Hard letdown

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nivea Soft, you are my Holy Grail no more.

I thought you were the answer. I thought your annoying scent, which turned into a much-welcomed one after only days, was the solution. I thought the way you didn’t make my t-zone oil up the way Olay did was heaven, and I thought that the soft, hydrated skin you left behind was forever. I thought it was true love!

And then you went and clogged my pores, you cheating bastard.


In short, Nivea Soft = pore-clogging mess. I started breaking out a couple of weeks after starting to use this, but I persisted – it was the only thing hydrating enough! But after my skin didn’t clear up (and you know my skin. It tends to be quite clear!) I gave in, and stopped using Soft.

Yes, I’m sure that it was in fact the moisturiser, and not something else. I used it for over a month, and in that period my skin started acting up. I let it go on for about two weeks before switching off Nivea and back to Olay. Two and a half weeks later, and my skin is pretty clear again, aside from the scars it left behind! I’m very thorough – it drives me nuts when people think the moisturiser they’ve tried for two days has given them acne.

Any recommendations for something to help fade those scars would be wonderful! Albeit there are only six little scars, but it’s more than I’ve ever really had to deal with at once…

Click click!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Product: OPI’s Nic’s Sticks in Do You Deliver?Colour: It looks great in the tube, but doesn’t come out as nicely. It’s too matte and brown – much less red than I had expected! It’s great when used as a base for a lighter red, but I hate it on its own. (The photo below is actually a terrible depiction of the colour. Sorry!!!)
Smell: Normal, for a polish – nothing too pungent.

Price: I think this was about $7, but keep in mind that you do not get as much polish as you would in a regular format!

Hook: This product’s hook is that it’s a click-pen polish, like the super-expensive YSL ones. You click the back end to push polish up through the following tip, and you’re supposed to be able to brush it on like a pen.

Application: I found the tip to be much too big. When clicked, polish seemed to spray outwards (I had to click it in a garbage can, because it was getting polish everywhere!) and stay around the base, not coming to the tip of the brush. Which was circular – meaning, the width here is also the width in the other direction. Large and very cumbersome!
The verdict: This polish would be fun to try, but not for the price. I liked the formula but not the applicator, or the colour. If I had to rate this on a scale of one to five, though? 2.5/5 – try it if it’s on sale, just for fun, but application’s a hassle and the payoff isn’t worth it.

BLB: Biolage

Friday, September 28, 2007

So I’m one of the unlucky few with a great nose. Why, you ask, is this a bad thing? Certain fragrances, as well as cigarettes and pot, make me feel like someone’s crushing my chest.

The kicker? Though I get the symptoms of an asthmatic, scent allergies aren’t recognized as allergies, because scientists can’t figure out what causes them. So I literally cannot do anything about it.

Which brings on the review of the day: Biolage shine spray. Very light, hairspray-ey smell, but after about ten minutes of wearing it, I had to go and rewash my head. It was traumatizing :P
Also, it didn’t make my hair very shiny. And was $22.
Thankfully, though, Chatters took it back…I think it may have been because the woman working the till was a ditz (sorry!). I didn’t have a receipt, or a reason, I just took it up and asked if I could return it. She was like, “Sure!!” and put it on a gift card.

…I’m lucky, in some ways, so I came out on top in this one. I only paid $18 for it ^^

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