Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick review, swatches, photos

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Supreme lipstick review photos swatches

The product: Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême (Rouge à Lèvres Intense) Lipstick – all shades

This Spring, Lise Watier introduces an entirely new range of lipsticks: the Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême lipsticks.

A far cry from the mattes, velvets, and liquid lipsticks that inundate the market today, the Rouge Intense Suprême range is the full-opacity sister of the sheer Rouge Fondant Suprêmes that won a 2016 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix award.

Lise Watier Spring 2017 rouge intense supreme lipstick review photos swatches

Lise Watier Arielle, Olivia, Kelly, Zoe, Suzan swatches review

The promise: The Rouge Intense Suprême lipsticks promise “rich, intense colour in one swipe” with “incredible hold” and a “hydrating and nourishing” texture. I kinda love that these don’t guarantee X-hour wear, because let’s be honest: products never make it as long as they say they will.

The Suprêmes are packaged in magnetic cases (which is pretty darn classy) and are infused with Lise Watier’s Labrador Tea extract.

Lise Watier Kelly lipstick review photos swatches

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick review – Kelly

Lise Watier Jasmine rouge intense supreme swatch

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick review – Jasmine

The formula: You guys, I love this formula. I wanted to like the Rouge Fondant Suprêmes, but these — these practically hypnotize you into doing their bidding.

The Rouge Intense Suprême lipsticks feel comforting and glossy, and they have a delicious fruity-tea scent that makes me smile every time. They’re intensely pigmented, and glossiness of the finish endures. Even two or three hours after I apply these, they feel comfortable and emollient, and I can rub my lips together without moving the colour or getting stuck on the finish.

(Resentful? Who, me?)

Lise Watier Kelly rouge intense supreme swatch

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick swatch – Kelly

Lise Watier Jasmine lipstick review photos swatches

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick swatch – Jasmine

I can comfortably wear these for a good 4+ hours, and the colour wears away evenly throughout the entire lip. At the end of four-ish hours, I need to reapply or add lip balm, but I don’t look like I’ve been eating grapes or living in the ’90s or something.

The buttery formula doesn’t slip around, and it doesn’t catch on lip lines or dry patches. For someone who lives as an eternally-parched cactus, these lipsticks are simply perfect.

Lise Watier Clara, Maya swatches review

The shades: I was lucky enough to be sent all 15 of these new, permanent shades, and I gotta tell you… they are all pretty fab. First, there are the nudes: Clara, Maya, Charlize, Kim, and Daphne. I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of Kim, which is a little more metallic than the rest of the range but looks just gorgeous on.

Lise Watier Charlize, Kim, Daphne swatches review

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick swatches, L-R: Clara, Maya, Charlize, Kim, and Daphne

Then, there are the pinks. Arielle, Olivia, Kelly, Zoe, and Suzan range from a ballet pink (Arielle) to a blinding tomato-red (Suzan, which is definitely going to my Auntie Sue the next time I see her; her bright red lips were basically an icon of my childhood). Of the pinks, Zoe and Suzan are notable for being particularly opaque and creamy.

Finally, there are the big, bold shades. Jade, Jasmine, Mary, Brooklyn, and Caroline are where the Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême lipsitcks really shine. If you’re looking for colour that’s literally opaque in one swipe and wears away with soft-focus berry stains instead of rings of colour, these are what you’re looking for.

Lise Watier Arielle, Olivia swatches review photos

Lise Watier Kelly, Zoe, Suzan swatches review photos

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick swatches, L-R:  Arielle, Olivia, Kelly, Zoe, and Suzan

These bolds are so comfortable, and they’re quite flattering. Caroline is patchier than the rest, but overall, they perform very well. I went with Jasmine for my wear test, and it lasted without a single sign of wear right up until I had to eat dinner–which, admittedly, was only about a 3-hour span. (Am I the only one who exists in a constant state of “oh god, feed me, I am starving,” when I have a cold?)

The last five shades I swatched (“the bolds”) pack such a punch of pigment that my arm was stained, I kid you not, for more than four days. They couldn’t be rubbed, scrubbed, or oil-cleansed away.

All fifteen of these shades save for Jade, Suzan, and Caroline contain imperceptible microshimmer to give additional depth of colour.

Lise Watier Jade, Jasmine, Mary swatches review photos

Lise Watier Brooklyn Caroline swatches review photos

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick swatches, L-R: Jade, Jasmine, Mary, Brooklyn, and Caroline

The verdict?

For a mid-range lipstick, these are expensive at $27 CAD. But you know what? For once in my life, I’m recommending them with NO reservations.

The Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipsticks are excellent in every way. They’re very pigmented, they don’t shift around on the lips, they smell amazing, they’re hydrating… I could go on forever. These are the best example of a glossy, opaque lipstick that I’ve tried yet, and I’ve been wearing them daily since they arrived.

Buy one. Hell, buy three. You won’t be disappointed.

Availability: $27 CAD at Lise Watier (Can/US), Shopper’s Drug Mart, London Drugs, and more. Permanent as of Spring 2017.

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Supreme review

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick review

Lise Watier Rouge Intense Suprême Lipstick ingredients:

Diisostearyl Malate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Polyethylene, Caprylyl Trimethicone, VP/Hexadecene Copolymer, Octyldodecanol, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Glycerides, Polybutene, Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene, Sorbitan Sesquiisostearate, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Stearyl Esters, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Decyl Esters, Ledum Groenlandicum Extract, Tocopherol, Isododecane, Synthetic Beeswax, Synthetic Wax, Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Wax, Mica, Phenoxyethanol, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Aroma, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides, Methicone, Propylene Carbonate, Dimethicone.

+/- colourants.

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  • Clementine

    These are soooo pretty! I can't decide if I like Kelly or Jasmine better on you, they're both absolutely stunning. I think that a lot of brands are going to be coming out with products more like this soon – the so-matte-your-lips-shrivel-up trend is going to have to make room for some glossy, sheer lipsticks in 2017!

    • Thanks, Clementine! I'm definitely hoping for more gloss in 2017, but these are anything but sheer. It's a nice change!!

  • shireenplatt

    I will look out for these when they are launched in London Drugs, I'm working part time in the beauty department. I am also on a spending ban until April so perfect timing :-P

    • Oh, nice! They should be arriving soon – I hope you love! ;)

  • What a great roundup! I love the swatches, you can tell how glorious the texture must be. I've barely tried any Lise Watier, I'm definitely going to splurge during my next Shoppers Point redemption. xx


    • Ooh, that would totally be the perfect time to indulge in a few of these. They're definitely my favourite Lise Watier lip product so far – which is saying something, because I'm 99% certain that I own at least one of each of their lip offerings!

      (I have a problem, okay? And the fact that their formulas just keep getting better is so not helping.)

  • Woooooooooooo… All the swatches look GREAT!

  • Alix

    I'm intrigued by Kelly! The swatch looks different from the way it does on you, though. How would you describe the shade?

    • I'm so glad you caught that, Alix! I totally noticed that when I was working on my swatches, too. Kelly is one of the sheerer shades from the line, with more microshimmer than the rest, so it looks a little different on the lips. (The rest swatch true-to-colour, which is why I chose a bold lipstick as my second featured shade!)

      I'd describe Kelly as a pinky brown with neutral undertones. It's a great "my lips but better" colour with medium shade depth, and the brown undertones are perfect for a natural makeup look – they tone down my natural lip colour and don't emphasize facial redness, so it translates onto my lips as a rosy shade instead of a bright pink.

      I hope that helps!

  • Oh wow these all look incredible! I'm really drawn to Jasmine, but a lot of the nude shades look so good too.

    • Is it weird that I haven't been loving nude shades AT ALL this season? I'm all about the mauvey-pinks and browns!!