actually still find that it’s lightly scented (with that sort of “indiscriminately manly” fragrance). However, it does lather well, and is fairly conditioning for a men’s product. Of course, it doesn’t measure up to something like Olay Quench, but it’s way less harsh than a bar of Ivory!

I do have one of the new shampoos sitting in my shower a well, so I’ll try to get that review up soon… I’ve actually really been liking it recently!

FYI: both the new shower gel and the shampoos are silicone- and paraben-free ;)

Win it

To win your own Dove Men+Care Shower Tool and Sensitive Clean Face and Body Wash, here’s how to enter:

  • For one (1) entry, follow theNotice on GFC and comment on this post with your username.
  • For one (1) entry, follow theNotice on Twitter (@thenotice) and comment on this post with your username.
  • For an additional entry, feel free to RT the following: Canucks: get summer-ready skin with Dove and @thenotice! Giveaway
  • For an additional entry, let us know why you’re interested in the shower tool in your comment! (Whether it’s because you have KP, or you want your man to give these a try, or you just plain ‘ol like exfoliating…)

This giveaway is Canada-restricted and ends in one week. You must be 13 with parental consent (or 18 without it) to enter.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you all for entering!

Good luck, everyone!! x

Dove… spa?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Were any of you ladies aware that Dove has a line of spas?! Because I totally wasn’t, until this popped up in my mailbox:

Seriously! A spa! With it’s own line of products!

*pouts like a small child* I hate being the last one to know stuff. I wonder if the nifty-looking “Flash Dash” or any of their Quench line is ‘cone-free…

Scrubbing your woes away

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What it is: Dove Men+Care Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool

Why I can’t stop raving about it: Uhh, because it’s awesome? I don’t have a single complaint about this scrubber — the price (usually around a fiver if I’m not mistaken) is great, the buffing power is spectacular, and it’s both soft and sturdy. As you may or may not already know, I have keratosis pilaris, which affects the backs of my upper arms and, to a much lesser degree, my thighs. (Overshare? Eeh, whatever.) While there isn’t a “cure” for KP (which is pretty damn common, affecting about 50% of us humans, give or take,) there are a couple ways to manage it. One of them is exfoliation, which can be done chemically or physically.

That’s where this scrubber comes into play.

I’ve never had much success dealing with my KP, to be totally honest. Most lotions smell like crap or are obscenely expensive, and a lot of shower scrubbers just can’t quite cut it. This one can. Unlike dollar-store puffs, it holds up incredibly well (it’s been months now, with virtually no wear to the puff) and just keeps buffing away. After about a week of using the Men+Care scrubber every two days, there was a drastic reduction in the severity of my KP — I have way fewer little bumps than I did before I started scrubbing away, and almost no blotchiness.

Watch out for: the awesome scrubbiness! The first few times I used this, I buffed my skin until it was pink and painful. (Yes, the first few. I’m not that bright.) I’m used to having to really scrub with scrubbers, but this one’s really easy to use. I only ever use the rougher side on my knees, but even with the puff side, I barely have to apply pressure to get the right amount of buffage.

(Buffage. That’s the technical term, that is.)

The verdict?

I have but two words for this, and just two: holy. grail.

Okay, but actually — it’s not possible for me to be that concise. I have a lot more words for this scrubber, including “must try,” “why do men get all the cool things?” and “my sister and her boyfriend each bought one because they loved this one, and they’re both still using theirs religiously, too.”

I think you get the point! Go give this one a try :P

We still care! (HALP — I’m running out of titles, guys!)

Friday, April 2, 2010

What it is: Dove‘s Men+Care Body and Face Wash in Deep Clean.

Some ramblings: I was kinda hoping for a cute, kitchy name. Well, less on the cute and more on the sleezy, but something kitchy all the same. (Let’s be honest. What’s a guy going to pick up: “Snowflake Scrubber,” or “Suds with Sally”?) But I suppose that’s not really… Dove. They’re too pro-ethics, respect-yourself and all ;) I’m just teasing — today was boring, so I’m mercilessly mocking inanimate objects for fun!

(That said, I’m really hoping Dove never decides to go the kitchy-route. It’s nice to have a reliable non-sleazy drugstore brand! Axe, I may be lookin’ at you. And glaring.)

(Okay, I take that back, too. I hate your marketing, but your new Dark Temptation deo has one of my friends smelling fab, so I forgive you.)

Back on topic: Deep Clean has little spherical scrubby bits, which definitely get my thumbs-up of approval. I even took a photo of them for you! As you all must know by now, I basically have a vendetta against sharp scrubby bits (think ground-up nuts,) as they can quite easily scratch up or bruise your epidermis. If you’re going to exfoliate, go with chemicals (like AHAs and BHAs) or spheres!

The moisture factor and scent: If I had to choose between this gel and the Men+Care bar, I’d go with the bar. This seems more stripping (especially on the face, ouch!) and doesn’t smell quite as great... on its own. Here’s where it gets really cool, though: I mixed this with a vanilla-scented bodywash, in a 3:1 men-to-vanilla portion or so, and it basically blew my mind. It smelled amazing! It was like Shower Scent Heaven.

The ingredients:

The verdict? Unless you or your beau happen to be really into shower gels, I’d go with Dove’s bars instead. The only worry I had was that the bar wouldn’t lather as well with the cool new loofah (which I will be reviewing, hold your horses!) but that’s not the case at all — the bar actually lathered really well with the loofah. What’s nice about a gel rather than a bar is that it doesn’t get soggy, and I can go all alchemist on it to make the perfect masculine-but-vanillic scented bodywash.


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