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It’s no fun to rescind a rave review, but today… I’m kinda up against a wall. I’ve updated my Rodial Airbrush Make-Up review to reflect a recent change, but I wanted to publish a follow-up post as well for anyone who’s been thinking about buying it since my original review.

While I still think that the Airbrush Make-Up an excellent (if extremely shade-limited) foundation, its packaging features a major flaw: the threads of the jar become compromised by the oils that naturally separate out of the foundation itself. My jar’s “twist” portion sheared off completely when I went to open it today. Until this problem is fixed, I can’t in good conscience continue to recommend this product.

Rodial Airbrush Make-up heavy duty foundation 01 swatches review

Photo from original review

Photo from today

From the crunching sound that it made when I twisted the lid, I’m guessing that the base of the jar’s threads simply became too brittle with constant exposure to the foundation. So, in the spirit of constructive criticism, here are three suggestions as to how Rodial could fix this problem by repackaging!

  1. Use glass jars instead of plastic.
  2. Switch to a thicker-walled, less brittle plastic.
  3. Switch to a deeper, inkwell-style pot, so the foundation cannot seep into the lid and does not touch its base.

Have you ever used a product whose packaging was make-or-break? How would you fix it?


Rodial Airbrush Make-Up review

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  • Oh, my… That's a hot mess… Reminds me of a nail polish I received in the post – it was broken and had messed up everything else in the bag. :(
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    • Oh no!! I can't stand it when packages come as a big mess – companies need to know which products are fragile & should be packaged separately within the parcel! :(

  • Baroness Octothorpe

    Oh, dang!

    The much-vaunted Bite Lip Mask's packaging drives me right out of my gourd — paint wore off almost immediately, nozzle was just a plain screw-top, so uncomfortable against the lips, and the formula is too close to solid at a cool room temperature to squeeze out without so much effort that I was afraid the tube would burst. I finally transferred it to a pop-lid case, and I now find the product infinitely better.

    • That sounds awful! I know you're not supposed to be using their Lip Mask against your lips (those metal tubes are always finger-first applications), but if they're going to package it in a tube, it needs to be squeezable. And durable!

  • Erin

    As much as I enjoy LUSH, their black jar packaging is dreadful. It's not as bad as your experience, omg! The thread part never cracked off, but if you ever tip it gently on the side, the lotion/product is guaranteed to get onto the threads and turn into a greasy, unusable mess. Unless you plan on holding it totally horizontal all the way home, it will happen. I just up and stopped buying anything in those pots. I don't feel like buying another product–reuseable pump jars–just to use LUSH's products. Too bad, so sad :T

    • I know exactly what you mean, Erin. Lush's packaging is great for their thicker lotions and creams, but I've definitely had thinner formulas seep through the threads (especially while full). That kind of product waste just doesn't make sense to me – their volumes are high enough that they definitely know it happens, and could spend the extra couple of pennies to switch to more appropriate packaging!

  • hey i really love that you did an update and pointed this out! it would be super annoying to buy this and have the same issue. love your integrity rae!
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  • Nina

    I love this foundation but I had THE EXACT thing happen to me with the packaging!!! Ugh. Foundation got everywhere and it wasn't pretty 😭😩. I still want to use it though. Did you end up transferring the foundation to a different container?

    • Oh no!! You're the second other person I've heard of this happening to so far, Nina — I'm so sorry to hear that it's been a struggle for you as well!

      I ended up moving all of my remaining product into a small glass jar (glass isn't permeable to oils the same way plastic is, so the issue is avoided. It's a shame they didn't go with glass to begin with!)

  • Sheetal

    This exact same thing happened to my rodial foundation too!! Unable to close it, need to transfer to another jar :(