FaceOff Cloth review & comparison to microfibre cloths

FaceOff Cloth review

The product: FaceOff Cloth All-in-One Makeup Remover

The trend of the moment may be silicone makeup sponges, but this week, I’ve been testing out microfibre face cloths. I have the FaceOff Cloth (“Your All-in-One Makeup Remover”), which is one of the more budget-friendly versions of this product: one cloth will run you $12.95 CAD.

Faceoff all in one makeup remover cloth review

How microfibre makeup removers work

Just like in a regular cloth, each fibre in a microfibre cloth picks up particles of dirt, grime, and makeup, trapping them in the cloth. However, the fibres in microfibre cloths are, well, micro. They’re really bloody small, and the more fibers you have, the more surface area you’re working with – so the more thoroughly you can clean something in one swipe.

These particles are then supposed to wash out easily with hot water, which relaxes the fibers slightly and un-traps the dirt. This is mostly true, but my cloth is definitely showing signs of staining.

Swatches makeup remover before

Swatches – before the cloth! They’re all long-wearing or waterproof products.

How the FaceOff Cloth compares

I tested the FaceOff cloth against two other cloths, all with the same products – a mix of eyeliners, lip liners, and lipsticks. My first cloth tested was just a regular cotton washcloth (Cl). It did the worst job of the bunch, barely removing any product at all.

My second cloth was a microfibre with larger fibers (MF). I wanted to show the wide of variation between different cloths, so I went with a cheap cleaning microfibre. It did quite well, removing just as much makeup as the FaceOff Cloth, but with a little more friction needed.

Finally, the last set of swatches was removed by the FaceOff Cloth (FO). It removed almost all of the makeup, with the least friction necessary. However, it wasn’t perfect; pigment stains were still left on my skin, and you can see in the photos how irritated my skin was afterwards.

Microfiber makeup remvoer review after faceoff cloth

Washcloth/microfibre/FaceOff Cloth

My thoughts on the FaceOff Cloth

The FaceOff Cloth worked a lot better than I expected it to, removing as much of my makeup as an oil-based makeup remover would. However, it’s still not something that I would purchase on my own – and for a very good reason.

I have sensitive skin, and even though the FaceOff Cloth feels very soft to the touch, it’s way too aggressive for my skin. In order to remove my makeup with it, I have to wipe pretty firmly, and it leaves my skin feeling really raw each time. It’s the worst in my eye area, where my skin is left bright red and tender to the touch until the next day.

This sensitivity makes sense, because a cloth can’t discern what’s makeup from what’s skin. Alongside all of the grime from the day, the FaceOff Cloth is removing all of my dead skin cells, and likely a few that aren’t quite ready to go yet, either.

Microfiber makeup remover cloth review

The verdict?

As cool as removing my makeup with just a cloth is, I’m not a fan of the microfibre cleaning method. It’s even harsher on my skin than getting a chemical peel at a dermatologist’s office, and I shudder at the thought of doing that to my face every day. So, while the FaceOff Cloth does technically work, I wouldn’t recommend it. It would be way too easy to over-exfoliate your face with this cloth, which risks breaking down your skin’s natural lipid barrier and triggering the overproduction of sebum.

If you must try a microfibre face cloth, I’d recommend looking them up on Amazon, where you can get the same quality of product for half the price. And hey – order yours in black to hide the staining.

Availability: $12.95 CAD at FaceOff Cloth; on sale for $5 CAD at Showcase.

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  • lindalibraloca

    I recently tried the Make-Up Eraser against my usual microfibre cloth (5,99€ for 5 at Lidl) and the difference wasn't really noticeable. My skin isn't sensitive at all, but I always use it with a cleanser to avoid the scrubbing. These cotton wash cloths don't really do the job for me, I feel like they leave product behind which makes me then break out.

    • Totally, Linda. Cotton washcloths are really designed for gentle cleansing, not makeup removing – they're a great option if you've gone barefaced for the day, but they don't cut it if you're wearing a lot of makeup!

  • cheapasf

    I always wonder why people will spent $20+ on a microfibre cloth with "makeup" in the name, when you can get them for almost nothing on Amazon etc. But I've also read recently that microfibres are almost as bad (or just as bad?) for marine ecology as the much maligned microbeads. I think they are a lot harder to phase out, though, because they shed in the wash not just from actual microfibre fabrics but from most synthetic fabrics. Still, I'm trying to avoid using microfibre products if I can.

    • Right?? It's all in the branding.

      I hadn't heard about microfibre cloths being bad for the environment, but I'll totally have to read up on that! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Kate & Zena

    You know what? I really love my super duper soft cotton wash cloth. I feel like we are all different people, and considering I take off my eye products with eye makeup remover then wash my face, my face feels just fine and clean with a simple cotton wash cloth. Obviously, this is mostly because my face products amount all to sunscreen, argan oil and concealer on regular days I go out. Foundation is this thing I use on, well, special occasions because I frankly don't have enough energy for the stuff.

    Microfiber might be a good option for those who wear more makeup than I. I prefer my cotton. The soft ones; those harsh ones make me cringe.

    • I love a good cotton washcloth, too! It's so hard to find ones that are soft enough for me, so I feel you – my skin really can't deal with a lot of roughness, and 99% of the washcloths out there are SO rough. I don't understand it!

      • Kate & Zena

        YES! Why are there so many rough wash cloths?! I think it's an Autism thing with the super sensitive skin because you are now like the 500th person on the spectrum to not be able to stand rough or itchy fabrics. Wool. Itchy, rough cotton. Just. Nope. Nu-uh. Not roughin' it.

        We got some JC Penney towels and such from my grams when she passed and they are soooooo soft. They even stay soft after washing (and we all know that's the true test. May be soft when bought, but get scratchy after washing. Yuck.) Target has some super soft ones too but I can never remember the names of them. Both of them are priced relatively cheaply for how freaking soft they are. (And I've stolen them as MY TOWELS. My parents can use scratchy ones. I must have soft.)

        What's funny is my massage therapist has caught onto my love of soft and uses really really old, super soft sheets on her massage table for me. Everyone else gets these kinda pilly scratchy sheets and I get the super soft ones. :D

        • I totally agree. It's just an extension of the sensitivity thing! Socks, tags, wash cloths.

          We don't have a JC Penney or Target up here, but I should really look into replacing our towels with better ones. They must exist!

          I LOVE that your massage therapist knows that you love soft and works with it. That's so awesome!! :D

          • Kate & Zena

            TAGS! OMG, tags. I hate tags! I don't care where they are, I think they are the devil. Just screen print everything on! We live in 2017; we don't need tags on our clothes. We all know you cut out those tags and everyone gets driven crazy when a tag is poking out. Screen print it! Cheaper and faster unless it's truly not economical or pretty like on fuzzy or sheer fabric! #therage

            I would suggest maybe try a department store (like Macy's) and just….feel them out. Har har har.

          • Exactly!! I love screen printed labels. Bras, shirts, pants – gimme all the screen printing.

            Haha! Your corny jokes slay me, Kate :P

  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    I still think makeup removers are the best. Cleansing oils, cleansing balms… no tugging and pulling the skin so harshly please! I shudder at that thought >_<

    • Totally! Give me a nice, gentle, creamy cleanser over a microfibre cloth anyday.