Givenchy Mémoire de Forme Jelly Highlighter & more | New 18/02/17


Has anyone else noticed recently that big beauty stores are getting really into niche products? It started out with Anthropologie, of course–you know, because the folks at Antro live and breathe coolness–but then Sephora started picking up on it, and now Nordstrom has added an enormous repertoire of K-Beauty and high end skincare to their catalogue.

There’s honestly too much variety to even list, so check out the widget above for more skincare deets. It’s worth your time, I promise!


For real, you guys. I need that Givenchy Highlighter Mémoire De Forme Strobing Pop-up Jelly Highlighter (geez, what a name!) in my life like oh my god. It sounds perfect: giant, beautiful, watery, and subtle, with a gentle violet scent.

What else do I love from this week’s New This Week? Well, that CHOSUNGAH 22 Real Cheek Smoother, for starters. I’m kinda just all over everything lilac and watery right now – I’ve been wearing MAC Full of Joy for like, seven days straight, with no end in sight.

But enough about me. What are you guys loving? Anything cool catch your eye? Are there another jelly highlighter out there that I’m missing out on and need to check out?

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