Pink and violet Versace-inspired look

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I’ve actually been doing a lot of looks recently, but for whatever reason, I feel like we haven’t posted one forever. So, to change that…

A few months back, I stumbled on the most gorgeous Versace dress while flipping through Monika Jagaciak images (LOVE her). I wanted to mimic the white/pink/violet gradient of the fabric, and added three tiny pieces of glitter to translate a sort of toned-down version of the sparkle. Here’s the dress:


Read on full-face photos, more close-up shots, and a product listing!

Found it: a Benefit Posietint dupe by Etude House

Friday, February 11, 2011

While organizing my blushers this past weekend, I found quite a good dupe for Benefit PosieTint, and I thought I’d share it with you ladies this morning. The stain in question is Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, in 02 Pink.

The similarities:

Packaging. Both stains feature similar packaging (PosieTint is smaller in the photos because it’s a mini), with opaque pink bases and lids that screw off. However,  the Etude House product has a doe-foot applicator, while the Benefit has a brush-tip.

Colour. They are a bit different when swatched (it’s more obvious when you look at the stains, below), but they’re pretty similar. Though the Benefit is a bit more vivid and blue-based, the difference when the product is actually used is negligible.

The differences:

Scent. This one’s my big hang-up, because while PosieTint is blissfully scent-free, Etude’s version has this awful, synthetic cherry scent. It’s sort of medicinal and bitter, and smells very much like something that I wouldn’t feed my family dog (that is, if my family had a dog, which we do not.)

Price. The Benefit is $28USD (yes, it’s $28… even more in Canada!) while the Etude House ranges from about $ to about $15. Have fun doing that math.

Freshly applied: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, Pink (l) / Benefit PosieTint (r)

My choice? Posietint is expensive, for sure, but it’s still the one I’d recommend. I prefer the blue undertones (despite the fact that the two really aren’t that different), but it’s the scent that gets me – I can’t stand the “cherry” odour of the Etude House version. However, if you’re on a budget & you don’t mind the scent, then the Etude House is the way to go, hands down.

Just the stains: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, Pink (l) / Benefit PosieTint (r)

P.S. Here are a few shops you can find the Etude House tint at. I’m not affiliated with any of these & don’t make a penny if you purchase at them, but I thought I’d do the searching for you ;) Just for reference, these are about 6, 000 won in Korea – about $5 USD.

{$14USD at Makeup Flair} {$13.90SGD at Korea Beauty House} {$8.88 at Miss Hong} {$5-$10 on ebay}

Find Mr. Bright with Benefit’s cheeky new complexion set

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What it is: Benefit Finding Mr. Bright, a cute boxed set that includes minis of four fab complexion products. Check out our first post on it here.

Girl Meets Pearl

Once upon a time in Sephora, a sales associate was insistant that, like the similarly packaged “That Gal,” Girl Meets Pearl was meant to be used as an all-over luminizer.

Nice girl, but I’m calling her bluff. The rose-gold sheen (more on the gold than the rose) of Girl Meets Pearl is gorgeous, subtle, and deliciously demure, but it’s definitely a full-fledged highlighter (and not just a primer with a glow). The base shade is quite sheer and the shimmer particles quite small, so I honestly can’t come up with a single skintone that this wouldn’t flatter!

Best for: all skintones

The effect: a sheer, subtle gold sheen appropriate for a day at the beach or a night out with the girls.


One of the problems I had with BeneTint was that it’s really, really liquidy. While I have no issues with this in theory, it does make the product hard to blend out before it’s set! PosieTint is sort of like BeneTint’s creamier, pinker sister, and I find it a great deal easier to work with.

As you can see in the swatches, PosieTint comes out looking like a (slightly garish) hot pink, but blends out and sets to a much softer, more translucent rose. It’s fairly sheer but layers really, really well, and is a “true” stain – none of this sticky-finish business (ahem, Tarte.) I should note, though, that like other liquid stains, it’ll catch on dry bits if you’re not careful (and should be topped with gloss of balm)!

Best for: light to medium skintones

The effect: a really natural-looking cool-toned pink stain (but wearable on warmer skintones as well).

high beam (l) vs girl meets pearl (r)


This one was Benefit’s original liquid highlighter, and it’s definitely worth the raves. It’s a great deal more noticeable than Girl Meets Pearl, with a dewy off-white base (it leans a cold pink) and tons of shimmer, but I do know people of all skintones (super fair to super dark) who wear this.

Best for: medium to dark skintones

The effect: this is subtle on light skintones, but offers a lot of pop! for medium and dark tones.

Erase Paste

Because this was in Medium, I couldn’t try it out for wear time, etc. However, I did test it out on my darker-toned mother, and I gotta say – it’s good stuff! It’s creamy and well-pigmented, and has just enough salmon tones to counteract the violet/red of dark circles (but not so much that it’s an undereye-only product.)

Best for: dark undereye circles, occasional blemish concealing. Watch out for creasing if you have fine lines and/or oily skin, though!

The ingredients:

The verdict? The box is a bit too clunky to carry around with you, but it would be perfect to keep in your desk drawer or on your vanity – it’s everything you’d need to touch up (& amp up) your complexion on your way out to dinner ;) It’ll start hitting shelves in March, so if you’re a Medium in Erase Paste, keep an eye out for it!

Pass on it if… you’re not a medium-toned beauty. At $35US/$40CAD, it’s not worth it unless you (or a friend) will be able to use the entire set. (more…)

Now seeking… Mr. Bright

Monday, January 17, 2011

Benefit‘s coming out with a very cute new product this March, and I wanted to share a couple photos with you before then! (The best part is that I can totally do this guilt-free, because all of the products are available on their own right now.) I’ll be testing the products over the next little while, and will have a (much) more detailed review for you lovely ladies closer to the actual launch.

Swatches of Benefit Finding Mr. Bright:

L -> R, swatched heavily and then lightly: girl meets pearl, posietint, high beam, erase paste (medium)

  • Girl Meets Pearl: A liquid highlighter with a soft gold sheen on a sheer pink base. As far as I can tell so far, it’s just as pretty as it sounds!
  • Posietint: The first three products are all described as liquids, but this is the most… liquid-y. It’s like the coffee cream to Benetint’s cranberry juice, if you will. Despite its milkiness in the bottle, this dries down to a really gorgeous translucent pink stain for lips and cheeks. Paraben- and silicone-free.
  • High Beam: As described, this is a ethereal pink liquid highlighter, and it might just be versatile enough to work on more fair and more dark skintones! We’ll see…
  • Erase Paste: I won’t be able to test this one personally for wear etc (Benefit puts Medium in the kits, and I’d definitely be a Fair), but I’ll try to find a medium-toned beauty to try it out for me! This is a (really, really) creamy concealer, with undertones that are a bit more yellow/salmon than usual to help brighten up those dark circles.

What’s the weather like where you are, lovelies? We’re knee-deep thigh-deep in snow, which is… less than optimal, to say the least. I mean, I adore snow, but this is pushing it – even for me! Hope your Monday’s going well tolerably (after all, it’s a Monday. Can’t expect too much!)

Benefit’s Creaseless Creams are a bit of a lie

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What it is: Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner in RSVP

image via StrawberryNet

The shade: RSVP is a really lovely shade, to be honest. It’s described as a “sparkling champagne,” and I think they hit the description right on its head. The base colour is substantially darker than my skintone and about a shade darker than it appears to be on the Benefit site, but the amount of shimmer (which really can’t be described as anything but “champagne”) lightens it up enough that the product makes a fantastic lid colour and inner corner hilight.

indirect sunlight, no flash

The wear: Okay, here’s where RSVP was a bit of a letdown. I used it for a few days just to perk up the inner corners of my eyes, and it looked amazing — but wouldn’t last all day. I’d estimate about five hours of wear before it faded off altogether. And, yes, that’s pretty good, but I wouldn’t pay $24CAD for five hours of wear! The lid wear was even worse; the shimmer would last all day but begin to crease within two hours.

indirect sunlight, flash support

The verdict? RSVP is really, really pretty… but I just can’t get on the Benefit Creaseless Cream train. They work well for a lot of people, but I guess I’m just not one of them. I’ve been told by a few people to layer it over primer, but quite frankly, at $19US/$24CAD, I’d like a product that’s actually creaseless, please!

Online availability: Benefit (if you do some poking around on their site, they have a mini RSVP for $10 right now), Sephora, Ulta, Perfume Worldwide, StrawberryNet (on sale for $17)

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