Aura Science brushes are love, as expected.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Because I don’t want to cause you physical pain, I figured I’d review these brushes all at once.

In sort, it’s because they. Are. Fabulous.
Overview: I love the look of these brushes – sleek and sophisticated. They’re subtle and well-made, bit what irks me is that fact that they’re not individually labelled! Imagine trying to rebuy your MAC 219 without that number. What a nightmare! But we won’t (sadly enough) have to worry about that.

I also loved the fact that the ferrule is super-long. Not only does that add to the luxe factor, it means that they’re less of a chance you’ll destroy your brushes while washing them! (Water in the ferrule = weakened glue.) All of these brushes are great quality (none of them have shed yet) and feel sturdy. The weighting is great, and they all deliver!

Foundation brushTwo-second rundown: Synthetic, fairly wide, and with a thicker base than the others.

Details: The bristles are stiff, but not to the point that they’re abrasive. I’ve never been much of a foundation brush fan (you know that. I hate foundation!) but I can say in all honesty that this is a pretty darn good one! The application hasn’t streaked at all for me thus far, no matter what I’ve used it with.

Grade: A-
It’s lovely, but not a must-have.

Brow brushTwo-second rundown: Natural bristles, very short and stiff. This is a thick brow brush. (Some are like liner brushes, but some have more bristles – think 1mm dense vs 3mm dense.

Details: Wow – talk about stiff! I’m not joking, folks, this is the most hardcore brow filing brush I’ve ever seen. That means that it holds up brilliantly, though, and the colour is always very even! And it’s not stiff to the point that it’ll hurt you.

Well, that’s a lie. I was uncomfortable. But I mean, 99.9% of brushes hurt me.

Grade: B+
Great results, but it’s a little… utilitarian, to say the least.

Crease/pencil brushTwo-second rundown: Natural, domed bristles. It’s quite small – this is thinner than my pencil, and the bristles come straight out of the brush, continuing the line. Think MAC 219, a pencil brush.

Details: OH MY FREAKING GOD. Does that clear it up for you? This brush is LOVE. It’s super-soft, and blends amazingly. It’s perfect for working in the crease or in the V, and can do everything from sheer and blended to super-dense and blended colour. Due to the small size, it’s great for those of us with very little lid space!

Grade: A+++
Can I put more plus signs on? Because if I’m allowed, I totally will.

Concealer brushTwo-second rundown: Synthetic and flat; the size of a normal concealer brush! Perhaps a little wider.

This does a pretty good job of applying cream shadows and concealers, as well as blending them out a bit. You won’t get a super-neat, super-precise application with this, but it will be smooth and even. Because it’s a large concealer brush and not a precision one, you’ll only be able to use this for large patches of discolouration, applying colour or primer to your lids, and on your undereye circles. But it does all of the above quite well!

Grade: B+
Again, it’s a nice brush, but it’s nothing special.

The verdicts: I know they’re not being sold anymore, but if you have a chance to buy some for a great price… do. It’s as simple as that! They’re wonderful basics if they’re well-priced*, and the pencil brush is defnitely worth it, no matter what!

*read: cheaper than MAC, or in the same price range. The exception? The pencil brush — I’d honestly pay above retail for that thing, I love it so much.

It snowed again yesterday. Like, actually.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I haven’t done an eye look recently (well, I have, but I haven’t posted one) so that’s what you’re getting today! I know someone was really hoping for a tutorial on this one, but there isn’t one – sorry! Instead, I did a tutorial for a similar-but-more-dramatic look, using essentially the same set of colours and tools. It’ll be up… eventually. I’m not quite sure when!

Anyhow, here are some eye shots and a half-face for your enjoyment! It was super “blah” outside, and I had no motivation to wash off makeup when I was done (my least favourite part of the day) so I only did the one eye – and just the lid!

No mascara, no blush, no brow powder… nada! Excuse the face x.x

A bronzed Summer look

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[aformentioned title must be said with the voice of a sportscaster. Or a car salesman.]

Here’s the look: (get used to this mug, girls, because you’ll probably be seeing it a lot more from now on, since it’s finally light enough to take natural sunlight photos when I get home!)Photos were taken with flash (they usually aren’t), and with hair tied back to give a more “summery” look. I’m always way more yellow/tanned with flash, which worked well for this look! The bronzer does look much more harsh than it does in real life because of it, but that’s alright :P

And here’s how to get it!

1. Apply normal foundation, or gradually mix your normal and summer foundations.
2. Set with powder.
3. Dust on a non-orange light bronzing powder (I used MAC Golden) all over your face, neck, and chest. Don’t do this while wearing a shirt!!
4. Very lightly apply a darker, more berry bronzing powder (MAC Bronze) where you would contour – under your cheekbones,your temples, and a touch along the peripherals of your face. Blend, and sweep your brush over your nose, chin, and forehead without picking up more powder. This will very lightly tint the areas, but you don’t want to full-out colour them!
-note- If you only have one bronzer, opt for a very light dusting over the face, apply a berry blush, and then concentrate more bronzer in the areas listed in step four.
5. Apply a bronze-berry lip colour (Aura Science Baby Plum) with your finger. Why your finger, and not the applicator? I prefer a moist-but-not-glossy look when I’m bronzed. Using your fingers will help you achieve this look.
6. Dust a sheer shimmery gold onto lids (Fyrinnae Polar Bear). Don’t take it past your crease!
7. Take what’s left on your brush and apply to the middle of your lower lip!
8. Dust shoulders and chest lightly with Bronze. I wanted to do a contouring tutorial for the girls, but with all the teens being charged for child pornography*, I decided against it [eye roll]

Tada! You’re bronzed and ready to go.

*Do you think this is reasonable? For those of you who are lost: teens are being charged for child pornography for “sexting” – sending provocative/nude photos of themselves to their significant others. I think it’s wrong, but it’s not something you should go to jail for!! Sound off in the comments.

More discontinued awesomeness

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remember the gorgeous blushes I told you about the other day? Well, I tried out two glosses from the same line, Aura Science. The tubes are awkwardly shaped, but the gloss! Oh, the glosses! Decently pigmented and … what is this maddness??!

They’re non-sticky!!!

And the bastards cut not only these glosses, but the whole line. How could they do this to us?!

Anyhow. Swatches, lip swatches, and photos of the holy grail glosses follow.
Left: Glazed Pink, a pearlescent, shimmery peachy-pink.

Right: Baby Plum, a more pigmented warm red-plum.

(Same order as above – Baby Pink, then Glazed Plum.)

The flat applicator. I don’t mind it – to keep these clean for my kit, I blob ’em onto the back of my clean hand first anyways.

Glazed Pink (my favourite of the two)

Baby Plum – isn’t it a gorgeous no-nonsense, classy-but-glossy lip?

And another shot of Glazed Pink! I’m hoping this’ll translate the pearl factor a little better.

Argh. It just kills me that I can’t tell you where to get these, or how much they are! They truly are amazing products. If for whatever reason you have a chance to buy anything by Aura Science… do so!

I hope you’re okay with blush porn, because I am SWAMPED.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aura Science blushes – the smaller case on the left is their eyeshadow compct, for comparison. Made in Japan, they contain .21oz/6g of products, which is quite a bit! Gleaming Nude. How gorgeous is this?!

I find that the darker of the two (Rose Nude) is too warm for me, and the lighter (Gleaming Nude), though a gorgeous plummy satin in the pan, is too sheer. I’ll probably end up using them mostly for layering, but this is by no means a bad thing!! They’re gorgeous in their own way, and offer a luxe, luminous sheen.

Rose Nude.

Aaand Gleaming Nude, again.
The brushes were… well, a great brush-with-product doesn’t exist.

Gleaming -> Rose

Colour Ready breakdown!

Monday, March 16, 2009

So you got to see the final product on Saturday, as well as a “transformation” of my eye to a Colour Ready-esque eye. And now? Well, I promised a step-by-step breakdown… so here it is!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in W10 (disc)
TBS Camomile Makeup Remover
Water, in a spritzer bottle, to dampen brushes
A mirror!
AS Dark Brown brow powder
AS Brow Set… gel… thingy…

MAC Hazel creme liner (disc)
Senna Glo Green e/s
Senna Snow e/s
Senna Blue Note e/s
Imju Fiberwing mascara
Rimmel Lycra Lash mascara
Lash curler
Jordana Quickiner in Tahetian Blue e/l
GOSH Pretty Petrol e/l
L’Oreal HIP Creme Liner in Black? Noir? I don’t know. But it’s black.
MAC So There Jade e/l

Random assorted ones. The ones with the brown ferrules are Aura Science, the black one that will be used for the Hazel liner is a Senna brush, the liner brush is from Costal Scents, the mini brush is adesign, and the white headed one is MAC’s 217, which is LOVE. As is the AS with the small, domed tip (kinda like the tiny super-soft super-dense lovechild of the 217 and the 219. We shall call it the 218! … just kidding. Sorta.)

Man, that was a longwinded paragraph!!
Workstation – my mirror, on books, natural sunlight, and a tripod! Plus a mess… I took this at the end, and left any used products on my table, so that I didn’t miss any!

1. Prime and conceal. You’ll need super-flawless skin for this look, so I skipped over foundation and used concealer instead for a perfect, albeit heavy, base. Make sure you’re using a brilliant primer, as your colours need to be BOLD!
2. Use a clean brush and push it into your crease.
3. Create dots where your crease is. An automatic or very blunt pencil works wonderfully for this, as you have to “push in” to some extent ot find your crease! Hold the fold you made in step 2 and “insert” the pencil. Repeat.
4. Next, I “connected the dots” with my GOSH liner, as it was too dark and the previous liner was too light. Notice how I switched subjects, from “you” to “me? Yah… this wasn’t a real step, per se, just a step I added because I wasn’t happy with what was going on up there. Whoo!
5. Blend. Smaller brush = smaller line!

6. Create a base, from your lashine to the blue line. I’ll be layering another liner on top of this, because I wasn’t happy with the shade or finish… or anything like that…
7. Blot on the second base – MAC Hazel creme liner – so that you don’t “wipe off” the first.
8. Blend the two base layers.
9. Layer a green eyeshadow on top. The only one I had was Senna “Glo Green”, which was a little too dusty and shimmery (okay, it was TOTALLY OFF) but as I said – I don’t really wear green, so it was the only option!
10. Blue line time! Take a small brush (I probably would have been better off with a pencil brush, or even a clean lip brush) and layer a dark blue on top of the line you made earlier. Smudge.

11. White -> inner corner and brow bone. Matte, if possible, and white-white! This is where I took “creative measures”, aka “improvised because I don’t have any matte whites”. I used a combination of W10 concealer, Senna Snow, and Lancome Créme Lusre if I remember correctly…
12. Set and fill brows. Not in that order.
13. Line your upper lashline. It should follow your entire eye, but be much thicker on the outer edge! Gently wing, but not noticably – just so that you don’t have a sudden harsh ending. The “wing” should follow your natural line and taper.
14. Line the lower lashline, fading out as you move away from your lashes. If you have a very pink/red waterline, you could go over it with a white pencil right now!
It would be really hard to insert the photo at this point, as there are… 14? above this point, so click here to see what my line looked like on a closed eye! (Fellow bloggers using… Blogger… you get what I mean!)

15. Smudge the remaining bit of product into your blue line for a bit of emphasis and a “crisper” line.

16. Curl lashes (my curler? $1.50 at Daiso. It’s a dream for Asian monolids!)

17. A couple coats of Rimmel Lycra Lash for length, volume, and “glamourous lashes”…

18. A coat or two of Imju Fiberwing – I want ’em long and slightly clumped, and this is great at that! Put the lash comb down, girl! It will not be needed.
note: Rimmel Lycra + Imju Fiberwing +”pushing method” (see below) = HOLY FRIGGIN’ GRAIL lashes!

19. Finally, push your lashes when they’re still damp. By “push”, I mean “push them as if they were springs, and hold until dry.” Why? Well, I find it’s the best way to get a gorgeous, even curl, post-mascara! You just lightly push the ends to curl the lashes and hold for 5-10 seconds.


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