Lancôme La Rose À Poudrer Highlighter: too close to Ladurée? (Nope.)

Lancome La Rose a Poudrer highlighter

I will not spend $60 USD/$79 CAD on a single highlighter. I will not, I will not, I will…

Okay, I maybe will.

At least if I bought it I could write a Lancôme La Rose À Poudrer review, right?

Get it: At the time of publication, the limited edition spring 2017 Lancôme La Rose À Poudrer powder blush/”luminous pink highlighter” is available only at Lancôme in Canada.

In the US, it can be found at Lancôme, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s.

Absolutely Rose spring 2017 lancome

Here’s what Lancôme has to say about the La Rose À Poudrer highlighter… 

Editor’s note: Bloomingdale’s lists the inspiration as specifically a “’50s French-inspired Bijou box.” I’d be willing to bet that that’s the work of vintage makeup-loving Creative Director Lisa Eldridge!

“La Rose à Poudrer is a giant highlighting rose powder encapsulated in a Parisian boudoir inspired pink box.  This elegant and so glamourous pretty box contains a giant rose made of delicate textile.

Each petal encapsulates a luminous pink highlighting powder to apply with the mini Parisian Kabuki for irresistible cheeks and décolleté. Definitely the most poetic highlighter that will bring an added touch of elegance to your bathroom.”

This highlighter is reminiscent of Ladurée’s, but I don’t know… Are the two products too similar to be a coincidence? I’m calling it as a “no,” as Lancôme’s version has shape and shimmer while Ladurée’s features loose petals with more detail and colour, but let me know in the comments if you feel differently!

(To note, Lancôme’s version is also the first to feature fabric rose petals dusted in powder–meaning that the flower itself will always remain in tact, even once you use up the product completely.)

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  • pinksuzanne

    I just find this so beautiful and would love to own just to display on my makeup desk. So gorgeous!

  • Uggggggh. That press release made my heart stop beating for a sec! How freaking gorgeous. But yeah, I can't justify it and it's too pretty, I know I would never use it anyway!

    • With petals that more or less will never wilt away, I would totally use this – but still can't justify the price! I think at $60 I could do it, but at $80, definitely not.

  • If you watch Lisa Eldridge's History of Makeup series, in one episode she shared this beautiful powder compact that has a rose on the top (that looks a lot like this one) – I would be my makeup that it was the main inspiration!

    However, what I am a little conflicted about is that Lancome seems to be taking a whole lot of 'inspiration' from Asian beauty brands – from cushion makeup, to their colour lineup. I don't think it's a bad thing, I would just like to see more original thoughts than what's being done in Asia for many years now (often better too).

    This highlighter is insanely pretty though..if I had the money I'd get it mostly just to look as I don't use highlighters XD oh man…

    • Thanks for the tip-off, Kathy! I haven't watched that series yet, but it's totally on my list.

      I like that Asian beauty trends are making their way into the North American market, but you're right – it would be nice to see some original ideas from the west, too. I feel like it's been a while since something BIG has come out of North America (what was the last thing, like, primers?), which is a shame because it's such a big market!

  • Kate & Zena

    O.O Give. Me. That. Highlighter. I just want to, you know, put it in a shadow box and hang it up. Forever. I couldn't ever disturb that beauty. WHO COULD RUIN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL THING! I couldn't do it, I just could. not. do. it.

    • Really? Not even if the petals will hold up afterwards?

      I feel like this is TOO pretty. Like, it eclipses past the "too pretty to use" and goes straight into "so pretty I MUST use" for me. :P

      • Kate & Zena

        I'm not exactly the person you trust with beautiful things to use. The minute something is declared "I will use" is the minute I drop it. And if it's not pressed or glued in tightly……poof! good-bye!

        Yea, that rose may stay….but will it stay GLUED IN through being swiped off my chest of drawers because I forgot it was there, getting knocked off by my dog, knocked off because I slammed the drawer too hard and I forgot to put it too close to the edge (an INEVITABILITY with me), my dropping it when I pick it up, being traveled with and being dropped on tile or wood or CONCRETE even.

        Yea…no. I highly doubt it. Better to gazed up than used. I use such things and there's mayhem like in the State Farm commercials. >.<

        • HAH! You're preaching to the choir, Kate!

          My MacBook Air took its first big fall today, and man – it's things like this that remind me what I'm such an Apple loyalist. I am dysfunctionally clumsy, and I drop things CONSTANTLY.

          The Air took a bit of a ding (the first time I've ever managed to dent an Apple laptop!), but my floor's looking a little worse for wear. There's a big slice of it that looks practically burrowed out, now >.<

          • Kate & Zena

            My Apple products are protected with rubber and plastic so they bounce a bit more gently to the ground because I'm terrible. Why? I've accidentally dropped my iPad when I was about to head downstairs and it's gone down the stairs. All 13 of them and smacked itself on the hollow metal door. >.< I'm THAT bad.

            Oh, and I killed an iPhone when it was in the Otterbox Commuter set. I broke the Wifi antenna (and let's face it, a phone is useless if you can't connect to Wifi.) My new iPhone is armored in the Defender. Dropped it down stairs that hit concrete. Still works.

            I mean, really, why can't they make phones that don't require armor for me to make sure they stay operable like in the old days? I'll take a little heft if it means it's klutz-proof.

  • shireenplatt

    I thought it was similar but definitely not too close. I am tempted to give this Lancome highlighter a try though, mainly because it's so beautiful!

  • fannyanddailybeauty

    It did remind me a little bit of the Ladurée one, yet the Lancôme one (although still a collector piece in my opinion) feels more trustworthy, especially since Lisa Eldridge is behind it! Lovely post!

    • I definitely agree that it's a collector's piece.

      I trusted Laudrée to continue to make high-quality products, but I love that this one wears down. And you're right–having Lisa Eldridge's name attached to it helps a lot. She's one of the only "beauty gurus" that I watch, and thanks to her years of experience in the industry, her name really does carry weight for many of us!

  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    I thought it looked all too familiar when I saw the photos but I haven't seen either of the two in real life. I don't think I'll spend so much on a highlighter though. If I was a collector, maybe I would. I'm struggling to keep all my makeup in the allocated drawers as it is! LOL!

    • Hah! Me too – I just did a big clean-out (a 17.9 POUND clean-out), and yet… I've already found something else that's tempting me. The makeup cycle really does kill me!