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Monday, September 5, 2011

I’m sorry, Dior, but: what?!

I’ll admit, it reminds me of the temporary tattoos from my childhood – keyword being childhood. I mean, there’s the whole Violent Lips thing (which Sephora’s carrying, too, and which I still think look absolutely ridiculous), and then this, and it’s just –

I mean, who thought this was a good idea?! This is very clearly not a good idea!

But the Stella It-Dress collection (to run off on a completely unrelated tangent) – now that’s a good idea. The three bottles look absolutely gorgeous, and I’ll admit, it does redeem my faith in the industry, no matter how ridiculous that sounds. You don’t have to shock everyone to get them to look at you, and the subtle-but-lovely packaging (which feature the same floral, feminine, familiar Stella) definitely has my attention.

New 07/08/11

Sunday, August 7, 2011

To start us off: eyes! There have been a ton of exciting launches recently, from the Urban Decay 15 palette, to MAC Colorization duos, to the shockingly blue NARS launch that is Outremer. (Seriously, how gorgeous is that blue?)

Everything else that I’ve deemed “notable,” which of course barely even breaches the surface of the past few weeks’ launches –

& one to file away in the “what were they thinking” archives, because seriously: there’s high maintenance, and then there’s $75-an-ounce lip cleansers. What even.

MAC Charm Pale, bringing you a bit of NSFW for the day

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You’d think it would be polite to at least warn us, MAC. Sheesh! :P

(But on a serious note: why on earth is a Holiday promo image for a cosmetics company NSFW? That’s ridiculous. It doesn’t personally offend me or anything, but I can think of a lot of moms who would hate for their four-year-olds to stumble across an image like this. I mean, MAC often prints out larger-than-life posters for their stores; what if this has plans to be one of them?)

(Oh, and P.S. is it just me, or are her nails leaning really… vomit-green?)

image via

Dear Sephora,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Both eyes.
Give it a try sometime.

Oh gosh, just kidding. One more thing:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Have you guys seen this new Stila palette yet?

Because… it creeps me out. 
I’m not totally sure why, but I think it might be because — no, actually, I’m pretty sure that it’s just the weird design. It just looks cheap to me, you know? Like… Smashbox managed to put out a massive palette last Christmas, but theirs didn’t creep me out. Urban Decay does the Box of Shadows on a pretty regular basis, but I think they’re awesome. Even from the low end: NYX and elf have both released really big palettes recently, but I think it’s a great thing that they’re making colour so accessible.

However. This one just icks me out. (Can I even say that? “Icks me out”?)

(Whatever, I say lots of things that don’t actually make sense. It’s too late now to start writing like a sane, educated, highly literate person!)

Are you equally icked? Or is there cuteness here that I’m missing? I guess if I tip my head to the left really far — nope, still icking.

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