Marcelle liquid eyeliners: a review

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It’s not often that I find a Marcelle product that I can’t stand. In fact, only one other comes to mind. (It’s that darn packaging. Switch it to Annabelle’s and bam! we’re in business.) So, imagine my surprise when I tried out Marcelle’s three new liquid eyeliners and was, well, hugely let down.

What they are: Marcelle Liquid Eyeliner Pens in Olive, Teal, and Chocolate. Please note that this post does not cover the black eyeliner – I like that one much, much more. But, that’s a review for another day…

The packaging: Let’s start with the good, shall we? The tubes are the same shades as the product, which I personally love as it makes grabbing the right one a breeze. The tip, while quite a bit larger than you’d expect, is still easy to use and delivers a precise line, and the caps seal tightly. All good so far!

Exclamation marks: Marcelle’s liquid liners in Teal, Olive, and Chocolate // Squiggles: Marcelle’s liquid liner in Black. See how the coloured ones bleed a lot more?

following multiple oil-based and oil-free makeup removers & tons of scrubbing

The wear: Aaand here’s where the good stuff ends. Unlike the black liner, which dries quickly and lasts all day, these take for. ever. to. dry. For those of you who follow @thenotice on Twitter, you’ll know that I was complaining about an eyeliner last week – this is it! Eleven minutes after applying Teal and waiting for the line to set, I finally gave up and opened my eyes.

Long story short:

The verdict? Avoid! Avoid like the plague! It kills me to put the “Black List Beauty” label on a product by one of my favourite brands, but… it had to be done. These may be easy to apply and come in cute colours, but the product is (to quote Arianne) “horri-balls”!

P.S. Check out the (not so) awesome stain that Teal left behind, even after two rounds of oil-based makeup removers. I’m going to have to cover that up for days!

Skip this Fix from NIP+FAB

Monday, February 21, 2011

What it is: NIP+FAB Scrub Fix Facial Polish

The line: Created by Maria Hatzistefanis, the brains behind Rodial, NIP+FAB is landing on Canadian shores after gaining popularity in the UK. It launches in March (which, frighteningly enough, is just over a week away), and it’s kinda like Rodial’s little sister – each of the eleven piece line is a “targeted treatment,” but instead of snake venom and silver tubes, you get cute, quirky packaging and a price tag you can actually stomach.

The product: To be totally honest, Scrub Fix was a huge letdown for me. The scrubbly bits (that’s the technical term) are large, hard, and sharp, and it feels more like they’re chewing up my epidermis than gently sloughing off dead skin cells.

Normally, when a scrub is this abrasive, I just chuck it in the shower and use it on my body, and I’m not out an entire product. Not so, with this one – the scent drives me nuts, so it’s probably off to the bin later this week. Upon an initial whiff, the smell’s not that bad: it’s a bit like linden blossoms, which I quite like, but the lingering odour is more similar to “floor cleaner” than “clean floral”.

The ingredients:

The verdict? While I love the packaging and think the brand’s outlook is pretty cool, I just can’t get on board with this scrub. There’s usually one or two redeeming qualities to any product (which is why you so rarely see “bad” reviews on theNotice), but for this one, it’s just a huge no.

In fact, I feel so strongly about this product that I’ve gone and re-named it…

So, to our readers in the UK – have you tried NIP+FAB yet? Any winners in the line? I do have a Multi-Fix Oil that’s I’m hopeful for, so expect an update soon if that one wows me!

Hot Smudge creates a hot mess

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What it is: Hard Candy Hot Smudge in Rebel

The shades: Rebel features two cream shades, to be used as liner or shadow. One is a bright blue; the other is simply glitter suspended in a clear base. The blue side is a fairly dry cream with just a touch of fine shimmer, and while I do thin kit’s lovely, bright, and fun, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the colour — it’s just not really my thing. The “white” side, on the other hand, has a tendency to sweat, posesses a texture reminiscent of Vaseline, and is more than a little bit hard to work with. I have to go over the same patch of skin three or four times to get the right glitter dispersal!

indirect sunlight / flash. click to enlarge! 
glitter on the lower lashline; blue shade winged on the top. nothing else, aside from concealer. 

The ingredients:

The wear: Okay, so it smudges, just as promised — but the problem is it just keeps smudging! I do like a creme that smudges, but it should set after a few minutes. Hot Smudge? Not so much. I flicked some of the blue on, gave it five minutes, cleaned up the line with oil-free makeup remover, gave it another ten minutes, and… yep, it was already creeping along. 

(I did try it with primer underneath and powder overtop as well, with the same results.)

The verdict? I just… didn’t like this product. I don’t have to say that often, thank goodness, but I simply did not like this one! It didn’t wear well on my lids, the packaging felt flimsy, and I could have sworn the blue side was more creamy and less dry when I first opened this a few weeks ago. The only thing it does have going for itself is its vivid hue, but even that fades quickly!

Don’t let this put you off the whole Hard Candy line, though. Sure, I kind of hated this wasn’t a fan of this one, but I still adore Honeymoon ;)

So 2000-and-late

Monday, September 21, 2009

What is it: basically, an 88 palette. They come from Asia and they come in the thousands! I picked this one up at the Hair Show for about $18CDN. I know you can get them for something ridiculous like $12 if you really hunt them down, but let’s face it: pretty much no one ships to Canada, and those who do charge ridiculous fees.Ingredients below. Click to enlarge! Looks liek they used a standard label for all their products, so check out the first “paragraph”.Did I love it? To be quite frank, not at all. I was disappointed in the pigmentation and the shadows’ ability to blend — some of them wouldn’t swatch at all. Enlarge the picture below if you’re interested to see “the pathetics,” those that I wouldn’t even bother trying to use after the initial swatch attempt. (They’re the ones with the tiny black liquid liner dots).However, a few of the shades were alright. For someone who normally uses drugstore shadows, this would probably actually not seem all that bad — but I’m a pigment freak, and (I admit it) a bit of a shadow snob. Yes, I love my drugstore items, but they better be bloody packed with pigment.

Swatches below of four random shadows pictured above (a shimmery brown and a matte brown; a shimmery blue and a matte blue). I’m not 100% sure, but I’m fairly certain what you’ll see is a wet swatch, a swatch over UDPP, a dry swatch, and finally, a swatch over a black cream base. Most of the shadows swatched like this, though very few were better and quite a number were worse.

The verdict? Disappointment. I haven’t used this at all — I’m still not sure what I’ll do with it! Even after reading so many bad reviews for this, I still wanted to try it, and it failed to amaze me, unfortunately. I’m actually kind of wondering if they pulled a bait-and-switch, as the display palette seemed to swatch a lot better.

If anyone’s still wanting to try it, name your price. I’d love to get this off my hands! The only thing between me and a giveaway right now are the ridiculous Canada Post rates.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Product: Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF30

What they say:

A featherweight, easily absorbed sunblock that protects and restores the appearance of healthy skin.

Prevents signs of premature aging caused by environmental exposure by delivering high SPF protection and intense hydration with an oil-free, matte finish.

The truth? Talk about a gross mess! Though it felt smooth upon application, the second I looked in the mirror, I soon saw the sticky, shiny finish it left! My skin was incredibly oily after only two hours — and this is after I drowned myself in silica spheres to try to counter the shininess. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite this disgusted with a product!

What’s even worse: it ate through my plastic. Ate through my plastic. I had it in a five gram jar, and now the jar is toast. There’s a white outline where the sunscreen was, and yes — I’ve tried washing it. It’s damage, not just residue. On top of this, it’s only SPF30, contains parabens and chemical suncreens. If it’s so normal, why couldn’t they have… gee, I don’t know. Made it suck less?

The veriduct? Duh! Don’t even sample this. It’s that nasty. I just don’t understand! The reviews are so good! Unless the sample I tried had gone bad (doubtful) or I’m just crazy (also doubtful, but less so) people are setting their standards way too low.

I suppose if you had never tried high-end sunscreen before, this would be decent… compared to $6 store-brand waterproof goop. But honestly? I’d reach for my $10 Neutrogena way before reaching for this!

Hard letdown

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nivea Soft, you are my Holy Grail no more.

I thought you were the answer. I thought your annoying scent, which turned into a much-welcomed one after only days, was the solution. I thought the way you didn’t make my t-zone oil up the way Olay did was heaven, and I thought that the soft, hydrated skin you left behind was forever. I thought it was true love!

And then you went and clogged my pores, you cheating bastard.


In short, Nivea Soft = pore-clogging mess. I started breaking out a couple of weeks after starting to use this, but I persisted – it was the only thing hydrating enough! But after my skin didn’t clear up (and you know my skin. It tends to be quite clear!) I gave in, and stopped using Soft.

Yes, I’m sure that it was in fact the moisturiser, and not something else. I used it for over a month, and in that period my skin started acting up. I let it go on for about two weeks before switching off Nivea and back to Olay. Two and a half weeks later, and my skin is pretty clear again, aside from the scars it left behind! I’m very thorough – it drives me nuts when people think the moisturiser they’ve tried for two days has given them acne.

Any recommendations for something to help fade those scars would be wonderful! Albeit there are only six little scars, but it’s more than I’ve ever really had to deal with at once…

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