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    New 11/04/17 | So I did a really dumb thing

    Estee Lauder Defining Powder Brush

    In a move surprising absolutely no one, I did a REALLY dumb thing this week.

    The What:

    My fibro has been pretty bad recently, and as my fellow sufferers of chronic pain and fatigue will know, that can only lead to one thing: brain fog. I can do some pretty silly stuff when I’m all groggy and disoriented, but this is by far my worst-ever move.

    I accidentally shipped my laptop to another blogger.

    The How:

    “How on Earth did you manage to do that, Rae?” You may be thinking. Or, for the less generous and forgiving of you, perhaps that’s just a simple, “What the fuck, Rae.”

    Well. I was filming some backpacks for a new post on Best Buy this week, and part of the filming involved putting my laptop in a backpack. As soon as I was finished filming and taking notes, the bags went back into their shipping boxes and onwards to my French counterpart on the blog.

    I think you can infer the rest from there.

    The Now What: 

    So, while I can’t give you this week’s planned post because all of my files are AWOL (but hopefully on their way to Myriam and back to me soon), I can give you this instead: a little lust list of the beauty world’s newest and shiniest.

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