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BS Atelier leather wrist restraints review

The product: BS Atelier G-Spot Ella Blue (Small) & White Handcuffs

Today’s Small Business Saturdays feature showcases something other than a skincare brand! (Cue cheers, clapping, and a lone sobbing skincare fanatic.)

Uh, anyhow. Today’s feature brand is BS Atelier, a wonderful, sex-positive Spanish company with just the most beautiful, nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek aesthetic. They make both realistic toys as well as ones covered in stripes, rainbows, splatters, and even cow print, so there are lots of options on both sides of the spectrum!

BS Atelier review - packaging

Even the BS Atelier packaging is cooler than you.

BS is nice white leather handcuffs review

BS Atelier Handcuffs – White

BS Atelier Handcuffs (47.0 €)

BS Atelier focuses mostly on rope bondage, but I’ve loved their handcuffs for ages. Their leather cuffs are very simple and versatile, and no attention to detail is skimped on. They feature a loop-back closure for a custom fit, and the leather itself is pretty nice — it’s unfinished, so it pills a little at first, but it’s lightweight, flexible, and really comfortable. 

Mostly, though, I love that these cuffs don’t look like hard bondage gear. I love the hardcore BDSM aesthetic as much as the next queer girl, but personally, I just can’t pull it off! I thrive in a bedroom that can be giggled in, and I think it’s fantastic that the BS Atelier team is offering such a cheery alternative for those who are into bondage but not necessarily the whole hardcore vibe.

(And I mean, how gorgeous would these be as outerwear?? I love how they’re suggestive, but not so obvious that you’d be likely to make people uncomfortable.)

BS Atelier G-spot Ella small, leather handcuffs review

My one caveat: Before you buy, there’s one last thing to note: The double snap hook that attaches these cuffs together is absolutely terrible! It’s stiff and poorly-made, and I find that you have to pull down on the bar itself rather than on the sliding bit in order to get them open.

So, if you’re planning on clasping these together, plan accordingly. Otherwise, just make sure to care for these cuffs as you would any piece of leather (treat them kindly and keep them out of major wet works) and you should be good.

BS Atelier clasp

BS Atelier hardware – this is me pushing down on the clasp!!!

BS Atelier Ella Blue small review

BS Atelier G-Spot Ella Dildo in Blue – Small

BS Atelier G-Spot Ella Blue (70.0 €/on sale at SheVibe)

I was also lucky to be able to test the matching G-Spot Ella in Blue thanks to the lovely team at BS Atelier. (The small size is featured here; it’s available in S, M, and L at BS Atelier or just M through SheVibe). The striped Ella Blue print just as fun and uplifting as the white cuffs, and the two would make an absolutely charming gift together!

BS Atelier G-spot dildo review

BS Atelier G-Spot Ella Blue review

There are two tiny flaws in this dildo; a little circle next to the BS and a fine line in the red stripe. However, both are completely unnoticeable in use, and there is no seam anywhere on the product.

The Ella is hand-poured from 100% silicone and measures 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall. It’s 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) wide at the base and 1.1 inches (2.8 cm) wide at its narrowest. I know that some bloggers aren’t fans of the BS Atelier silicone, but I really like it — it’s soft but springy and has a slightly velvety finish, kind of like a bouncy ball.

The Small G-Spot Ella is too short for comfortable use in a strap-on, but it’s pleasantly squishy and holds its curve better than my Tantus or VixSkin toys. And, even though the curve is relatively unpronounced in the S, it feels absolutely mild-melting. I can only imagine how lovely it would be in the L.

» I would definitely recommend BS Atelier’s G-Spot Ella line, but I’d advise ordering the medium or large size instead!

BS Atelier handcuffs review white

The verdict?

The BS Atelier White Handcuffs are a touch pricy, but man, are they ever beautiful. They’re bright, lightweight, and comfortable, and would be a gorgeous accessory to pair with a summer dress… and take into the bedroom with you at the end of the day. That being said, I expected better quality hardware at $53 USD (ish), and I really hope to see these get even better in the future! (A vegan option, for instance, would be just amazing.)

The G-Spot Ella, on the other hand, is a total must-have. The soft, springy texture of BS Atelier’s silicone and the small head on the Ella work well to offer just blissful stimulation, and while the Ella doesn’t feel lifelike in the way that something like VixSkin does, I think BS Atelier might just do a g-spot curve even better!

Availability: 47.0 € for the cuffs; 70.0 €/$63 USD for the Ella. (Note: all BS Atelier toys are currently 15% off at SheVibe until Sunday night!) In Canada, you can find BSisNice at Come As You Are.

BS Atelier G-Spot review S small

BS Atelier (“BS is Nice”) G-Spot Ella Dildo in Blue – Small

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  • These are both so beautiful!! I can't get over the cuffs though, I've always been kind of turned off by most cuffs but these ones are really appealing to me.
    My recent post Covergirl TruNaked The Goldens Eyeshadow Palette – Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

    • Oh my god, right??? I know that all they've really changed about the design is the colour palette, but I absolutely love these. They're so perfect :'(

  • silvermoon3

    Fun post to wake up to! Heh.
    Can't wait to check out your next reviews! :D

    • silvermoon3

      BTW, thank you for coming out in your post! You may have done so many times, but I believe it's such a huge positive act for not only our community, but society at large who may not have yet recognized that we are all around: your neighbours, your coworkers, your politicians, librarians, teachers, doctors/nurses, the person who bags your groceries, coaches your kids' little league, attends emergencies via the ambulance service… In other words everyone! ;)

      Proud to have you as "Family"! <3

      • Aww, I didn't know that you identified as LGBTQ+, either! It's nice to know that there are more of us out there ;)

        I never really made a point of "coming out," but I've been trying to pay more attention to it this year — it means a lot to me that you noticed! It often feels like the beauty world is totally straight (I can think of only TWO other female beauty bloggers who are publicly out), and as a blogger, it's honestly a really lonely experience. I see a lot of myself reflected back at me in other beauty bloggers, but my sexuality has never been one of those things.

        On the other hand, though, I don't want it to feel like I'm shoehorning my love life into my writing, so sometimes it's tough to fit it in!

        • Wait what really? Bisexual representing here! It's one of those things that I usually have to work into in personal conversations, because it's near impossible to do so online in a post/video without feeling like you're making it a life statement (which… I guess it is…). Plus, I don't feel that everyone should just assume everyone is straight. Babbling at this point… but yeah, /salutes
          My recent post Kat Von D Lock-It Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primer (Review, Swatch & Time Trial)

          • Girl are you kidding me hiiiiii! <3

            I totally agree with not just assuming that everyone is straight, but I think the feeling of isolation isn't so much an issue of breakdown as it is of visibility. At a glance, tons of bloggers list their boyfriends and husbands in their IG profiles or mention them on their blogs, but not many list their LGBTQ+ partners! (Or at least, not that I've seen.) It's tough to find a balance in terms of privacy/visibility!

      • PS Sending so much ♥♥♥♥♥ right back at you!

  • As always…I love your toys review so much. The cuffs are so gorgeous, and hmmm yes rainbow pattern!

    • Aww, thanks Andy!

      And yes!!! The black version actually has a legit rainbow on them — it looks pretty sweet.

  • esharp1978

    The handcuffs are cute. I really hate being restrained though(abuse issues). I'd wear them as jewelry!
    My recent post Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil

    • Totally reasonable! They'd make great accessory cuffs, too ;)

  • Claudia

    Such pretty cuffs!

  • natalieheather

    Just going to jump in re: the LGBTQ+ comments. Yep, hi. I don't know what I am though: I've dated more men than women, but am way more attracted to women.
    I generally don't talk about it much in the big wide world of the internet (actually, I'm not sure I ever have) because it's not exactly related to my blog, I guess. There's also some people that get SUPER weirded out, though that's generally women who seem frightened I'm going to pounce them. Dunno, I think it's kind of odd how I see it. I'm tots cool with not knowing my orientation, and I talk about it pretty openly with my friends and family. It's just not something that's translated over to my blog/online presence, I guess.

    • This makes me so happy and much less sad 😭 Thank you so much for saying hey, Natalie — it means a lot to me that you'd take the time.

      Sending you lots of <3!

  • i love you point about the cuffs being wearable in the day time! thats brilliant!!

    • I'm a total sucker for handcuffs as outerwear! And I love that it makes them seem like a more cost-effective purchase than they really are :P It's like getting two items for the price of one!

      (That's how blogger science works, right? I AM BASICALLY SAVING MONEY.)

  • So I read the post and didn't bother reading the comments, but now that I have, I'm so grateful that i have. I try to make a point about not guessing people's sexualities because I hate when it's being done to me, but now knowing that there are other LGBTQ+ bloggers (in beauty! in Canada!) makes me feel much less alone in it. I know I definitely present straight, since I have a cis male partner while being cis and female, but I'm "publicly" out as bisexual/pansexual/queer—just not to family. I think the queer experience is something worth talking about, because even though no one experiences things the same way, there are still a lot of overlaps and especially the awkwardness of having to "come out" repeatedly. Anyway, I think I'll wrap up with saying that I'm sending you lots of love and well wishes!
    My recent post Life Lately: Some Exciting Updates!

    • Yay, hiii! Sending love right back at you :)

      I try my best not to presume, but not presuming also means that you get a lot of null data. Out of 100 bloggers, you'll maybe know that 30 are straight and 3 are LGBTQ+, but the other 67 aren't really comforting in their potential queerness — they're more like question marks than anything else. I don't think that everyone must disclose or anything, but it's really nice to be able to identify a commonality like that for certain! <3

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